The Girls of Nasty Nets(???)

  6/21/10 3:26 pm

Joel Holmberg at Clockwork Gallery, Mehringplatz, Berlin

Woman Eating Grapes / Empty Pockets, 2009 (Installation View)

  12/1/09 5:27 pm

Read below and let’s find out.

  11/1/09 5:38 pm

Photoshop Brushes


  9/21/09 9:19 pm

Mail Duty


  9/14/09 10:32 am

3 years


  8/31/09 5:55 pm


So, I was really excited to be on a bus for 4 hours that had WiFi. I was gonna make a post and then BANG:

of course, I clicked “Not properly categorized?” (Flag for review), knowing it was not 100% true, we’ll see…
I referenced this here as well: http://nastynets.com/?p=1994#comments

  8/24/09 5:52 am

OCR Fumbles

Mouse over to reveal ‘answer’, click to see overlays.

  7/15/09 2:26 pm