The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 10.18.03
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 15:06:02 -0400

RHIZOME DIGEST: October 18, 2003


2. Rachel Greene: rhizome free Fridays
3. Pau Waelder: URGENT - BEK: Call for support

4. David Michalski: CFP: Xcp: Streetnotes
5. Eugene Thacker: Job opportunities, Georgia Institute of Technology
6. Marieke Istha: CALL FOR PROPOSALS Artist in Residence - DEADLINE

7. Maximiliano Paccagnella: avantsoap tv
8. Douwe Osinga: New: Google Talk

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Date: 10.15.03
From: Tom Holley (tomholley AT

ULTRASOUND / 2003 / 27 / 28 / 29 / NOV /
CONFERENCE / Saturday 29 November /
Code as Environment, Environment as Code

2:00pm - 5:00pm
Canal Side East Lecture Theatre
University of Huddersfield


If sound is a quality of spatial experience, in a virtual environment it
is first pure data. If the machinic space of data and code can be
usefully described in architectural terms [the software/hardware
architectures] how do we describe our experience of these?

Ultrasound is sound at a frequency in excess of 20kHz - outside the
threshold of human hearing - we can measure such frequencies and other
'invisible' environmental phenomena, we can describe [the data] and
mediate these to make them perceptible. As we develop machines capable
of operating in more than 4 dimensions simultaneously, and as these
become increasingly tectonic as well as electronic; actual as well as
virtual - what ecosystems, what artificial paradises, landscapes or
environments do we [and they] occupy?

The Conference session focuses on two full papers, with contributions by
invited guests.

The first paper is from Neil Spiller, Reader in Architecture and Digital
Theory, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

The second paper extends recent Digital Research Unit [DRU] research by
Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp ['artificial paradises' or 'ap'].

Together these papers and the discussion they generate, will "expose
code as environment and environment as code" [ap] through the
presentation of projects that render the invisible visible.

Further information will be announced soon.

Derek Hales
Director of Research
Department of Architecture
Huddersfield University
T: + 00 44 [0]1484 473589


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Date: 10.17.03
From: Rachel Greene (rachel AT
Subject: rhizome free Fridays

This may seem kind of trite, but will Rhizome members be aware that they
can encourage their friends who might like Rhizome, or used to be
members (perhaps before January when we instituted the $5 minimum annual
fee), to visit the site on Fridays when it is free and open to all?

I want to alert/remind people that it's available then.

Thanks, Rachel

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Date: 10.17.03
From: Pau Waelder (pau AT
Subject: URGENT - BEK: Call for support

From: Trond Lossius (lossius AT
Reply-To: Trond Lossius (lossius AT
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 20:46:28 +0200
To: (nettime-l AT
Subject: (nettime) URGENT - BEK: Call for support

BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts might be forced to close down
early next year due to lack of governmental support. For this reason we
call for your support. If you believe that BEK should continue to exist,
please express your support at our web page:

or by sending a mail to demo AT


BEK - Bergen Centre of Electronic Arts, was found while Bergen, Norway,
was one of 9 cultural cities of Europe 2000. The founding of BEK was
part of a national strategy initiated by The Norwegian Council for
Cultural Affairs to better working conditions for artists working within
the field of new media arts in Norway. BEK is part of the Norwegian
Production Network for Electronic Arts ( So far The
Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs has provided most of the
financial support for BEK. The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs is
not permitted to support organizations for extended periods, and will
not be able to support BEK in the future. For this reason, we've applied
for Governmental support from 2004. The proposed National Budget does
not include future support for BEK. For this reason we now fear that we
will be forced to close down early next year. If so, we believe that one
of the strongest current Norwegian voices on the international art scene
will be silenced, causing a severe setback to artistic exchange between
the art community in Norway and abroad.


BEK hosted the first international workshop dealing with Nato.0+55 in
the summer of 2000, and has been profiled as a valuable resource for
artists in Norway and abroad using live technologies such as Max, MSP,
Nato.0+55, streaming technology, Keystroke/Keyworx, etc. The mailing
list /55 was established when Netochka Nezvanova was thrown of the
Max-MSP mailing list. HC Gilje and Kurt Ralske of 242.pilots first met
during the workshop at BEK. 242.pilots has toured the world as pioneers
of real time based video performance, and the received the Image Award
at Transmediale.03 International Media Art Festival in Berlin, February

The development of "MøB", Linux GNU software for real-time video
processing ( has been a major project for the last two years.
In November 2003 BEK will host an international conference and festival,
Piksel, of artists/developers working with real-time video on Linux
( Piksel will be a valuable opportunity to coordinate
current development of real time video software for Linux around the
world. The workshop was overbooked before we got the opportunity to do a
call for participation.

