The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 9.05.03
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 13:50:57 -0400

RHIZOME DIGEST: September 5, 2003


1. D. Jean Hester: A Large Scale Study of the Evolution of Web Pages

2. Caterina Davinio: call for gates (3)
3. Joy Garnett: FACT Vacancy (fwd)
4. Simon Biggs: PixelRaiders 2

5. Lisa Mark: Jason Salavon online art project
6. Joseph Rabie: Interactive Photography
7. Christiane Paul: artport gatepage September 03: Peter Horvath

8. Michael Szpakowski: Short Essays on Art & Related Matters

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Date: 8.29.03
From: D. Jean Hester (jenajunk AT
Subject: A Large Scale Study of the Evolution of Web Pages


"Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard researchers collaborated to write this
paper for the Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference in May
2003. The paper looks at the Web as a dynamic entity, constantly
changing, and considers how this behavior affects its usability. In
particular, search engines are noted as being especially susceptible
since they cannot possibly have records of the most current version of
every Web page. To measure the rate and amount of change, the
researchers "collected 151 million web pages eleven times over,
retaining salient information including a feature vector of each page."
Their results show which Web page parameters are strong indicators of
future change. "

-- D. Jean Hester Interviewer: "Must an artist be a
programmer to make truly original online art?"
John Simon: "Truly original? You Modernist! Whether you make art or not,
understanding programming is an amazing understanding."
from "Code as Creative Writing: An Interview with John Simon"

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Date: 9.01.03
From: Caterina Davinio (clprezi AT
Subject: call for gates (3)

GATES / Beyond Net-Art
Real Things across the Cyberspace
July 4 - September 30 2003
by Caterina Davinio

How to join:
(For Internet Explorer 6)
Address your submissions to clprezi AT

New Comtributions:
United Kingdom - Somerset
Marian Carroll, Tim Jones, Frank Sierowki.

Brazil - Sao Paulo
SENAC Communication and Art Center
Lucia Leao

Germany - Cologne
Siglinde Kallnbach

Other countries and artists:
Wandering Gate in Belgium, Morocco, NL, Hongrie with: FACTOR 44 Harry
Heirmans, Chris Straetling Lieve Lambrecht, Ria Pacquée, Mulugeta
Tafesse, Djuna Michielsen, Marc Hioco, Marc Rossignol, Patrice
Verhofstadt, Carlos Montalvo, Toni Geirlandt, Herman Delahaye, Guy
Rombouts, Chris Gillis, Jörgen Voordeckers, Djos Janssens, Eric
Stenmans, Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Shay Zilberman, Leo Reynders, Andrew
Webb, Daniel Weinberger, Guche Vercammen, Sven Bruyneel, Iréne Vervliet,
Daisy & Mirabelle Wouters, Arjen Nelis, Anne Boxelaere,

Greece - Tessaloniki
Research Center For The Definition Of Happyness c/o ALLI POLI
Artists and Groups: 3A, Danae Hondrou, Hector Mavridis
Dimosioipalliliko Retire (Thanasis Chondros, Alexandra Katsiani, Danis

New projects from Venezuela, Lebanon, USA, Greece, and Italy coming

Gates is a total new collaborative art experiment, it is a
non-conventional exhibition; one can participate not by sending video or
digital work on the topic, but creating a network, circulation of
action-communication, between real and cyberspace, between visual and
word, related to the symbolic icon of the Gate, with its metaphoric,
symbolic, of computer science, and telematic, implications, gates as
ways of transit, as dimension of open, of confrontation, of passages in
every direction, at every level. We are creating a new form of art that
uses as matter communication, relationship among persons, art debate,
our real/virtual body, voice, gesture ( is all this);
experimentals! artists, poets, critics, theoreticians! e-post-Fluxus
casseurs, e-post-post-duchamp-ists (?), welcome!, is an open
gate for what you think, and for what you do.

Beyond Net.Art
Gates is dedicated to Pierre Restany

GATES is a project:
Davinio Art Electronics Experimental

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Date: 9.03.03
From: Joy Garnett (joyeria AT
Subject: FACT Vacancy (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 12:16:37 +0100
From: Zoe Chapman (chapman AT
To: Zoe Chapman (chapman AT
Subject: FACT Vacancy

FACT is one of Europe's leading arts organisations specialising in the
presentation, support and development of artist's film, video and new
media purpose-built cultural project for over sixty years, opened to
public and critical acclaim in February 2003 and houses two
state-of-the-art galleries, the Media Lounge fro online projects and
three cinemas dedicated to independent film.

