The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 8.15.07
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 19:21:41 -0400

RHIZOME DIGEST: August 15, 2007


2. stephen kovats: transmediale.08 Award Competition - Call to Conspire ...
3. Cathy Davidson: HASTAC/MacArthur $2M Digital Media and Learning Competition--Call for Entries

4. stoffel AT MEDIA, MEMORY and the ARCHIVE // ARGOS // 06.10.07
5. VJ Theory: VJam Theory - Our Third Small Project : Second blog/August - Performance
6. marc garrett: Furtherfield 2007 online retrospective of Tale of Tales.
7. jessicafeldman AT THE PUBLIC SOUNDS festival: Kabir Carter\'s PRESENTITY & Jessica Feldman\'s OVERHEARD (NYC outdoors)
8. Lee Wells: [PAM] AT Chelsea Art Museum - Video Art in the Age of the Internet
9. a.ravetz AT Connecting Art and Anthropology

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From: teresa.dillon AT <teresa.dillon AT>
Date: Aug 13, 2007

13 – 16 September 2007

OFFLOAD SYSTEMS FOR SURVIVAL - is the UK’s first interdisciplinary network media and systems arts event on nature, sustainability and ecology.

OFFLOAD</b> brings together international, national and local artists and practitioners interested in creating socially engaged work that use new and existing media to address the core themes of <b>‘Trade, Network and Nomads’ and ‘Health, Wealth and Play’.

Over thirty artists will be participating in this city-wide project, presenting work that explores the themes of ‘Trade, Networks and Nomads’ and ‘Health, Wealth and Play’, interrogating ideas such as the commodification of our physical and virtual environments, and exploring the discourses and knowledge’s that have influenced our contemporary sociocultural, economic and ecological circumstances.

Central to OFFLOAD is the concept of ‘SYSTEMS FOR SURVIVAL’ - whether you consider that we have already passed an environmental ‘tipping’ point or that we are living in a post- apocalyptic state, is no longer the issue – as we are in a continual state of survival. To address our current-state-of-play an interdisciplinary approach is central. For this reason, OFFLOAD brings together artists and practitioners from different disciplines – sound and video art, computer science and net art, design, architecture, academia, broadcasting, live art and performance.

To this end several of the practitioners invited to take part in the physical OFFLOAD event have created work, which addresses the working conditions, trade agreements, technological and ecological systems we currently operate in.

Artists and practitioners including: Futurefarmers, Amy Balkin (US), Exzyt (FR), Juha Huuskonen & Tuomo Tammenpää, Dodo (FI), Interferenze (IT), André Gonçalves (PT), LYSN ensemble (NL/UK), Minimaforms, Polar Produce, Joby Burgess, Duncan Speakman, Jane Porter & Kat Anderson, Heath Bunting, Kate Rich, Richard Wright/Mongrel, John Thackara, Amy Feneck & James Dalby, Angela Piccini, Birgit Binder, Guy Dobson & Rachel Davies, Simon Harlow, James Kennard, Science Communication Unit/UWE, Jem Noble, Will Plowman, Matt Davies, Umbrellaspokes (UK)


Submissions are now open for the OFFLOAD ONLINE EXHIBITION. The online exhibition is a virtual extension of the physical event, which will grow as OFFLOAD develops, plus become an archive and document of work in this field.

To participate and submit your project details, go to:

Full details about online criteria and submission process are accessible via this site.

OFFLOAD was developed and curated by Polar Produce - an interdisciplinary company who work across media-live art and research. The group are based in Bristol, UK and include Teresa Dillon, Kathy Hinde, Philip O’Dwyer and Maarten de Laat.

OFFLOAD was developed in partnership with Watershed, Spike Island and CREATE and is funded by Watershed, The Finnish Institute and the British Music Information Centre with support from Bristol Visual Arts Consortium, BBC, Christian Aid: Cut the Carbon March, Media Arts Bath, Science Communication Unit, Bristol University, Cube Microplex Cinema.

