The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 02.06.04
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 21:36:21 -0500

RHIZOME DIGEST: February 6, 2004


1. David Getsy: Interactivity and Accountability: Representing Identity
in Internet Art
2. Michael Szpakowski: New essays on
3. locone-admin: Alexei Shulgin at Location One

4. Richard de Boer: call for inspiring applications
5. Feisal Ahmad: Superuser Page is Live/Call for New Superusers

6. Ale [awcr] Piana: - interview .003

7. Marc Garrett, Liza Sabater, Lee Wells, Matthew Mascotte, Rachel
Greene: Question?

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Date: 1.27.04
From: David Getsy (david.getsy AT
Subject: Interactivity and Accountability: Representing Identity in
Internet Art

Interactivity and Accountability: Representing Identity in Internet Art
is the collaborative project of the members of the Dartmouth College
course "Contemporary Art and New Media, 1975-present" (Autumn 2003).
This on-line exhibition of internet art has been selected and researched
by a student curatorial team under the supervision of Professor David
Getsy. The exhibition offers an introduction into issues being explored
by artists working on and with the world wide web.

Website includes individual essays on internet art projects,
syllabus/bibliography, and a discussion of the pedagogical structure of
the course.

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Date: 1.31.04
From: Michael Szpakowski (szpako AT
Subject: New essays on

there are five new essays on, to add to ones by Curt
Cloninger, Robert Roth, Carletta Joy Walker, Arnold
Sachar, Martha Deed, Millie Niss and Dyske Suematsu.
The new ones are

'Primo Levi, Linguist' by George Jochnowitz

'A Decade Without TV' by Laura Floyd

'Camera Obscurantism' by Patrick Simons

'Art & the Search for Sanity' by Suzy Nees

'Poetry ? an Exchange' by Rosemary Drescher and
Michael Szpakowski

and they can all be found at

I'd like to encourage people to contribute - the
guidlines are at

as you'll see there's absolutely no editorial line -
just looking for people to address their


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Date: 2.03.04
From: locone-admin (locone-admin AT
Subject: Alexei Shulgin at Location One

Location One is proud to present


386 DX

February 13, 2004
Admission: $15, members free
No advanced ticket sales;
Doors open at 7:30 pm

Location One
26 Greene Street NYC 10013
Subway: Canal Street - N, R, Q, W, 6, A, C, E

Alexei Shulgin created Cyberpunk six years ago. At last, he's bringing
his bizarrely affecting techno-pop musical art to New York, for a single
performance on February 13th at Location One.

Shulgin's Cyberpunk "band", 386 DX, consists of an archaic computer that
plays MIDI tunes with speech-synthesis "vocals" accompanied by Shulgin
who "operates" the machine through a computer keyboard slung over his
shoulder with a guitar strap. Their music spans 30 years of pop music
(from The Mamas and The Papas to Nirvana), and is by turns satirical,
sentimental, innovative and just plain weird - - accompanied, as always,
by Shulgin's irreverent insight into net art, techno, and the
contemporary entertainment scene.

Shulgin has performed concerts extensively throughout Europe and
America, most notably through a chain-link fence from the American side
of the US/Mexican border at Las Playas de Tijuana while his computerized
counterpart was free to perform on the Mexican side of the border. The
computer has performed as a solo act as well, singing pop songs to
crowds on the streets of Graz, Austria and receiving tips for its

WIMP (Windows Interface Manipulation Program or Windows, Icons, Menus
and Pointing device - the prehistorical GUI of the 1970's) is a program
for creating full- screen visual animations synchronized with sound in
real time. WIMP utilizes the graphical user interface (GUI) of the
Windows operating system as its only visual source of inspiration.
Standard interface elements from the desktop such as applications,
windows, icons, images, pop-up menus and text are manipulated and
transformed through the use of VJ effects. These animations are
generated by simple 2- and 3-D effects and filters and their
superimpositions. The versatile nature of WIMP allows it to be used as a
VJ tool, a screensaver, a cool grafix generator or as a piece of
conceptual art.