BEK has been an important part of the Bergen electronic music and
electronica community. Torbjørn Brundtland of Röyksopp was doing civil
service at BEK when Röyksopp hit the British pop charts in 2001.
Underground artists such as Kaptein Kaliber, Jazzkammer, Alog and
Phonophani have been collaborating with BEK at a number of projects. started out as a net radio focusing on electronic and
contemporary music. The Trollofon concerts on a vintage trolley bus has
hosted artists such as Phonophani, Oval, Alog, Pita, Kim Hiortøy, Tujiko
Noriko, Maja Ratkje, Massimo and Fennesz. The concerts are available for
download as mp3 at The Pilota project also caused the
Municipality of Bergen to continue supporting the use of trolley buses
in Bergen two years ago. BEK also hosts another net radio focusing on
the local music scene ( and the mailing list

BEK has been affiliated with the most important Norwegian contemporary
theatre companies, such as BAK-truppen ( and
Verdensteatret ( BEK has been involved in the
production of a number of short movies. The short movie "Love is the
Law" was presented as part of Semaine Internationale de la Critique at
the Cannes Film Festival 2003 and received "Prix Canal + du Meilleur
court métrage" and " Prix de la (Toute) Jeune Critique".

This year BEK is hosting 6 artists and students from abroad,
participating in the NIFCA Media Artist in Residence, Fulbright program,
Leonardo da Vinci EU training programme and other exchange programmes.

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Date: 10.10.03
From: David Michalski (michalski AT
Subject: CFP: Xcp: Streetnotes

Contribute to
Xcp: Streetnotes WINTER 2004

Xcp Website is collecting STREETNOTES for its Winter 2004 Exhibition. We
are looking for ethnographic essays, photography, poetry and other
projects which explore the dynamics of the street as an interactive
zone. Streetnotes aims to exhibit experimental forms of documentation
and social description.

Special Section: STREET as METHOD

In the next issue of Xcp: Streetnotes, we will be displaying examples of
coursework or assignments, which integrate an analysis of public places,
buildings or streets. The idea is to show how observation or field
techniques can be applied to everyday experiences, as a means of
analysis, cultural production or critique.

Professors are asked to send for publication project synopses, where the
"street" has become a site for fieldwork, reflection, or performance.
Professors are also encouraged to recommend select students to submit
their own work as examples of successful course projects.

We hope that we will be able exhibit the various uses of fieldnotes (or
streetnotes) in the various disciplines. As well as expand the possible
observational techniques. Towards this end, we aim to publish short
accounts of research assignments or research problems, along with a
small collection of possible or innovative solutions.

We envision a display of innovative research projects from courses in
Cultural Anthropology, Urban Studies, History, Literature, Geography and
Visual Arts.

For more information about the guidelines for contributing to Street as
Method contact Xcp: Streetnotes Editor, David Michalski at
michalski AT

Deadline : December 15, 2003.
Estimate publication date : Janurary 20, 2004.
See Guidelines for acceptable file formats..

Exhibitions of STREETNOTES are published on the internet biannually.
Past exhibits have been saved and are accessible. Visit...

Please send text documents as rich text format documents (*.rtf), or as
ascii files (*.txt). Images should be sent as jpeg file (*.jpg) set to
72.dpi and sized no larger than 800 x 600 plxs. html files are also ok,
but please do not include animation, javascripts, or other programming.
We are unable to publish video or sound at this time. Please write the
curator, David Michalski at the email below

Please send materials to:

David Michalski
michalski AT

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Date: 10.15.03
From: Eugene Thacker (eugene.thacker AT
Subject: Job opportunities, Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech
Positions in Digital Media Design
Pending final funding approval, Georgia Tech's School of Literature,
Communication, and Culture is seeking two assistant or associate
professors to join them in defining the emerging field of Digital Media
Design as a practice continuous with the traditions of artistic cultural
practice and humanistic research. Applicants should have expertise in
one or more of the fields listed below and be prepared to teach at the
undergraduate and graduate level in LCC's internationally recognized
programs, including a Ph.D. in Digital Media. Applicants should be
computationally sophisticated practioner/theorists prepared to teach
studio courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and to supervise
graduate research in media theory and practice. A Ph.D. or appropriate
terminal degree, and demonstration of significant original research/
creative work required. Experience in interdisciplinary teams desirable.
Applicants should send a letter with statement of research interests and
pedagogical approach, a C.V., one or two pages of screenshots and /or a
pointer to an on-line portfolio. (Requests for full dossier and
portfolio will be sent to selected applicants.)

