The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 1.21.05
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 07:57:41 -0800

RHIZOME DIGEST: January 21, 2005


1. Kevin McGarry: announces second ArtBase Exhibition
2. Francis Hwang: launches 2005 Net Art Commissions
3. Ivan Pope: The Long Tail of Art Webring

4. Nisar Keshvani: Job Notice in Conceptual/ Information Arts - San
Francisco State University
5. Doug Easterly: 1-day Guest Lecturer / Syracuse University
6. Rachel Greene: Eyebeam Social Sculpture Commission
7. Elisa Harkins: Version>05 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
8. Joy Garnett: FW: Call for Media Based work that engages policy, planning
and ecosystems

9. Jo-Anne Green: Turbulence Commission: "" by
Nathaniel Stern and Marcus Neustetter
10. valery.grancher: art in space
11. Jim Andrews: Michiel Knaven: Survival Kit (interactive audio)

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Date: 1.19.05
From: Kevin McGarry <kevin AT>
Subject: announces second ArtBase Exhibition Announces Second ArtBase Exhibition

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Kevin McGarry,
Phone: 212.219.1288 X220
Email: kevin AT

NEW YORK, NY? is pleased to announce the opening of our second
online exhibition curated from works in the Rhizome ArtBase, an archive of
over 1400 new media artworks established in 1999. The show is entitled
³Location is Everything² and is curated by New York City artist and curator
Jillian Mcdonald, co-director of Pace University Digital Gallery.

Works included in this exhibition are ³PdPal² (2003) by Julian Bleecker,
Scott Paterson and Marina Zurkow, ³[murmur]² (2003) by Shawn Micallef,
³Louisiana Walk #14² (1996) by Janet Cardiff, ³Atmospherics/Weather Works²
(2003) by Andrea Polli, ³GPS Drawing² (2000) by Jeremy Wood, ³Hlemmur in C²
(2004) by Pall Thayer, ³Survey Field² (2003) by Germaine Koh, and
³Infrasonic Soundscape² (2001) by Hidekazu Minami.

³Location is Everything² explores ways in which artists repurpose mapping as
a creative medium; or perhaps it reframes mapping as a procedure that is
intrinsically creative. The cartographic forms in these projects are drawn
according to, as Mcdonald explains, ³personal or collective experiences,
some informed by external factors like weather data or pop-culture
references, and some allowing the map itself or local residents to inform
them.² These reciprocal actions of forming and informing effect both maps
and their makers, suggesting that ³who?² and ³why?² are equally important
questions to pose when interpreting a map as simply ³where?.²

³For more than five years has been preserving and archiving new
media art works in the ArtBase,² said Rachel Greene, Executive Director of ³Producing these curated exhibitions, that contextualize these
artworks and bring them to life next to one another, is a wonderful new
program for us. Rhizome-sponsored exhibitions offer a different but
important form of support for new media artists, who often have limited
opportunities to show with institutions. And, given how much excitement
there is about locative media right now, I am thrilled that Kevin and
Jillian have produced such a timely, relevant exhibition.²

Rhizome Exhibitions is a program begun in November 2004, which invites
international artists, curators, and writers to curate online exhibitions
from works in the ArtBase.

Member-curated Exhibits is a companion program also launched in November
2004, which allows Rhizome members to curate and interlink their own online
exhibits from works in the ArtBase, using a web-based curating tool. Links
to member-curated exhibits are interspersed throughout via
member pages and included artworks. As they are added, member-curated
exhibits will also appear here:

For more information please contact:
Kevin McGarry,
Phone: 212.219.1288 X220
Email: kevin AT

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Date: 1.19.05
From: Francis Hwang <francis AT>
Subject: launches 2005 Net Art Commissions



NEW YORK, NY, January 19,2005, an online platform for new media art and discussion, today
launched its 2005 Net Art Commissions
at The 2005 Net Art
Commissions will also be presented at the New Museum of Contemporary
Art on June 28, 2005.

