futuristic control panels

  3/4/10 12:22 pm



- Jon Williams — 3/4/10 @ 3:36 pm

Thanks. This inspired some commentary.

- tom moody — 3/5/10 @ 6:38 am

hey tom, interesting read! what strikes me in these images and in Gallucci’s is how all the knick-knacks seem to serve as extensions of the screenmachine. like the tv needs the whole unit of ordered objects around it in order to function. the vase controls one function, the houseplant another, the tv another… each object seems to be a button on one big control panel.

maybe in the future our touch-screen computers will be the size of these entertainment cabinets. each compartment could be a separate screen. when one compartment is in sleep mode it will show an image of a vase or a flickering fire… the ultimate cozy home computer/entertainment interface!

- brenna — 3/10/10 @ 4:33 pm

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