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Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 10.22.04
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 19:17:13 -0700

RHIZOME DIGEST: October 22, 2004


1. juha huuskonen: PixelACHE 2005 : Dot Org Boom!

2. Nita Sturiale: Faculty Search - CONTEMPORARY MEDIA ARTIST
3. Kevin McGarry: Johns Hopkins New Media Center Video Opening
4. Kevin McGarry: Job -- creative capital TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER nyc
5. Rachel Greene: Fwd: SLAB job advert please circulate...

6. Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: EMS (Edition Message
Samplers) by Jacob Masters
7. ryan griffis: Fwd: For Immediate Release: The Bush Poll
8. Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: by Keith

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Date: 10.22.04
From: juha huuskonen <juhuu AT>
Subject: PixelACHE 2005 : Dot Org Boom!

PixelACHE 2005
Electronic art and subcultures festival
14-17 April, Helsinki



PixelACHE explores again the fringe areas of electronic art. The festival
program consists of concerts, clubs, project showcases, workshops and panel

We invite artists and designers, engineers and architects, researchers and
activists, professionals and students - all kinds of people involved in
experimenting with new and old technologies - to send us project
descriptions and ideas! The deadline for proposals for PixelACHE 2005
is November 15th 2004! More information about the submission
process is available on the PixelACHE website at



* The Boom that happened when the media wasn't listening *

The years around the turn of the millennium were the glory days of the dot
coms. New media industry promised a shiny future and acted as a platform
for a great gamble which involved fantastic sums of real and virtual money.
These days seem like a distant past when one listens to the news today -
reports of downsizing and fear of economic depression have replaced the once
optimistic views of the future.

Hidden from the radar of the mainstream media, another boom has been
silently growing and gaining a stronger position in the development of
media, technology and culture. Dot Org Boom is the non-profit, cultural
version of the dot com boom. It brings together voluntary efforts of a
massive amount of individual people and is based on the ideology
of sharing instead of the ideology of owning.



PixelACHE festival program will be based on a new structure this year. In
addition to the program which is based on the annual theme (Dot Org Boom),
we have decided to include some additional program categories. These
categories are:

- Experimental sound & interaction and electronics
- VJ culture
- Interactive and participatory cinema
- Grassroot networks and politics of media / technology

The projects in these categories do not necessarily have to be related to
the Dot Org Boom theme - we are interested in all kinds of innovative and
experimental projects. In the same way as before, we also take into
consideration project concepts which are still in the early planning stage.



PixelACHE festival will feature several workshops organized together with
both local and international collaborators. Currently confirmed workshops
are the particle/wave hybrid radio workshop, PixelACHE goes Television
workshop and VJ culture and audiovisual performance tools workshop.

particle/wave hybrid radio workshop explores the interface between the
creative traditions of terrestial radio broadcasting and emerging practices
of internet radiomaking. particle/wave rethinks community radio practices
through distributed and participatory networks of sonic exchange, open
content models and new radiomaking tools. It examines the dual nature of
radio as wave/packet, network/sound, transmission/reception. particle/wave
is coordinated by Sophea Lerner and organised in collaboration with Sibelius
Academy, Centre for Music & Technology.

VJ culture and audiovisual storytelling workshop explores the connections
between VJ culture, filmmaking and theatre. The workshop tutors include
theatre directors, audiovisual designers and participants from the piksel04
event (, an annual workshop which specializes in developing
open source audiovisual performance software. The workshop also connects to
the PixelACHE goes Television workshop.

Pixelache goes Television workshop will search for new and fresh approaches
to an old medium. The local television channel called Dina in Arabia
district of Helsinki is open for projects to be broadcasted. The area of
Arabia is the Art and Design campus of Helsinki, consisting of four design
schools and a Jazz academy. Most of the residents of the area are closely
connected to art, design and entertainment industries. The projects for Dina
channel during Pixelache 2005 are expected to push the boundaries of
traditional television. The workshop will be hosted by Teijo Pellinen,
lecturer of interactive television production at University of Art and
Design Helsinki.



PixelACHE Helsinki also features a two-month long artist residency in
collaboration with NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. Artists can
apply for the residency with the PixelACHE 2005 project submission form.