+ About the Commissioning Program +   

The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to
artists for the creation of innovative new media art via panel-awarded
commissions. For the 2005 cycle, artists were invited to submit
proposals relating to ³games² as defined by the website

³Since 1996, Rhizome has been supporting the new media art community by
providing a place where artists and others can share information,
present work and engage in dialogue,² said Rachel Greene, Executive
Director of ³We are thrilled to be able to provide direct
financial support to artists engaging with timely themes, such as
?games.¹ New media artists have a limited ability to sell their work,
so commissioning and promoting these artworks is a different but very
important form of support for them.²

A panel of jurors, Yukiko Shikata, an independent curator based in
Tokyo, artist Natalie Bookchin, Francis Hwang of, and
Rachel Greene of, selected seven winners from a pool of
more than fifty proposals submitted by members of the
community. Rhizome members were also invited to jury and award one

Paul Catanese, Warren Sack, Jason van Anden, Luis Hernandez Galvanand
Carlo Zanniwill receive awards of $2,500-2,900 each. Commissions of
$1,750 will be awarded to Kabir Carterand C-Level. Carlo Zanni¹s
project was commissioned by members of the Rhizome community that voted
using secure web-based forms.

The Rhizome Commissioning Program is made possible with funding by the
Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation
for the Visual Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Additional support has been provided by members of the Rhizome

+ About the Commissioned Projects +

+ Listen by Kabir Carter+

Listen is embedded within the tradition of Adventure or Interactive
Fiction games, except that in it visual descriptions are accompanied by
descriptions of sound events. The game uses simple text commands
germane to Interactive Fiction: Look, Take, North, Wait, and?particular
to the game?Listen. Kabir Carter¹s compositions, performances, and
sound installations have been presented at Atlantic Center for the
Arts; PS122 Gallery, and d.u.m.b.o. arts center. He continues to
realize Walking in the City, a net art project first commissioned by
the Miami-based music festival Subtropics. Carter is currently a guest
composer in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Create AT iEAR residency

+ Misplaced Reliquary by Paul Catanese +

Misplaced Reliquary is a handheld curiosity cabinet of relics collected
by an eccentric curator. The relics are contained within a virtual
repository taking the form of a gameboy advance ROM that can be
"played" online or downloaded to any gameboy advance (with the correct
transfer hardware). An artist's edition of five game cartridges has
also been created. Paul Catanese is a Hybrid Media Artist and Assistant
Professor at San Francisco State University. His work focuses on the
creation of ³hybrids² - art forms that re-imagine uses for various
technologies to reveal hidden cosmologies. More information can be
found at

+ Oversaturation by Luis Hernandez Galvan +

Available space is always at stake: be it media-space, psychic space
or  physical space. This game is about keeping personal space clear,
and as in life, it's theoretically an infinite process. The objective
of the game is to keep the continuously growing structural patterns
from oversaturating your space by passing through, and thereby
annihilating them. The longer the structures remain untouched, the more
they'll grow in thickness and strength, and the older the segments
become, the more difficult they are to pass, or even impossible. Luis
Hernandez Galvan studied architecture in Mexico City. His practice
ranges from installation, to architecture, to game modifications. He
has been published in architectural journals and participated in public
art programs. Some work can be seen at
Currently he is working on a piece on the San Diego- Tijuana Border
along with Anne-Marie Schleiner.

+ Agonistics: A Language Game by Warren Sack +

The images and actions used metaphorically by political theorists to
understand democratic discussion as a game or competition -- "agonistic
democracy" -- can be instantiated as interactive, graphical objects and
dynamics. ³Agonistics: A Language Game² is a literal instantiation of
these metaphors that can played by posting messages to a public, online
discussion forum. Warren Sack is a software designer and media theorist
whose work explores theories and designs for online public space and
public discussion.

+ Farklempt! By Jason Van Anden +

Farklempt! challenges its players to manage their emotional-health
through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players
attempting to do the same. Equal parts addictive videogame and
compelling visual art, Farklempt! continues artist Jason Van Anden¹s
aesthetic investigation of how our emotional states impact the world
around us.

+ Media Blackout by Michael Wilson, a member of c-level +

Media Blackout is a 3D computer game in which the player is confronted
with corporate interests, religious fundamentalism and military
aggression through the deliberate manipulations of corporate media.
Surrounded by media noise, government propaganda, spectacular phenomena
and a sea of oil, the player¹s character attempts to maintain
psychological resistance and ultimately transcend the media threat ­
escaping 'corporatized consciousness'. Media Blackout creates an
allegorical environment through new media technologies ­ attempting to
immerse both player and viewer in the true 'psychological operations'
of our time. Michael Wilson is a member of the new media co-operative
c-level. He is an expanded media artist who employs operational
aesthetics to re-imagine contexts, networks or systems.

