It’s a GIF!

Dragan’s just finished a new animated GIF: grib.gif. It has 18 frames and 128 colors, looks perfect on all backgrounds and was our salt cellar. We wish it a good luck on finding new friends and pages.

To quote its creator: “Go, little grib. It seems to me like yesterday you were still an AVI file of several megabytes. Now, when you have grown so small, you are ready to explore your world.”


  9/25/07 5:04 am


Add glitter your Myspace or Piczo Image

Glitter Graphics

- guthrie — 9/25/07 @ 11:15 am

thank u
very touching

- olia — 9/25/07 @ 11:24 am

- seecoy — 9/25/07 @ 11:25 am


- olia — 9/25/07 @ 12:01 pm

i messed up on it. mario is playing theme song to mushroom and hearts. he is supposed to be on top of guthrie’s post

- seecoy — 9/25/07 @ 2:00 pm

how poetic

- Tracky B — 9/26/07 @ 2:29 am

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