Applications to:
Prof. Diane Gromala, Chair Search Committee
School of Literature, Communication and Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0165

:: Review of applications begins November 1, 2003.::

The Georgia Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity/affirmative
action employer. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

Graphic Design/Interaction Design
Expertise in graphic design, with an emphasis in areas such as: dynamic
information design, interface design, user-centered methodologies,
time-based interactive media, film theory and criticism, animation,
virtual worlds, and visual theory. The candidate must demonstrate
sophisticated design aesthetics across media and must be prepared to
teach core courses in visual design in our undergraduate and graduate

Information Architecture/
Information Design
Expertise in the history, practice, and creation of large information
spaces, preferably in the Humanities and Fine Arts. Candidates should
have technical competence in XML and database applications and must be
prepared to teach core courses at the graduate and undergraduate level
that place information architecture in the context of cultural and
social traditions.

Interactive Video
Areas of research or creativity may include: digital games, interactive
narrative or drama, interactive television, film theory and criticism,
database documentary, virtual or augmented reality, time-based
interactive installations, and media theory. Candidates should have
created original work in the development of new video genres and must be
prepared to teach core digital video studios at the undergraduate and
graduate levels.

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Date: 10.15.03
From: Marieke Istha (istha AT

Call for Proposals:

Artist in Residence

Starting in 2002, the media lab at the Netherlands Media Art Institute,
Montevideo/Time Based Arts is offering artists from The Netherlands and
other countries the possibility of carrying out investigations in three

* Streaming media

* Wireless applications

* 3D applications

Artistic concept, innovation and cooperation are to be central in these
inv estigations. Preference will be given to research which makes use of
"open source" and that develops "tools" which will be available for
further use. Investigations that have an interdisciplinary character
will also receive p reference. The artists will be working together with
Dutch universities and academies in the research.

An Artist in Residence will have at his/her disposal

* Technical facilities, including assistance

* Working budget

* Housing

Technical specialists advise the participating artists during research,
experiments and production.


The outcome of the research will be presented in an appropriate manner,
through exhibitions, discussions, seminars, publications and workshops.


Applications will be evaluated twice a year by an internal committee.
This will be done on the basis of a research proposal with a work plan,
which must include a formulation of the problem, and a description of
the resources needed (technical and facilities) and the result. The
artist should also submit a comprehensive biography, with documentation
on his/her previous projects. The final round of the selection process
will be based on an interview. The duration of the work will depend on
the research proposal, but should run an average of three to six months.


For more information:

Gaby Wijers, Artlab

gaby AT

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

The Netherlands
T +31 20 6237101
F +31 20 6244423 (

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Date: 10.12.03
From: Maximiliano Paccagnella (user AT
Subject: avantsoap tv

Cross Section 2, The Italian Job, De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek,
Helmond, Holland from saturday the 4th of october until sunday the 2nd
of november 2003

We were asked to bring our work to Holland. Instead, we are bringing
ourselves. For a whole month, we will be sharing our lives through
mobile devices. For these four weeks we are taking stopframes from the
stream of own experiences. Three men and one woman - Max Paccagnella and
Filippo Moncelli from, Stefano 'Noce' Ruggeri, along with a
special guest star, Tosca Donato - take pictures of their lives with
mobile phones. Those images are sent in real time to the ctrl server,
stored in an ever-growing database, and displayed to the world. Two
projectors present the project in the Cacaofabriek rooms, while your own
monitor carries the story to the rest of the world.

We, the actors, began taking pictures the opening day and will stop at
the end of the show, thirty days later. We are following a basic
screenplay scheme, but will shape stories as our lives intervene.

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Date: 10.14.03
From: Douwe Osinga (dmo AT
Subject: New: Google Talk

Google Talk is a small web app that generates text based on a start from
the user. It is sort of stream of conscienceness writing by the complete

For example: "Better the world by" is finished with "consolidating
character in societies, families, and individuals"

Or: "Saddam Hussein hides in" is finished with "the cellars under the
main house and the Carriage house"

Have fun.

Douwe Osinga

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