+ Average Shoveler by Carlo Zanni +

Inspired by the graphics of Leisure-Suit-Larry (1987), AVERAGE SHOVELER
is an online game challenging the boundaries between photo, paintings,
game and short movie. It's snowing, and you have to keep your path
clean. Each flake of snow contains an image taken live from
news/politics/sport/ web channels: you have to shovel pumping news from
your head, as your life suffers from news overload. Average Shoveler
includes two prestigious collaborations: famous composer Gabriel Yared
("Cold Mountain") scored the game, while Siri Kuptamethee's "Indigo
People" created outfits for the character of the videogame. Note:
FlashPlayer7 required. It is recommended to shut down any other
application and to turn speakers on. Carlo Zanni is an Italian-born
artist whose work is focused on the intersection of computation and
representation. His work has been shown in galleries and museums, among
them: P.S.1 - NY, Chelsea Museum NY, Analix Forever gallery Geneva. His
first (net) retrospective is scheduled for October 2005 at the ICA in
London. ;

+ About + is a nonprofit organization that provides an online
platform for the global new media art community. Founded in 1996, serves as a grass-roots community center for new media
artists, curators, students, educators, writers and enthusiasts.'s programs support the creation, presentation, discussion
and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in
significant ways. takes its name from the botanical term for an underground
stem that connects plants into living networks, a metaphor for the
organization's non-hierarchical structure. Widely considered to be the
world's leading online resource for and about new media artists and
their work, connects, supports, and educates the new media
art community and the public through programs including email-based
discussion groups and publications, online archives for new media art
works and writings, a new media calendar and opportunity listings, and
a new media art commissioning program. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are
accepted online at Checks and money orders
may made payable to and send to the address below.

CONTACT: Rachel Greene, Executive Director c/o New Museum, 210 Eleventh
Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Email: Rachel AT
Tel:   212.219.1222 X208 Fax:   212-431.5328
URL:  ;

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Date: 1.20.05
From:Ivan Pope <ivan2 AT>
Subject: The Long Tail of Art Webring

>From my blog Absent Without Leave

The Long Tail of Art Webring
January 19, 2005 The Long Tail of Art
This Long Tail of Art thing has three parts:
1. Serious artists who are making some form of relatively inexpensive work
available over the Web
2. A loose network of these artists
3. A casual agreement to cross promote the network, and a desire to create a
value-space so that others can point people to the loose network.

The idea is that we will build up our sMedia Capital over the long term and
we will end up with a rollling income from selling work. sMedia Capital is
the traffic that accrues over time to an interesting site - it takes a while
for promotional work to embed itself within the networks of interest, but
once that promotion is embedded, it tends to have a slow decay time.
The loose network is a casual arrangement to create valuable destination(s)
that are worth other building links to. So, anyone within this loose network
must offer something above and beyond the sale of art. For this initial
(experimental) project, I am creating a Web Ring that I will control access
The Web Ring is called the Long Tail Web Ring (LTWR). It has some simple
rules that are in flux, i.e. they will evolve by discussion:
1. Members of the LTWR are active art producers who are selling some form of
work via the Web
2. Member sites of the LTWR offer some online value beyond the selling of
work, e.g. an art blog, personal art site, archive etc, whatever
3. Members of the LTWR agree to cross promote the LTWR to others. This is
informal, i.e. mention it, link to it, point to it, put it in your email sig
4. Members agree to place the LTWR webring buttons ABOVE THE FOLD on the
front page of their web site. This means it is visible on when someone
arrives at the site. Members are encouraged to put the links on every page,
but hey, no pressure.

That's it for now. The LTWR is an experiment. I'm interested in what sort of
work people will offer within LTWR. I don't expect it to be huge oil
paintings, but I've got no real view of what will work and what won't. I'm
doing digital prints and signing them, but anything from drawings to sound
files to conceptual work should be fine. Try me.

As my contribution to my research into the Long Tail of Art (here, passim),
I decided to sell prints from my work at a flat rate $50 per print (plus
postage). I didn't want to do anything complicated, but I thought I had an
obligation to start my ball rolling. I'm using to show all my
images and I've made a group called $50
<> prints where I'm putting all the
available work More about how this will work soon.

