club/nested marquee demo

To ride on or along (a wave)/The activity of casually looking at something
that offers numerous options/Used by analogy to describe the ease with
which an expert user can use the waves of information flowing around the
Internet to get where they want/tools such as World-Wide Web browsers
made its use simpler and more pleasant./a formal association of people with
similar interests/gather and spend time together; “They always club together”
/a number of people meeting for study, pleasure, games etc/the place where
these people meet


  10/30/07 8:51 am


hahah… yeah. i certainly wouldn’t characterize nasty nets as an “art blog”. I mean… “art” often happens here, but just as often as “not art” happens here. so its just as much a group not-art blog. :) im sure some members/users would disagree with me.

- jmb — 10/30/07 @ 10:31 am

That, right there, is a perfect mission statement!

- Christopher — 10/30/07 @ 11:07 am

I’ve adjusted the post to describe Nasty Nets as a blog where art sometimes happens, since I tend to agree that this is a more accurate description.

- paddy johnson — 10/30/07 @ 11:43 am

i was just made into an example of mediocrity, on a gossip blog?

- damon — 10/30/07 @ 12:33 pm

If this site is going to be included in museum exhibits such as “Professional Surfer” and if some of the members are going to be included in shows of “internet montage” it’s fair to assume that art is a purpose if not the sole purpose and it’s fair game to criticize it.
Damon, you owe Paddy an apology for calling her blog a gossip blog.
Your giant cell phone post was trivial, not worth defending. It was indeed mediocre.

- tom moody — 10/30/07 @ 12:54 pm

I think we could more accurately be called a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon, Domain or Dimension)

- Travis — 10/30/07 @ 1:09 pm

(trying to make a point about lazy categorizations, tom. no offense intended.)

- damon — 10/30/07 @ 1:18 pm

I thought Nasty Nets was more like a cafe. In 1889 and in 1962 we would have hung out at the cafe together. Now there just happens to be a public record of our hang-out-zone (HOZ). Critics didn’t used to be allowed into the artist HOZ or MUD. Now they can see it all.

- kevin — 10/30/07 @ 1:30 pm

i am into thinking about this surreal archeology (one way to describe a method) as occasionally being artful. where it becomes “Art” or not is blurry…its certainly not unheard of (collage). its like athletic grace, or awkwardness, to me. air jordan, or Mista Lawnge from Black Sheep. graceful manipulation of a medium or environment (HOZ/MUD) or both.

- jpegmess — 10/30/07 @ 2:19 pm

Kevin: As a point of interest, you should know that I have an MFA in painting and sound art, so I’m not nearly as removed from the concerns of artists as you might think. Now, are you really complaining that your BLOG is public??? This is something the group 1. has control over and 2. benefits from whenever it is included in shows such as Professional Surfer (as Tom mentioned earlier, though his point was separate.) If you don’t want the feedback, turn off the public form, but don’t complain about it while you work to promote the blog to a larger audience.

Damon: I stand behind that assessment, and don’t appreciate the condescension. Do be advised that while art fag city does report on gossip, I am not a gossip blogger.

- Paddy Johnson — 10/30/07 @ 2:39 pm

So then is it also the case that blogs that report on art are not necessarily art blogs?

- justin — 10/30/07 @ 3:19 pm

I didn’t take it that Kevin was complaining; stating the obvious maybe. I’ve had “open studio process” going for a while on my personal blog but I have yet to have anyone criticize the work product and me reply “hey, no fair, it’s work in process” or “it’s not really art.” The criticism is all valid unless it’s just someone being mean.

- tom moody — 10/30/07 @ 3:21 pm

It didn’t seem to me like Kevin was disapproving of the current “cafe” situation he just seemed to be pointing it out.

- jmb — 10/30/07 @ 3:23 pm

a web obstacle course

- Travis — 10/30/07 @ 3:47 pm

a woman whose blog has “fag” in its title should probably avoid use of the word condescension.

- milan — 10/30/07 @ 4:00 pm

Other defenses of NN practice in this thread are better than yours, milan.