Senior Curator £24000 - £28000 Full Time (37.5 hours per week)

The role of Senior Curator represents an outstanding opportunity for an
individual with a passion for and knowledge of artist's film, video and
new media work to direct, devise and develop an international exhibition
and events programme in one of Britain's newest and most innovative
cultural buildings.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday 7th October. Interview date will be
4th November.

For an information pack please contact: Kathryn Dempsey, FACT, 88 Wood
Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ.
For further information about FACT please visit
Zoë Chapman
Operations Co-ordinator

FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology
88 Wood Street
Liverpool, L1 4DQ

t: + 44 (0)151 707 4444
t: + 44 (0)151 707 4411 (Direct Dial)
f: + 44 (0)151 707 4445

ROBOT FILMS, the first UK solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artists
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. Exploring the intersection between television,
film, narrative and computers, the exhibition includes SOFT RAINS a new
commission using miniature movie sets and surveillance cameras.

Galleries 1 & 2 and the Media Lounge, 5 September - 19 October

FACT is proud to be in

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Date: 9.04.03
From: Simon Biggs (simon AT
Subject: PixelRaiders 2

Apologies for cross-posting


Deadline for Abstracts: 10th Sept '03

PixelRaiders 2
6 ­ 8 April 2004
Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Applied, visual, performance artists and designers are using digital
technologies for new processes, virtual materials, exhibition,
performance and creative strategies. A culture of cross-disciplinary
material and digital process is evolving through a range of departments
in creative education. This challenges commentary and understanding
about hybrid practices that integrate physical, virtual and screen based

PixelRaiders 2 explores the issues, discourse and reflective practice at
the heart of digital making. This international refereed conference
follows up the highly successful one day Pixel Raiders symposium held in
March 2002 at London¹s Victoria and Albert Museum. The conference seeks
to promote new discourses and perspectives around some critical
questions, including:

- How does the artist and the commentator communicate hybrid practices?
- In what ways do new technologies enhance the collaborative nature of
practice, presentation and performance?
- How does the digital workspace impact on practice?
- Should technology and technique become invisible?

PixelRaiders 2 is a conference to explore how digital practices are
being integrated into and are evolving from making processes. We welcome
contributions from a practical, theoretical, educational, historical,
technological, curatorial perspective. The core theme of the conference
is the integration of digital practices within the applied, visual,
performance arts, design, and media production. Key elements being
material, process, digital integration and transition. We are
particularly keen that practitioners and research students in these
fields participate in the conference.

Refereed Journal:

As well as a publication that will be produced for the conference, a
special edition of The Design Journal will be produced subsequent to the
event and will include selected papers submitted to the PixelRaider2
conference 2004.


We aim to encourage as many different perspectives and research
interests as we can around this central theme. However, the following
topics are of primary significance:

- Analysis of the changing role of the maker and her/his creative
- The nature and concerns of the discourse that surrounds such
- The impact of the digital workspace on the experience and nature of
- The social dimensions of digital creativity in the arts / or the
social dimensions of digital creativity
- Evolving interfaces between disciplines such as applied, visual,
performance art, design and media production
- Educational implications of digital making
- The value and sustainability of material skills education
- The cultural role and significance of the handmade object in the
digital age

International Conference Committee and Board of Referees:

Simon Biggs ­ Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Sarah Braddock ­ Falmouth College of Art, UK
Stephen Boyd Davies - Middlesex University, UK
Katie Bunnell - Falmouth College of Art, UK
Augustus Casely Hayford ­ British Museum, UK
Lina Dzuverovic-Russell ­ Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK.
Charlie Gere ­ Birkbeck College, University of London, UK
Carol Gray ­ Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, UK
Jane Harris ­ Central Saint Martins, UK
Tanya Harrod ­ Royal College of Art, UK
Janis Jefferies ­ Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
Mirja Kalviainen ­ Kuopio Academy of Design, Finland
Malcolm McCullough - Taubman College of Architecture and Planning
and School of Art and Design, University of Michigan, USA
Franziska Nori ­ Digital Craft Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Mike Press ­ Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Jane Prophet ­ University of Westminster, London, UK
Casey Reas ­ Ivrea, Italy and MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Paul Sermon ­ Salford University, UK
Helen Sloan - Director, SCAN, UK
Marjan Unger - The Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pauline Van Mourik Broekman ­ Mute Magazine, UK

Presentation categories:

Submissions may be made for either oral presentation of a full paper or
a poster presentation.