I'm going to put up a page about the LTWR and make some link buttons etc. As
soon as I've got two more members I'll open up the ring and we can take it
from there.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Rhizome is now offering organizational subscriptions, memberships
purchased at the institutional level. These subscriptions allow
participants of an institution to access Rhizome's services without
having to purchase individual memberships. (Rhizome is also offering
subsidized memberships to qualifying institutions in poor or excluded
communities.) Please visit for more
information or contact Kevin McGarry at Kevin AT or Rachel Greene
at Rachel AT

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Date: 1.15.05
From: Nisar Keshvani <nisarh AT>
Subject: Job Notice in Conceptual/ Information Arts - San Francisco State

Job Opportunity

Art Department, San Francisco State University
Conceptual /Information Arts (Sabbatical Leave Replacement)
Fall,2005 and Spring 2006
Lecturer Level

Conceptual/Information Arts (CIA) is dedicated to preparing artists and
media experimentors to work at the cutting edge of technology. It is one of
several areas within the Art Department, located within a large, urban

Students in CIA learn contemporary digital production skills, work with
newly emerging technologies, explore social and cultural impact of
technology and study historical art practices, theoretical and conceptual
ideas relevant to this area of the arts. Established in 1980, CIA has a long
history as a pioneer program in providing students with opportunities to
work with and study emerging technologies, as well as conceptual and
critical approaches to art practice.

Principal faculty include professors Paula Levine and Stephen Wilson.

Information about the CIA is available at:

One of the principal professors in the area is taking a sabbatical leave AY
2005-2006. A one year replacement is sought. Possible examples of courses
to be taught include: Conceptual Strategies, Robotics & Electronics,
Interactive Media, Web Design, Digital Video, Biological Systems,
Explorations in Word and Image. Practice and Theory in Emerging
Technologies, Director/Lingo Programming, Theory Experiments in Narrative,
Telecommunications based Art, Remote and Wireless systems. In addition,
particular specialized courses can be adapted in response to the candidate's

The candidate is expected to have both practical and theoretical knowledge
in the field of emerging technologies, cultural theory and contemporary art.
The candidate will teach 3 courses each semester.

*MFA or Phd in relevant area
*Knowledge of digital technologies and relevant art theory
*Experience teaching courses in art & new technologies
*Exhibition record of recent artworks exploring art/technology/culture
(** Note the area is searching for candidates whose knowledge and interest
go beyond use of new technology merely as presentation format )

Salary level: Because of budget restraints, this position is only funded at
the lowest lecturer level 31-36,000/yr (unfortunately with no room to

Period of Appointment:
Applications will be accepted for either full year or one semester.

Deadline for Applications: February 15 or until filled

Materials Requested: Mail cover letter (detailing background, interest in
the CIA program, and courses that could be taught), curriculum vita, and
url (if available). No other documentation is requested at this time.
Additional documentation may be requested of candidates advancing to next

Mail to:
CIA Sabbatical Position,
Art Department, 1600 Holloway,
San Francisco State University, SF, CA 94132.

CIA Web information available at

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Date: 1.16.04
From: Doug Easterly <playfight AT>
Subject:1-day Guest Lecturer / Syracuse University

The Computer Art program at Syracuse University is seeking a guest artist
whose work utilizes Flash Actionscripting for an afternoon or early evening

Preferably, your work holds a combination of the following qualities:

â?¢ interesting conceptually
â?¢ unique technical approaches
â?¢ uses Flash ActionScript (preferably AS 2.0)
â?¢ demonstrable techniques connecting Actionscript with the Teleo SDK
and/or multi-user applications (i.e. Unity 2) and/or internet data mining

We will cover your airfare (or other travel), hotel (if needed) and meals +
approximately $500 artist fee. The lecture will be public, but composed
mainly of students enrolled in my Interactive Multimedia course.

Ideally you can visit in late January, early February, or early March at the
latest. The day of the week is fairly open, but must be between

Inquire by sending an email with your name, contact information and URL to:
Doug Easterly
playfight AT

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Rhizome Member-curated Exhibits

View online exhibits Rhizome members have curated from works in the ArtBase,
or learn how to create your own exhibit.

