Actions to Relate to Oneself

  12/24/07 8:51 pm


Kind of a non-arty Jeanne Dunning. Her work from ’99:

(Nice to see the irrepressible YouTube commenters reliably stating the obvious about the hose and pump. Think it, type it.)

- tom moody — 12/24/07 @ 9:48 pm

- damon — 12/24/07 @ 10:40 pm

that video is incredible, damon
i think this is part of some sort of semi widespread fetish?
a playlist i posted a while ago to contrast with joel’s playlist of people getting flattened. also: there was a user on youtube who had amazing 3d animations of this sort of thing, really bizarre but well done — it seems he’s hes taken them all down — im emailing him right now to see if i can get a dvd of them or something…

- guthrie — 12/25/07 @ 1:22 am

nice playlist!
im pretty amazed by the diversity and amount of banal fetishes available on youtube

- damon — 12/25/07 @ 10:40 am

I had no idea getting inflated was a trend.

- tom moody — 12/25/07 @ 10:51 am

speaking of online fetishes…


maybe i should make a real post for this?

- MG — 12/26/07 @ 12:28 pm


- petra — 12/29/07 @ 1:26 pm

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