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Associated Content is the people's media company. We run a massive library of content where you can share your work and earn extra cash. Explore scores of articles, videos, essays, reviews, how-to's and contribute your own. Show what you know at

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From: stephen kovats <kovats AT>
Date: Aug 11, 2007
Subject: transmediale.08 Award Competition - Call to Conspire ...

Dear Rhizomers ...

those of you tinkering with those most illusive of human conditions ... conspiracy and unpredictability, whether as a technological event, cultural network phenomenon or speculative artistic or activist strategy, you may be interested in submitting work to the next transmediale or club transmediale festivals, in January-February 2008 and take up the call to Conspire ....

transmediale.08 – Conspire ...
festival for art and digital culture berlin
29 January - 3 February 2008


club transmediale.08 - Unpredictable
festival for adventurous music and related visual arts
25 January - 2 February 2008

*Invite your Entries to the Transmediale Award 2008*

:: Deadline: 7 September 2007
:: Award Ceremony: 2 February 2008

Please find the complete call and submission form for download at:

*transmediale.08 - Conspire*

As one of the leading international festivals for art and digital culture, transmediale presents and pursues the advancement of artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural, political and economic impact of new technologies. As such, transmediale understands media technologies as cultural techniques that need to be embraced in order to comprehend, critique, and shape global societies. transmediale.08 seeks out the speculative realms of conspiratorial practice to question, subvert, undermine and bypass the unspoken rules, hidden codes of conduct and assumed truths entrenched within our information driven communication cultures and ideological belief structures.
Do you conspire ... ?

*club transmediale.08 - Unpredictable*

club transmediale (CTM) is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club culture. CTM presents projects that experiment with new aesthetic parameters and new forms of cooperation, develop possibilities for informational and economic self-determination, and reflect on the role of contemporary music against the backdrop of technological and social transformations. With 'Unpredictable' CTM.08 investigates artistic concepts that imply the surprising and unforeseeable, accidents, mistakes and coincidences as a means to alter the dynamics of creative processes and to discover new aesthetic forms.

Together, transmediale and club transmediale invite the submission of works and projects for the festival 2008. Submissions for both festivals participate in the transmediale Award 2008, for which the jury, comprised of Nicole Gingras, Olga Goriunova, Nat Muller, Wonil Rhee and Florian Wüst will award prizes totalling ca. 10 000 EUR. Abstracts and papers for a proposed Vilém Flusser Theory Award are also being invited.

transmediale is a project of the Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt.
transmediale is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
club transmediale is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Various forms of this call have been sent to a limited number of lists and communities. If you have already received it, apologies for the cross-posting!

conspire ...
opens 29 January - 3 February 2008
exhibition 29 January - 24 February 2008

stephen kovats
artistic director - transmediale
festival for art and digital culture berlin

transmediale - Klosterstr. 68 - 10179 Berlin
tel. +49 (0)30.24749-761 fax. +49 (0)30.24749-814
info AT -

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Berlin
Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg, HRB 41312 B
Geschäftsführer: Moritz van Dülmen

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From: Cathy Davidson <cathy.davidson AT>
Date: Aug 14, 2007
Subject: HASTAC/MacArthur $2M Digital Media and Learning Competition--Call for Entries


HASTAC and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation are mobilizing the field of Digital Media and Learning through a $2 million open call competition designed to support innovation and networking.