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Date: 1.19.05
From: Rachel Greene <rachel AT>
Subject: Fwd: Eyebeam Social Sculpture Commission

> -----------------------------------------
> Eyebeam and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) would like to
> announce an open call for a Social Sculpture Commission, supporting
> work
> that engages the public in new ways. The program, running from March -
> August '05, provides a 6 month grant of digital production services at
> Eyebeam's studios (including moving image / sound production,
> programming
> and systems design), a stipend of $20,000 for producing the work, and
> public
> development support from LMCC.
> The term Social Sculpture was coined in the 1970's by Joseph Beuys to
> refer
> to socially engaged, interdisciplinary, artistic actions where the
> community
> would be collaborators and art works could be an environment or set of
> rules
> by which to engage. Work supported by the commission can take a
> variety of
> forms, including gaming, tactical media, network, interactive
> installation,
> moving image or conceptual projects that blur traditional boundaries
> between
> production, education, performance and exhibition.
> More information can be found on line at
> Applications, due February 13th, can be found at
> program_id=4
> 96693

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Date: 1.20.05
From: Elisa Harkins <info AT>


SEND US YOUR IDEAS AND PROPOSALS FOR: papers, workshops, films, street art

(stickers, cut-outs, xeroxable pages, stencils), anti-corporate actions,
tactical media projects, culture jamming activities, public art
interventions, micro actions, billboard modifications, DIY urbanism, office
pranks, social and technology hacking ideas, agit prop posters, how-to
guides, creative disturbances in public space, profiles of space invaders
and hijackers, lists of tactics and strategies, psychogeographic adventures.

You may mail your proposal and work to:
960 W 31st St
Chicago Il 60608

Please use the online submission form (
submit a thumbnail sketch of your project. Multiple submissions are
encouraged. All online submissions are open for viewing by the public.

DEADLINE: February 28, 2005.

There are a few sections of Version that are regularly featured:

Alterations of everyday life. Space hijackings and invasions, occupations
and disruptions in corporate space: Psychogeographers, writers, artists,
performance artists, tactical mediaticians, and creative interventionists
are invited to share their ideas and proposals for projects to be realized
at this year1s Version. Please use the online submission form to provide a
brief description of the work.

for encouraging little utopias. Social and cultural places act as
laboratories for collaboration and explorations of emerging cultures.
Version>05 will be hosting an NFO ART EXPO and space summit. We extend an
invitation to members of artist run spaces, alternative institutions,
cultural and social spaces, open universities, and individual artists and
activists to present their work and mission within a booth or table at the
version expo. A space summit will be organized to share stories, strategies
and methods of survival and connectivity. Please use the online submission
form or contact Ed Marszewski directly at ed AT for further

An online/offline network of projects that are selected for wider
dissemination and exhibition. Please use the online submission form to
provide a brief description of the work.

Discussions, presentations and documentations of projects, ideas, theories
and situations. Email texts directly to ed AT

We are seeking work to screen in microcinemas, theaters, the net and to
broadcast on cable access tv and low power UHF tv. Shorts, features,
experimental and documentary work is preferred. We encourage submissions
from individual curators, festivals or media collectives. Television
programs can be 28.5 minutes and 58.5 minutes long.
When submitting video work please mail us your work along with the following

Year made
Country of orgin
Running time
Description of work [up to 500 words]
Contact information (your name, address, phone number, email address, web

Moving image entries may be produced on any film or video format, however
they must be submitted on DVD (NTSC only), Mini DV (NTSC only), or VHS (NTSC
only). Each film or video must be accompanied by a bio, description and

Experimental presentations, new forms of audio visual engagement, live
musical performances. Submit urls or send cds to the Version address listed

Audio projects of up to 90 minutes will be accepted for broadcast on our low
watt radio and web streaming stations during the convergence. Send Cds to
the address above.

We will be unable to return any submitted works. So please do not send
original or masters.

For an idea of the types of projects that have been featured at past Version
festivals please check out Version>04 submissions

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Date: 1.21.05
From: wolfgang muench <wolfgang.muench AT>
Subject: FW: Call for Media Based work that engages policy, planning and


-------------forwarded message---------------
Call for media-based artwork: "Groundworks"

The exhibition "Groundworks: Environmental Collaboration in Contemporary
Art" is being organized at the Regina Miller Gallery at Carnegie-Mellon
University for the fall of 2005. The exhibition will include a range of
collaborative projects addressing environmental issues both nationally and
internationally. Work is sought for the media component of this
exhibition, which will be presented in a dedicated media gallery space. We
seek collaborative, media-based projects (either original media pieces or
documentation of completed collaborative projects) that creatively engage
the mechanisms of policy and planning used to govern a given
ecosystem. A diverse range of of ecosystems may be considered, including
urban, rural, uninhabited, or virtual (e.g. internet) systems. Engagement
may include direct renewal of the system, strategies of agency and social
participation, or others, but should strive to be conscious of its
aesthetic and ethical framework. We are especially seeking web-based,
computer-based or video pieces (DVD, VHS, etc.).

