new kid on the block

  4/23/07 11:42 pm

the day the music died…

touching tribute…

and the worst boss ever…

i found that theres a whole community of youtube users dedicated to the animatronics and general videos of chuck e. cheese and showbiz pizza. sooooo weird and awesome.
pizzacam (chuck e. cheese)
showbiz pizza
more showbiz
more chuck e. cheese animatronics
fan reinvestigaions and remixes

  3/25/07 4:31 pm

tj request..

guthrie requested this one…so i’m throwing it out there for him…it’s a slow jam.

also…how amazing would it be to have a tube jockey battle????? Who needs VJs when you can have TJs (tube jockeys)?

  3/7/07 9:39 pm

rapture of the heart.

lasoslasos youtube channel
this is by far one of the most amazing things i have ever seen in my life.

  2/25/07 2:00 pm

i’m feeling lucky! google fan jamz


official fan joints
another page of altered/fan google logos can be found here as well as all the classics.

  1/15/07 5:49 pm

this pic rules!

this pic rules! and heres the open directory I got it from. Classic .edu page.

  12/10/06 10:02 am

photoshop as cultural equalizer? casting new light on WTF? pages.

hybrid creatures page
In my internet questing and photoshop art research I have seen a lot of these human/animal hybrids but I’ve never seen a page with this many. Also after researching Peters links, I came across this page for Centaur Enthusiasts with a wide selection of photoshop biomorphs, poetry, and art.
Peter Witteven (india enthusiast and photoshop artist) writes that,
“If these human/ animal hybrids really existed the world would look different. But we have already problems with accepting people of a different skin or culture. So I am afraid it would make the whole thing a lot more complicated. Still I think they would bring a nice little touch of a land of myths and legends in our everyday life.”

  11/4/06 6:32 am


lektrogirl’s worst nightmare

  10/21/06 1:56 pm

Me Chicken Dance So Horny

okay so speaking of mashups i don’t know if this one technically counts but i think it’s amazing anyway.

  9/12/06 7:41 am


okay sooooooo i think this girl (no bra) is some kindof a performance artist/musician but what i REALLY like about it is its two people being really blase about watching each other piss and the only thing i can understand about it is really? being said over and over and over again.

watch the video

  8/31/06 8:40 pm

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