Deadline for abstracts: 10th September 2003
Submission to pixelraiders AT
Use the abstract form available from

Notification of accepted abstracts: 1st October 2003

Deadline for full papers: 21st November 2003

Notification of accepted papers: 16th January 2004

Deadline for revised papers: 20th February 2004

Conference convenors:

The joint convenors of the conference are:
Jane Harris, Central St Martins College of Art and Design:
Mike Press, Sheffield Hallam University


Conference website:
This will provide full details on the conference as it develops.

Email: pixelraiders AT



Simon Biggs
simon AT

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
s.biggs AT

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Date: 8.29.03
From: Lisa Mark (lmark AT
Subject: Jason Salavon online art project

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) presents Bootstrap
the Blank Slate by Chicago-based artist Jason Salavon on The
work is commissioned by MOCA and is part of an ongoing series of
artists¹ projects.

Salavon has long been interested in diverse fields ranging from
evolutionary biology to information technology to the physical act of
mark-making. Part toy, part tool, part taxonomy, Bootstrap the Blank
Slate develops visually from a singular null state then records,
converts, and stores the collective actions of the participant into an
ever-growing population of image-pairs.

The project can be thought of as an investigation of the flow-forward
phenomenon of propagation and inheritance wrapped in the cozy,
user-friendly confines of design, artistic expression, and online
gizmology; a collaborative mechanism for the saturation of a
style-space; or a methodology for exploring classic issues of color and
form. However interpreted, the project is an interactive system for
generating, reproducing, and tracking two particular types of visual

Salavon¹s previous works have taken the form of photographic prints and
video installations, but Bootstrap the Blank Slate is his first
web-based work. His work has been shown in museums and galleries
throughout the United States and Europe and is included in a number of
prominent public and private collections, including the Whitney Museum
of American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

The project can be seen on

This project has been made possible by the generous support of The James
Irvine Foundation.

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Date: 9.02.03
From: Joseph Rabie (joe AT
Subject: Interactive Photography

I have been working for a while now on what I call interactive
photographs. Interactive photographs are not only sensitive to light,
they are also sensitive to the beholder's scrutiny. There are two
series: Landscopes, a general exploration of the sense of place, and
Collido_scope, an installation that I made for the 1er Contact digital
art festival at the Cube in Issy-les-Molineaux, outside Paris, last

These pages lead to presentations of the pictures, which are generally
too heavy for download. I have included three of the smaller ones, after
a drastic JPEG diet. They can be reached via explanations via the links
above, or if you are in a hurry and want a shortcut:

For other info and other projects, go to:

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Date: 9.02.03
From: Christiane Paul (Christiane_Paul AT WHITNEY.ORG)
Subject: artport gatepage September 03: Peter Horvath

"The Presence of Absence" by Peter Horvath
artport gatepage September 03

Peter Horvath's "The Presence of Absence" creates an associative,
audiovisual narrative playing with the intangible layers of
communication that are left to interpretation and create presences in
their own right. Using an abstracted human face as a main interface,
viewers uncover a non-linear trail of associations.

In Peter Horvath's films for the web, a multi-screened, quasi-narrative
unfolds with the participation of the viewer. Many of his pieces examine
family histories, the city as organism, matters of the heart and the
complexities of connection with or disconnection from others. His
audiovisual reveries share some of the open-ended qualities of the films
of Chris Marker, Jonas Mekas, and Tarkovsky's "The Mirror." With "The
Presence Of Absence," the iconic face, etched with opaque information,
is the key to navigating the site, just as we often read into the face
of others for signs of recognition. - Clint Roenisch

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Date: 8.31.03
From: Michael Szpakowski (szpako AT
Subject: Michael Szpakowski: Short Essays on Art & Related Matters

Five short essays on art and related matters by
Curt Cloninger
Carletta Joy Walker, Arnold Sachar and Robert Roth
Martha L Deed
Millie Niss
Dyske Suematsu


Further contributions welcome.
Guidelines at


Roth and Walker the joy of the anthem of Carletta to the edible one.
East of Wind. Phillips, Gordon. A painting.
Song of the Chorrito of Lewis Lacook. It is a strange song.
Woodland of Teratology. Does Bruce Conkle study the legend of Sasquatch?
Finally the young Salvaggio d'Eryk - a surrealista world where George
Washington, a fox and a hen, a MUSE, fight in imaginary loneliness - a
District Postmaster: **

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