- tom moody — 10/30/07 @ 4:21 pm

Maybe a smiley emoticon would have better conveyed my good intentions and lack of complaints. I’m just trying to jiggle around in this web obstacle course! :) I LOVE YOU ALL<3<3<3<3<3

- kevin — 10/30/07 @ 4:23 pm

it’s so slippery!

- damon — 10/30/07 @ 4:32 pm

web jello

- jpegmess — 10/30/07 @ 4:37 pm

All: Thanks for the clarification – I hereby rescind my reactionary response to kevin’s comment. Sorry:)

Milan: Perhaps you can be more specific about what you mean, because as I read you now, it seems you think there is something condescending about use of the word fag in the title of my blog. If you have any questions about the name or where it comes from, here’s my FAQ page.

- Paddy Johnson — 10/30/07 @ 4:46 pm

OH, solo geniuses! You’ll never understand watered-down content.

- joel — 10/30/07 @ 5:31 pm

ah man – my nested marquees aren’t working in Safari and maybe not Firefox :(

when I posted it in Internet Explorer, the surfers were actually making surfing motions and the text was bouncing around like a ball in Breakout

man, maybe if I put in width and height it will work on other browsers – I was getting so excited to do diagonal marquees again

- Travis — 10/30/07 @ 5:45 pm

HAHA, Travis, dun try and make this thread about u again!

- joel — 10/30/07 @ 5:49 pm

firefox’s fine, travis. the surfing and the bouncing are safe !

- cpb — 10/30/07 @ 5:55 pm

OK people… yesterday was Halloween… so there was a Halloween thing on the site

it wasn’t hacked

this post turned into a draft… but it’s back

face it, you can’t ignore nested marquees any longer

By the hammer of Grabthar, you shall be avenged.

- Travis — 11/1/07 @ 11:40 am

Oh hey, did I miss anything while I was sleeping?

- Jon Williams — 11/1/07 @ 12:06 pm

this wasn’t nearly as heated as i had hoped. ;)

- lowcast — 11/1/07 @ 1:15 pm

I’ll take calm understanding over heated misunderstanding any day.

- Travis — 11/1/07 @ 2:36 pm

Is Supercentral opening its comments so dickheads from the internet can snipe at them too?

- Jon Williams — 11/1/07 @ 2:48 pm

Haha, yeah. I personally misused the word “hack” because ever since 1999 I’ve found it a much sexier word than “change.” My bad. Many things about this conversation made me sad and even a bit angry but I ate some halloween candy and drank some halloween whiskey and now I feel better.

Kevin, I liked your analogy to cafes. Maybe that’s just because I’m a coffee junkie. Yes, candy, whiskey, and coffee: The nutritional plan to beat all nutritional plans.

- marisa — 11/1/07 @ 3:45 pm

I have corrected my blog to note that Nasty Nets is not a giant puppy.

- tom moody — 11/1/07 @ 4:14 pm


- petra — 11/1/07 @ 5:18 pm

“Many things about this conversation made me sad and even a bit angry”

…me as well

- petra — 11/1/07 @ 5:21 pm



- petra — 11/1/07 @ 6:59 pm

Don’t be. I love this place. I agree that the lack of explaination often leaves me confused about what people post here, but that is what I love. I don’t have a master in F.art, but what one of my hobbies is looking at art guessing what it could mean. So regardless wether what’s happening here, I find myself in a similar position when visiting NN. What’s funny is that most of the “people’s” (or vernacular, to put it in Olia’s words) web leaves me confused! LOLcats, glitter graphics, ROFLcopters, giftcards and me just having fun at home lol videos…

So personally this place helps me reflect on all that. At that cafe I would now buy you all a hot chocolate.

- Tracky B — 11/2/07 @ 10:11 am

too bad there is not some sort of internet awards ceremeony (or otherwise type of public gathering) in which internet beef could be squashed (a la the Game and 50 cent) and we could write giant checks to charities.
btw trav love the creative coding my man.

- Bennett — 11/9/07 @ 12:33 pm

- marisa — 12/31/07 @ 10:32 am

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