More information about PixelACHE 2005 and previous
PixelACHE editions available at

PikseliÄHKY // PixelACHE festival
Laivurinrinne 1
00120 Helsinki

e-mail: contact at
tel +358-9-622 79 667 - fax +358-9-622 79 669


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Date: 10.15.04
From: Nita Sturiale <nsturiale AT>

Massachusetts College of Art

Established in 1873, Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt) was the first
and remains the only freestanding public college of art and design in the
US. The college is nationally known for offering broad access to a quality
professional arts education, accompanied by a strong general education in
the liberal arts. A major cultural force in Boston, MassArt offers public
programs of innovative exhibitions, lectures and events.

The Studio For Interrelated Media (SIM) program within the Media and
Performing Arts Department is seeking a highly motivated Contemporary Media
Artist for a full-time, tenure track position beginning Fall, 2005. SIM is a
multimedia program with a strong emphasis on critique and conceptual
foundations. The SIM curriculum is built upon a Major Studio class
comprising weekly student-run presentations and productions where students
select, schedule and technically support their colleagues' presentations; as
well as idea-centered art-making; team teaching; and individualized
advising. Students work in all media, with a concentration on
interdisciplinary practice and innovative technologies. Please visit for more information.

Applicants should possess appropriate experience and commitment to teaching
and advising a diverse student body, a strong portfolio, and
multi-disciplinary knowledge (including some combination of the following -
interactive media, video, sound, live performance, installation). Experience
with web-based applications and/or computer programming a plus. Applicants
should have a demonstrated vision for 21st century Art-making. Experience
with team teaching is essential. Position includes administrative and
departmental responsibilities. MFA or equivalent degree is required.

Review of applications will begin December 1, 2004. Position open until
filled. Send letter, CV, and statement of teaching philosophy to:

SIM Search Committee
Human Resources
Massachusetts College of Art
621 Huntington Ave.
Boston MA 02115


jobs AT


The Massachusetts College of Art is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
employer. Members of underrepresented groups and those committed to working
in a diverse cultural environment are encouraged to apply.

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Date: 10.18.04
From: Kevin McGarry <Kevin AT>
Subject: Johns Hopkins New Media Center Video Opening

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Joan Freedman <freedman AT>
> Date: October 17, 2004 9:45:14 AM EDT
> To: freedman AT
> Subject: Johns Hopkins New Media Center Video Opening
> Please post or forward to appropriate lists/professional organizations.
> The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore Maryland) Digital Media Center
> (DMC) seeks a Digital Video/Multimedia Artist.  Please view the
> official job description for job number 17899 and apply online at
> The DMC is a non-academic lab located on the Hopkins Homewood campus
> in the Mattin Arts Center.  In addition to supporting students in
> their use of multimedia technology we develop extra-curricular
> programs that provide opportunities to integrate art and science. 
> Please view our web site at ; This 28-hour
> per week professional position has full benefits and the salary is
> enough to cover basic expenses in Baltimore leaving the artist enough
> free time and flexibility to pursue their own creative projects. 
> Baltimore has a growing contemporary arts community
> General Job Description:
> Set-up and maintenance of digital video equipment, instruct students
> in the use of digital video and multimedia hardware and software,
> conduct non-credit workshops and organize special projects and events.
> This 28-hour per week position (with full benefits) requires some
> evening and weekend hours.
> Qualifications:
> Related college courses and 4-5 years experience (Bachelor's or
> Master's with emphasis in multimedia preferred and may be substituted
> for some experience); proven work experience and excellent knowledge
> of digital video hardware and software, cameras, lighting,
> audio-recording, script writing, project management and planning,
> video editing and output such as printing, CD, DVD, and streamed
> media. Familiarity with animation, 3-D modeling and graphic design
> software such as Flash, After Effects, InDesign, Quark, 3-D Studio,
> Maya.  Troubleshooting and system-level knowledge of both Macs and PCs
> a must.  Need to be able to learn new information quickly; possess
> strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to
> work with artists' technicians and to assist students in the creation
> of inter-disciplinary multi-media works or art. This position requires
> some evening and weekend hours and must be available for "on-call"
> duties for lab monitors.  The successful candidate will be outgoing,
> comfortable speaking in public, and able to promote the Digital Media
> Center and our programs.
> If you are interested in this position please apply online at
> --

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Date: 10.20.04
From: Kevin McGarry <Kevin AT>
Subject: Job -- creative capital TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER nyc