To learn more about the Competition, visit

Application Deadline: October 15, 2007 (8 pm EDT, 5 pm PDT)

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Organizational memberships with Rhizome

Sign your library, university or organization up for a Rhizome organizational membership! Give your community access to the largest online archives of digital art and new media art-related writing, the opportunity to organize member-curated exhibitions, participate in critical discussion, community boards, and learn about residency, educational and professional possibilities. Rhizome also offers subsidized memberships for qualifying institutions with limited access to the Internet. Please visit for more information or contact sales AT

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From: stoffel AT <stoffel AT>
Date: Aug 9, 2007
Subject: MEDIA, MEMORY and the ARCHIVE // ARGOS // 06.10.07

Argos, Centre for Art & Media, and PACKED present:

Media, Memory and the Archive

ARGOS, Brussels
Sa 06.10.2007 11:00-19:00

How will generations after us look back on artistic production of the 20th and 21st centuries? Media formats, operating systems, software and hardware, browsers and the internet as we know it today will have evolved beyond recognition, both in shape and in use. What strategies might be used to transpose technology-based works, variable, hybrid and ephemeral by nature, to an unknown and unpredictable future? How can intent, context and experience be recorded and permanently interpreted? The archiving process does not merely represent an attempt to preserve some notions, it also implicates that others will be forgotten. What is relevant for preservation? What is the impact of used models, technical structures and tools on the construction of cultural memory? How does information travel through time, now that the world is being (re)presented and organised more and more as a database, dynamic and networked? How will museums and other memory institutions cope with these new para!
digms and what is the role media artists and we ourselves might have in the structuring of public memory?

Speakers: Richard Rinehart, Steve Dietz, Josephine Bosma, Oliver Grau, Charlie Gere, Wolfgang Ernst, Jean-François Blanchette

Moderated by Marleen Wynants (CROSSTALKS, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB)

Media, Memory and the Archive is part of OPEN ARCHIVE#1, a series of programs and events in which Argos mines the archive, reflecting and presenting a range of responses to the argos collections as well as considering the nature of the contemporary archive, media and memory.

Please note: on Fr 05.10.2007, the day before ‘Media, Memory and the Archive’, Argos and INC are organizing the conference ‘Video Vortex: Responses to YouTube’ with Lev Manovich, Nora Barry, Keith Sanborn, Tomas Rawlings & Ana Kronschnabl, Simon Ruschmeyer, Peter Westenberg, Johan Grimonprez. Others tbc.

More info soon

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier
B-1000 Brussels
tel +32 2 229 00 03
fax +32 2 223 73 31

stoffel AT

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From: VJ Theory <vjtheory AT>
Date: Aug 9, 2007
Subject: VJam Theory - Our Third Small Project : Second blog/August - Performance

Second blog/August - Performance:

VJam Theory - Our Third Small Project

This is the second blog of three, with the theme this month of Performance.It is open and will be running until the end of August.
We would like to invite you to join the blog as a visitor by commenting on each post. Comments require registration.
Any media supported by the blog is allowed. You should reference, in your comments, all information including your own work as rigorously as possible.

About VJam Theory:
This Small Project aims at extending the discussions, started with the Let's Chat sessions, in time and depth. Instead of a chat room, where conversations happen in the moment and at a quick pace, this time we are using blogs to let the discussion flow more reflectively.
For this project, a group of our collaborators, by posting to the blog as a single user, will build three collective texts. Any visitor to the blog can participate by commenting on each post. Comments are moderated and require registration.

Themes and links to each blog:

July: The performer

August: The performance

September: Interactors, audiences and participators

Each blog will be active for a month, from July to September. At the end of the project, three collective texts will be made by distinct groups of collaborative writers. The blogs will be closed and the resultant texts (main body and comments) compiled and available online at the VJ Theory website. We are also looking at ways to publish the finished texts elsewhere.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 2006-2007 Net Art Commissions
The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to artists for the creation of innovative new media art work via panel-awarded commissions.

For the 2006-2007 Rhizome Commissions, eleven artists/groups were selected to create original works of net art.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

Rhizome 2008 Commissions Announced!
This year, eleven emerging artists/ collectives were awarded commissions in support of new works of Internet-based art. The projects include distributed sound experiments, visually compelling interactive images that blend the sublime and the ridiculous, and pioneering applications that encourage the flowering of creativity across commercial areas of the web. Follow the link below for descriptions of and links to the eleven winning proposals, which also includes our first-ever Community Award, a project designed to enhance participation and communication on Rhizome.

