bad medicine blues lyrics

hey guys i wrote some song lyrics. let me know what you think!
“in my dreams my mama keeps calling me on the phone

saying “take your bad medicine, you gotta take your bad medicine”

my steady girlfriend keeps saying things while she’s greasin’ up my bones

things like “get that bad medicine, i want that bad medicine”

the whole world keeps whispering while i’m trying to watch Home Alone

whispering “bring us bad medicine, show us your bad medicine”

my muscles keep twitching, spraying blood into my brain

they want some bad medicine, i better get some bad medicine

i’m gonna take my bad medicine

yeah get my cock real hard

spray my bad medicine

yeah my cock’s still hard

its like a halloween party

im gonna come as a ringtone

come inside the devil

cos he put that bad medicine

that bed medicine in my bones

(12 bar instrumental break)

yeah man its time to take your clothes off

time to get nasty and drown

a spoonful of fucking

helps that bad medicine go down

i got dreams the size of basketballs

ready to blow your mind

bad medicine brain waves

bad medicine asshole

bad medicine skateboards

yeah bad medicine blows my mind

in my dreams my boyfriend gets real wet and calls me on the phone

he says things like “i put some bad medicine, put some bad medicine in yr bones”

i got those bad medicine blues”

  9/28/07 10:46 pm


i saw them put the swimming pool on the fire
i saw the plastic tortured desire

- Travis — 9/28/07 @ 10:56 pm

“i’m gonna come as a ringtone”

- jpegmess — 9/29/07 @ 12:35 am

what i need.

- marisa — 9/29/07 @ 6:25 am

you should be getting paid for your writing

- petra — 9/29/07 @ 12:15 pm

srsly tite

- jpegmess — 9/29/07 @ 1:16 pm

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