WIMP was created by Shulgin in collaboration with Victor Laskin and had
its world premiere in October of 2003 at Dorkbot Rotterdam
( It is downloadable as freeware

Alexei Shulgin is a Moscow-based artist, musician, curator, activist and
professor. Shulgin has participated in numerous exhibitions and
symposiums on photography, contemporary art and new media. He is the
author and curator of several Internet projects including Form Art,
which first introduced this new art form based on the aesthetics of a
computer interface to the internet community in 1997. He also
collaborated on the development of, launched in January 2003
as an open database for people around the world to showcase their
examples of software art. Since the creation of 386 DX in 1998, Shulgin
has released two albums with the band including The Best of and Legend
of Russian Rock.

An on-going archive of Shulgin's projects, including 386 DX and WIMP,
can be found on his website, (


Location One is a not-for profit art center whose mission is to foster
the convergence of classic and new media for the development and
presentation of new work. Emerging and established artists in all
mediums from all over the world are invited to collaborate and
experiment with advanced technological tools and delivery systems.
Location One presents visual arts, performing arts and online
programming. It maintains on its premises an International Residency
Program that is open to artists from different fields of expression at
all levels of experience in technology.

To be removed from this mailing list, kindly hit "Reply" and type
"remove" in the Subject line. Thank You.

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locone AT

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Date: 2.02.04
From: Richard de Boer (richard AT
Subject: call for inspiring applications

FUSEDSPACE: Call for inspiring applications for new technology in the
public domain

Information and communication technology have fundamentally changed our
relationship with public space. Technology has not only changed the way
we use public space, it also has brought about its virtual expansion.
Through technological innovations like the Internet, text messaging,
mobile (tele)communication, intranet and gps we can freely share
information and develop a community life on the web.

Do these developments still offer unknown possibilities in favor of the
public domain? Do you have an idea or proposal through which technology
will make possible other interactions with the public domain, which will
shed new light on it or in any other way will bring about innovation?
Then enter the FUSEDSPACE competition.

FUSEDSPACE is an international competition for ideas on inspiring
applications for new technology in the public domain.

We call for submissions

* that succeed either in increasing or simplifying the accessibility of
virtual public spaces.

* that (by means of hardware or software) succeed either in making use
of or increasing the public potential of the new media.

* that (by means of hardware or software) develop facilities which
generate or enhance ?social coherence?.

* that stimulate or define the debate on the newly formed public domain.

* that search for modifications to utilities that predominantly are used
commercially, and that can broaden cultural and social perspectives in
the public domain.

The total prize amounts to 17,500 euros. A number of nominees will be
invited to take part in an implementation phase in connection with DEAF
(Dutch Electronic Art Festival) 2004.

Submission fee is 50 euros. The competition is open tot artists,
architects, designers, students and anyone who is interested in the
subject. Proposals can be submitted from 27 January until 31 May 2004.
The winners will be announced on 16 July 2004.

FUSEDSPACE is an initiative of Stroom (The Hague?s center for visual
arts), InformatieWerkPlaats, SKOR Foundation for Art and Public Space
and Premsela (Dutch design foundation) in collaboration with V2_
Institute for the Unstable Media, DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival)
and Doors of Perception. FUSEDSPACE is sponsored by the Mondriaan
Foundation, Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation and the city of The

For more information about the competition, the conditions and the jury,

International competition on innovative applications for new technology
in the public domain
Submission deadline: 31 May 2004
Contact: info AT

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Date: 2.05.04
From: Feisal Ahmad (feisal AT
Subject: Superuser Page is Live/Call for New Superusers

The Rhizome Superuser page is live!
Members of the Rhizome community can access the page at the following

Here you'll find:
- more information on exactly what it means to be a Superuser, including
responsibility, rewards, and technical information such as
- a listing of our current Superusers along with links to their
biography pages

+ + +

Call for New Superusers:
The central column of content showcased on the Rhizome website is
published by Rhizome's volunteer editors or "Superusers." As such, the
Superusers play an important role in the Rhizome community specifically,
and in the process of historicizing new media art more generally.

Becoming a Superuser is an ongoing responsibility: we're asking for a
commitment to archive a minimum of 5-10 texts a month. We're looking for
participants who have some time and focus.