The Rhizome Commissions program is supported, in part, by funds from the Greenwall Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support is provided by generous individuals and Rhizome Members.

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From: marc garrett <marc.garrett AT>
Date: Aug 9, 2007
Subject: Furtherfield 2007 online retrospective of Tale of Tales.

Furtherfield 2007 online retrospective of Tale of Tales.

In August 2007, Furtherfield are featuring a retrospective of the legendary Net Art duo, Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, launching with a major two part interview with Maria Chatzichristodoulou (aka Maria X). Maria visited the artists at their studios in Belgium where they reflected upon their lives, artworks, ideas, creative histories and their journey from Entropy8Zuper! to their current incarnation as Tale of Tales.

Interview link here:

Tale of Tales is a games development studio, founded by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn in Belgium in 2002. The purpose of Tale of Tales is to create elegant and emotionally rich interactive entertainment, to explicitly cater for people who are not enchanted by most contemporary computer games, or who wish for more variety in their gameplay experiences. To this end all of their products feature innovative forms of interaction, engaging poetic narratives and simple controls. Tale of Tales started life with the design of 8, an epic single player PC adventure game inspired by the various versions of the folk tale, Sleeping Beauty.

Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] is a PhD Candidate at the Goldsmiths Digital Studios and Drama Department, University of London & Sessional Lecturer at Birkbeck College FCE.

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From: jessicafeldman AT <jessicafeldman AT>
Date: Aug 10, 2007
Subject: THE PUBLIC SOUNDS festival: Kabir Carter\'s PRESENTITY & Jessica Feldman\'s OVERHEARD (NYC outdoors)

ROULETTE presents
INFO: 212.219.8242


Saturday, August 11th - Sunday, August 19th

Festival of Sound Art in Public Space

Sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Flutter by Stephen Vitiello with Molly Berg, and Viewing_1 by Kaffe Matthews are co-presented by arts>World Financial Center and the River To River Festival©. arts>World Financial Center is sponsored by American Express, Merrill Lynch, Brookfield Properties, and Battery Park City Authority, with generous support from the Exchange Hotel and Lounge.

new, site-specific works by:


curated by Jessica Feldman

For two weeks this August, Roulette will present THE PUBLIC SOUNDS Festival: a group show of interrelated, public sound pieces throughout downtown Manhattan. The festival includes new pieces by Kaffe Matthews, Kabir Carter, Jessica Feldman, Leslie Ross and Stephen Vitiello with Molly Berg, all artists whose work is concerned with site-specificity, social issues and the engagement of the public. The festival seeks to re-imagine the way that our experience of the physical, political and historical presence of sound is affected by its context, and to achieve a new understanding of the sites and the sounds that can occur in, relate to, travel through and transform these contexts.

The works address the quality of sound as a medium of public art: it carries, it moves through space and time; unlike plastic objects, sound cannot be bound by walls. Even when we leave the origin of a sound, we carry with us the memory of it in our bodies. In this way, sound wants to transcend privatization. It exists in the air of the public city spaces surrounding us, waiting to be activated, carried, transmitted and remembered. It is a most salient feature of our social space. The works all recognize this essentially uncontainable quality of sound and seek to use sound to suggest a new means of interacting with and realizing their environment.