Send proposals and inquiries to:

Patrick Deegan
Dept. of Art History
La Jolla, CA 92093
or email: pdeegan AT

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Date: 1.17.05
From: Jo-Anne Green <jo AT>
Subject: Turbulence Commission: "" by Nathaniel Stern
and Marcus Neustetter

January 17, 2005
Turbulence Commission: "" by Nathaniel Stern and Marcus

"" proposes a dialogue between the virtual and physical
processes of sign and site design and perception. Stern and Neustetter have
transformed several information-based web pages into collaboratively
constructed communication sites; they commissioned local sign-makers in
Johannesburg, South Africa to "re-mix" five websites (Fox News, Google
Images,, Solidarity and Turbulence) by painting stylized
versions of each image on their main pages. The hand-painted signs were then
scanned, prepared for the web, and uploaded.

Each of the five sites can be seen in three ways: 1) the original site (on
its original server); 2) the "getaway" site in edit mode; and 3) the
"getaway" site in non-edit mode. In edit mode, participants from anywhere
in the world can click on an image in any one of the "getaway" pages and
upload their own replacement images. In non-edit mode each individual image
is randomly pulled from the site's database, thereby transforming the
"getaways" into dynamic collages that signify something completely new.

Concept, Artists/Designers: Nathaniel Stern, Marcus Neustetter; Information
Architecture: Templar Wales; Programming/Scripting: BlinkNewMedia; Core
Sign-Writers: Mduduzi Manyoni, Tebogo Phafudi, Bongani Nkou, Kasa Thamae,
and Nkosana.

"" is a 2005 commission of New Radio and Performing
Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible
with funding from The Greenwall Foundation.


NATHANIEL STERN (NYC/Johannesburg) is an internationally exhibited
installation artist, net.artist and performance poet. His interactive
installations have won awards in New York, South Africa and Australia, and
his has been featured in festivals all over Europe, Asia and the US.
Stern¹s collaborative physical theatre and multimedia performance work has
won three FNB Vita Awards - including Best Presentation of a New
Contemporary Work - and has been featured on the main stage at the
Grahamstown Festival (South Africa). His poetry repertoire includes the US
National Poetry Slam competition and the RSA HIV/AIDS Arts, Media & Film

MARCUS NEUSTETTER has been developing projects that address the relationship
between art and technology. These take the form of mobile, installation, and
web artworks tackling the translation of data through different online and
offline platforms. In this process he has been exploring the digital and
analogue ways of representing virtual experiences. Neustetter has exhibited
and been actively involved in developing opportunities and platforms for
local digital art through projects in South Africa and Europe. These include
ARS Electronica (Austria), Transmadiale.03 (Germany) and E-tester (Spain).
As director (with Stephen Hobbs) of The Trinity Session and sanman (southern
african new media art network) and The Gallery PREMISES, Neustetter is
actively involved in developing cultural strategies through a range of
projects. Currently he is a consultant for UNESCO DigiArts Africa.

For more information about Turbulence, please visit

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Date: 1.19.05
From: valery.grancher <valery.grancher AT>
Subject: art in space


I have the pleasure to invite you to see my last piece called "found
sculpture on mars" :

You can get art editions dealing withy this project here:

And to check the new chapter of called 'art in space':


J'ai le plaisir de vous inviter à venir voir ma dernière pièce nommée "found
sculpture on mars":

Vous pouvez acquérir des éditions liées à ce projet ici:

et de visiter un nouveau chapitre de nommé 'art in space':

Thank you // merci

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Date: 1.14.05
From: Jim Andrews <jim AT>
Subject: Michiel Knaven: Survival Kit (interactive audio)
is an interactive audio piece by Michiel Knaven".

"The desert survivalkit is a homage on Bach's "kunst der fuge"."

4 9 2
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Rhizome Digest is supported by grants from The Charles Engelhard
Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for
the Visual Arts, and with public funds from the New York State Council
on the Arts, a state agency.

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Rhizome Digest is filtered by Kevin McGarry (kevin AT ISSN:
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