some good-looking sound files

I’ve always loved these…

Can you guess which ones are for modems??? :)

And then there’s this guy….

  5/26/07 6:28 pm


These are great. I like that they’re so pastel-y. They work well as a group.
I’d guess the modems are the straight ones without a lot of variation but that’s just me assuming such tones have have no dynamics.

- tom moody — 5/27/07 @ 1:18 pm

yeah where to you get the pastel versions, is that some sort of manipulation or? I think the modems are the big blocky ones? I really always dug that sound/visual running across the screen thanks.

- charles — 5/27/07 @ 7:22 pm

Thanks, guys! Sadly, I can’t remember exactly where I got them. Very late one night, I was looking for sound fx for “crowds” for a video, and stumbled upon them. Then I starting doing nerd searches, like “modem.” The modem ones, as you guessed, are the blocky ones. Most of the soundwave preview images zi see are either electric blue or what I’d call “alien green,” so I was drawn to these pastel ones…

- marisa — 5/29/07 @ 8:00 am

this one is like a dino skeleton.

- joel — 5/29/07 @ 4:06 pm

wow! i like that sepia tone, too! :)

- marisa — 5/29/07 @ 6:02 pm

multicolors remind me of analog resistors…fatones
enduring their overloads…I agree tom moody’s-"modem"…2nd
fr/bottom:bzz, squiggles, ascending buzz, compressed buzz…4
fr/top my favorite: gustyness peters out…several multicolored
beauties resemble blown lathed glass w/soft rims & loving
wet fingers atop each slippery peak…overall, Sound Designer
after art school…joel’s dino skeleton’s footprints shake

- leif BRUSH — 6/4/07 @ 5:52 pm

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