If you're intrigued by all this and want to volunteer, then please get
in touch. Send an email off with the subject 'SUPERUSING' to Feisal
Ahmad (feisal AT, and include around 2 sentences why you want
to get involved. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Date: 2.04.04
From: Ale [awcr] Piana (awcr AT
Subject: - interview .003

10 questions to Katherine Isbister & Rainey Straus
The SimGallery Project


Pretty obvious first question: what about the Sims Gallery, how the
whole thing started?

Raingirl: The SimGallery project was a seed of an idea that Katherine
and I hatched after attending a lecture and film presentation on
Machinama [Machinima]. Machinama is a genre of filmmaking in which
filmmakers are using real-time 3d game engines to render their works. We
thought it would be cool to be able to spoof Matthew Barney and Vanessa
Beecroft type spectacles and the Sims seemed to be a good starting point
to play with those ideas.

Drk: The Sims Online (TSO) came to mind, because I'd explored it a bit
as part of a class I teach, and knew that it offered a


continue reading AT :

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server, with a whopping 350MB disk storage space, 1GB data transfer per
month, catch-all email forwarding, daily web traffic stats, 1 FTP
account, and the capability to host your own domain name (or use Details at:

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Date: 2.05.04-2.06.04
From: Marc Garrett (marc.garrett AT, Liza Sabater
(liza AT, Lee Wells (lee AT, Matthew
Mascotte (mascotte AT, Rachel Greene (rachel AT
Subject: Question?

Marc Garrett (marc.garrett AT posted:


So as the mapping of Internet creativity continues are the more
independent groups going to be ignored due to nationalist preferences
and institutional gate-keeping?

If this is the case how do we change this?


+ + +

Liza Sabater (liza AT replied:

Hi Marc,

I say, make your organization less browser dependent and, in that same
vein, more interactive outside of the browser. Meaning, WAP, RSS, PDA
friendly. Make it easy for people to trackback, ping, linkback (or
whatever it is you want to call it) your content. Make it easy for
others to create a web of context around your site. Will it create more
hassles like comment-spam? Absolutely, that may well be the case. But
the internet is not just about content, it's about people and the only
way you're going to get people to commit to your message is by engaging
them in a dialogue. And just getting them into your site is not enough.

The web browser does not scale. With an aggregator, I can scan more than
300 sites on a daily basis. Back in the old days, I could view most of
the web on a week (1995). You've just gotta make it easier for people to
get to furtherfield. I mean, I rarely go to Rhizome's front door
--because I have no incentive to do so. On the other hand, with Rhizome
Raw, even if it does not have the activity of its hey-day it is still
the most interesting thing Rhizome has to offer because it is Rhizome's
social space. If I could have it on my aggregator, it would make me even

Furtherfield is a fabulous site with a lot of interesting stuff to look
at --but I have to go to your front door to know what's new. I'm sorry
but the ease of looking at more than 300 sites in under an hour will
kick out any non-syndicated sites from my "Must See" list. And, no, RSS
is not just a geek thing. MyYahoo! just introduced an RSS module to
their services. They made email ubiquitous, I am sure that they'll do
the same with RSS.

So the moral of the story is: Make it easy for your potential audience
to get to your content in as many ways as possible. I mean, your site is
supported by the BBC. Make sure you check their web-dev process. I read
their specs were floating somewhere on Kazaa.


l i z a

+ + +

Marc Garrett replied:

Hi LIza,

You did not answer the question its self but you certainly opened it up
to excellent other ideas - with a genuine response which has triggered
off some fresh cranium shifts, answering many other issues that we are
in the motions of trying to sort out - which is pretty cool...

How much do you charge for such a quality consultation?

You've cheered me up Liza, an excellent email, much thanx :-)


+ + +

Lee Wells (lee AT replied:

Hi Liza,

I must agree with Marc.
I think that was one of the most concise and important things stated
here in quite a while.

+ + +

Matthew Mascotte (mascotte AT replied:


No doubt, that is the most articulate and savvy
networking strategy i've seen in a long while...



+ + +

Rachel Greene (rachel AT replied:

I also wouldn't characterize those who aren't interested in
participating as being subject to nationalist preferences or
gate-keeping. Seems a cynical evaluation of a group of (chiefly) highly
intelligent, net-savvy, international, free-thinking people, and it's
not exactly an inviting or inclusive mode of address towards your
potential peers. -- Rachel

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