JOB DESCRIPTION: Reports to the Communications Director. Works with staff
and technical consultants to oversee the administration, maintenance, and
improvement of our technological services both in-office and online. This
includes management of web services for three websites: Creative Capital,
The Multi-Arts Production Fund, and The Professional Development Program;
and facilitating the use of communications software by employees. The person
in this position must be motivated by a fast paced environment, be capable
of creative problem solving, and balancing different tasks under a series of
Creative Capital Foundation acts as a catalyst for the development of
adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists in the performing
and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. The organization is
committed to working in partnership with the artists whom it funds,
providing advisory services and professional development assistance along
with multi-faceted financial aid and promotional support throughout the life
of each Creative Capital project.


· Acts as primary technical contact with the web server hosts
(Rackspace and Eurekanet;) and with allied companies which contribute
services to the web site;

· organizes site structure to reflect the needs of Creative Capital
applicants, grantees, and staff, and works with staff to improve online

· posts new material on the websites including grantee and staff events
and updates. (Creative Capital¹s websites are integrated with a MySQL
database which is maintained by a Creative Capital consultant);

· convert media for use on the website (images, streaming video and

· processes the maintenance/updating/accessing of the grantee info
solicitation form;

· creates web version of application forms in conjunction with database
for the different phases of the grant application process;

· works with Creative Capital's MySQL consultant to ensure that any
technical issues or problems with the live application are addressed

· establishes and maintains email accounts hosted on and (troubleshooting problems with email
and DSL line);

· performs diagnostics and upgrade of office computers, software &

· performs general troubleshooting of website, hardware, and software
problems when they occur;

· helps maintain computer data back-up systems;

· keeps abreast of organizational needs & use technology to improve
Creative Capital's efficiency;

· counsels Creative Capital staff on implementation of new software and
assesses potential of technology to improve their programs and to extend
Creative Capital's impact;

· works with staff to determine grantees' needs in order to improve
access to their work and heighten awareness of their projects;

· works on special projects as needed.


· A Bachelor¹s Degree (or equivalent experience);

· a demonstrated commitment to the arts;

· minimum of two years¹ experience working with current technology and
software, including: Microsoft Office X, Filemaker Pro, Macromedia
Dreamweaver, Flash 5, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OS X,
Retrospect Backup, and Discreet Cleaner. Fluent in HTML, prepares graphics,
and writes some text;

· strong problem solving skills and an appreciation for detail;

· capable of multi-tasking;

Terms: This is a temporary, part-time position; 15 to 18 hours per week
starting at the mid $20¹s per hour, from January 1, 2005, through December
31, 2005.

To apply: Send Resume and cover letter to: TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER
Position, 65 Bleecker Street, 7th Floor, New York, New York, 10012 (No phone
calls please)

DEADLINE for resumes: October 29, 2004

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Date: 10.21.04
From: Rachel Greene <rachel AT>
Subject: Fwd: SLAB job advert please circulate...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham AT>
Date: October 21, 2004 7:23:25 AM EDT
To: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham AT>
Subject: SLAB job advert please circulate...

Please find below some details of a new job at Sunderland (NB: this is not a
job with CRUMB, but we do have connections with this project, and our
offices are just upstairs).

School of Arts, Design, Media & Culture

Research Fellow in Fine Art (Digital Media Art)
Fixed Term to 31st December 2007
£21,640 per annum

You will establish, develop and run a research unit for digital
media art housed within the area of Fine Art. It is expected that
this will involve a programme of research/professional practice
activity with researchers/artists of national and international

The research unit will have a focus on co-operative opportunities
from within Art and Design and will also seek to work
collaboratively with other institutions and artists in the UK and

You will also be expected to carry out personal research within
the context of the unit and to contribute to the teaching of Fine Art
(2 days per week at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels).

For enquiries please contact Eric Bainbridge, tel: (0191) 515 3772
or email eric.bainbridge AT

Ref No: ADR001/01

The University of Sunderland application form and Role Profile for
these posts can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources
Department on 0191 515 2057 or

Closing Date: 12th November 2004

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Date: 10.18.04
From: "" <artbase AT>
Subject: Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: EMS (Edition Message Samplers)
by Jacob Masters

Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase ...

