New Year’s Resolutions Playlist

  12/27/07 1:58 pm

Countdown Clocks at WishAFriend.com

Countdown Clocks at WishAFriend.com

  12/27/07 12:58 pm

  12/26/07 10:57 pm


  12/26/07 10:55 pm


  12/26/07 12:25 pm

div taggin’

  12/26/07 12:13 am

Actions to Relate to Oneself

  12/24/07 8:51 pm

wsj on nn

Wall Street Journal article on NN etc: a concurring opinion. (In law a concurrence is where the author agrees with the result but not the reasoning.)

Props to Guthrie for slipping an idea past the Man.

Are we co-opted yet?

sean elijah Wall Street Journal Christmas GIF

  12/23/07 10:40 am

porn pic see

Sorry to report JMB’s pic-see concept has been appropriated by the Adult industry. (Maybe it already existed but this is the first time I’d seen it.) Today I discovered a folder of fairly innocuous abstract drawings in a, yes, open directory on my site, that were displayed using a pic-see-like utility. The eight images were displayed in a table, but instead of links back to the images, each drawing was a link to an Adult site. (The same Adult site, in fact.) At the top of the page were animated GIFs of *ss-f*cking, g*gging, etc. If this persists I’ll close the directories–there hasn’t been any reason to before. No link to that shite. Has anyone else seen this?

  12/23/07 10:17 am

accomplished aggravated amused angry annoyed anxious apathetic artistic awake bitchy blah blank bored bouncy busy calm cheerful chipper cold complacent confused contemplative content cranky crappy crazy creative crushed curious cynical depressed determined devious dirty disappointed discontent distressed ditzy dorky drained drunk ecstatic embarrassed energetic enraged enthralled envious exanimate excited exhausted flirty frustrated full geeky giddy giggly gloomy good grateful groggy grumpy guilty happy high hopeful horny hot hungry hyper impressed indescribable indifferent infuriated intimidated irate irritated jealous jubilant lazy lethargic listless lonely loved melancholy mellow mischievous moody morose naughty nauseated nerdy nervous nostalgic numb okay optimistic peaceful pensive pessimistic pissed off pleased predatory productive quixotic recumbent refreshed rejected rejuvenated relaxed relieved restless rushed sad satisfied scared shocked sick silly sleepy sore stressed surprised sympathetic thankful thirsty thoughtful tired touched uncomfortable weird working worried

  12/21/07 11:59 pm

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