+ EMS (Edition Message Samplers) +
+ Jacob Masters +

EMS (Edition Message Samplers)
EMS is a mobile phone craft project created for the New Forms Festival 2004
by Kate Pemberton. Designs have been created that can be accessed using your
mobile phone, and as patterns to cross stitch.

+ + +


Artists Bio available AT

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Date: 10.21.04
From: ryan griffis <grifray AT>
Subject: Fwd: For Immediate Release: The Bush Poll

> From: Bush Poll <bushpoll AT>
> Date: October 18, 2004 9:54:52 PM PDT
> To: bushpoll AT
> Subject: For Immediate Release: The Bush Poll
> October 18, 2004
> The Bush Poll
> Speaking to the George Bushes of the United States
> There are 153 persons named George Bush in the United States phone
> directory. 2 persons named George Bush are current and former
> presidents of the United States. The Bush Poll surveyed them in order
> to determine their political cohesiveness, their polarization over
> political issues, and their potential reflection of an American people
> divided over their Presidential representation.
> Are the George Bushes Dying?
> One of the interesting results of the poll was the findings about the
> age of the George Bushes of the United States. Of the 47 George Bushes
> we spoke to, 12, or 26% were too ill to speak, bedridden, or deceased.
> This trend is mirrored in the age statistics of the healthy George
> Bush population, where 83% of all George Bushes are over the age of
> 55. Reflecting their age demographics, the George Bushes have an
> extremely high turnout ratio, with nearly 90% having voted in 2000,
> and the same number planning on voting in 2004.
> "My ethnicity is I am a Christian," George L. Bush, Lexington, KY
> Equally interesting is the uniformity of ethnicity, with 89% of all
> George Bushes identifying as White. The remaining 11% either
> identified as "American" or "Christian." There were no George Bushes
> who identified as Black or African American, Latino, Asian, American
> Indian, Pacific Islander.
> Low Approval, but High Support
> The George Bushes generally reflect the greater population in their
> political party, approval of the President's job performance (55%),
> the war in Iraq (50%), and his ability to relate to the average
> American (38%). Yet they support him in much higher numbers at the
> poll: 69% of the George Bushes of the United States voted for George
> W. Bush in 2000, and 66% are projected to vote for him in 2004. So
> why would this group break their party affiliations, and break with
> their own views, to vote for George W. Bush? Do they identify with
> him? Do they admire him? Does it make them happier to see a man with
> their name on the TV daily?
> "No, he's not like me," George W. Bush, Jasper, TX
> Despite this apparent identification of the George Bushes of the
> United States with the President, they are polarized over the idea
> that they are similar. When asked if they hold George W. Bush's
> values, 67% Agree, 0% are neutral, and 33% disagree. Yet when asked
> if they are like George W. Bush, the George Bushes of the United
> States flip the other direction: only 22% agree, 17% are neutral, and
> 61% disagree. They identify with his values, but if they identify
> with him, they might loose their individuality.
> "I've been picked on about it, but not judged. It is fun being George
> Bush."
> George D. Bush, Bonham TX
> Nearly half of all of the George Bushes of the United States said they
> were pre-judged by others because of their name. Two out of three
> said that the other person had viewed them negatively. Despite this
> apparent loss of control over their own representation, 83% said that
> this did not undermine their sense of individuality. It is as if they
> are saying that to be one of the George Bushes of the United States
> you have to be resolute, ignore what others say, and be prepared to
> protect and defend your identity as your own, regardless of namesake.
> FOR FURTHER INQUIRIES: mailto:bushpoll AT
> ***
> "My name's George Bush, of course I voted for him!"
> George T. Bush, Cape Coral FL

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Date: 10.21.04
From: "" <artbase AT>
Subject: Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: by Keith Whittle

Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase ...

+ +
+ Keith Whittle + features six specially-commissioned artists' works inspired by
a set of random search results culled from the world wide web and based on
words in the Book of Revelations.

+ + +


Film and Video Umbrella is one of Britain's leading agencies for the
commissioning and production of artists' film, video and new media work.

The organisation has commissioned and curated numerous artists' projects
including new works by well-known British and international artists' such
as Isaac Julian, Jane and Loiuse Wilson and Dryden Goodwin.

Film and Video Umbrella's curatorial activities also extend to the
production and promotion of artists' works for the Internet, CD Rom and DVD.

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Rhizome Digest is supported by grants from The Charles Engelhard
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