August 11, 12, 18 & 19
Jessica Feldman: Overheard
throughout the day
in the arch underneath the overpass to the Brooklyn Bridge at Frankfort Street and Gold Street

Kabir Carter: Presentity
throughout the day (by appointment only: go to to schedule an appointment)
various public locations throughout lower Manhattan

August 11 – 19
Leslie Ross: Excursions
throughout the day
Ross will be riding her Cyclestrument around Battery Park and through the streets of lower Manhattan

August 15 -19
Kaffe Matthews: Viewing_1
11:30 am – 3 pm (daily)
World Financial Center Plaza (
Co-presented by arts>World Financial Center and the River To River Festival©

August 18
Stephen Vitiello with Molly Berg: Flutter
8 pm
World Financial Center Winter Garden (
Co-presented by arts>World Financial Center and the River to River Festival©


Kabir Carter: Presentity

In Presentity, Kabir Carter will meet with individuals (by appointment only) in public locations throughout Lower Manhattan. Each meeting will center around a person-to-person sonic event that is particular to time and place. Each encounter will include both improvised and fixed components and will be shaped in the moment. A variety of sounds, spatialities, energy flows, ideas, and states of presence will be revealed and shared. To make an appointment, please contact Kabir via email on Roulette’s website (

Jessica Feldman: Overheard

Overheard seeks to break down the boundaries of private and public sound and information by examining the way that amplification and recording and broadcast technologies can facilitate or destroy these boundaries. The work turns private sounds into public property, secret information into common knowledge, makes obvious the hidden and hides the obvious, seeking to invert the intentions of surveillance and increase our individual and collective awareness of our community’s habits of listening, listening in and being listened to. For the piece, Feldman has collected hundreds of individual recordings of people from the area whispering their secrets (with the promise that the recordings will be broadcast in such a way that the person becomes indistinguishable from these secrets.) The voices are then slightly manipulated in time/pitch and the recordings are played back, layered and sculpted, many at a time, in the extremely resonant, extremely public space of the arched passage!
way. The resultant sounds fill the arch with a rich chorus of the echoes and ghosts of these voices, each of which is just on the verge of audibility/distinguishability in relation to the others. The piece poses the possibility of removing the danger of sharing information by bringing voices together, in public.

Leslie Ross: Excursions

In Excursions Leslie Ross will be riding her Cyclestrument around Battery Park and through the streets of lower Manhattan. Each performance will feature one or two original compositions that have been transferred to paper rolls for this mechanical instrument: some inspired by tradition organ grinder music, some indulging in the soundscape and lushness of fluted pipes. Where usually automated instruments play identical facsimile performances at each playing, with this instrument pieces will be partially controlled/influenced/interfered with by unexpected changes in speed of locomotion. The ever changing sound-source along with the accompaniment of city life will also have a constant effect on how it is heard.

Kaffe Matthews: Viewing_1

Co-presented by Arts > World Financial Center and the River to River Festival, sponsored by American Express.

Viewing_1 is a work for headphones for the World Financial Plaza, New York City. Wireless headphones are distributed from a kiosk at the site, available to anyone who wishes to listen. Visitors will be able to stroll or sit in the area to hear it. Strings, pings, clouds of horns hovering – flying by, stop … enveloping the listener in a soft aural cushion through the garden of finance.

Viewing_1 is inspired by looking up in cities, made by Matthews using a walking and mapping technique she is developing for composition from her recent “Sonic Bed” explorations. Now in residence in the city she is recording and mapping daily routes throughout the area, making scores determining the piece’s action.


Stephen Vitiello with Molly Berg: Flutter
Co-presented by Arts > World Financial Center and the River to River Festival, sponsored by American Express.

Flutter is a performance during which 100 small, sound-producing objects, each with their own parachute, will be dropped from 150 feet in the air. The objects each have resonant or mechanically audible properties that will be heard as they fall, creating something resembling a free-falling Aeolian harp. For a brief time, the air and gravity activate the instruments, filling the space with sound. The piece is of both very short and very long duration: the actual event takes only ten minutes, creating a short but memorable spectacle, yet the instruments endure and continue past the moment of articulation.


Stephen Vitiello is a sound and media artist. In his work, he is interested in the physical aspect of sound and its potential to define the form and atmosphere of a spatial environment. Many of his recent works engage the outdoor and public presence of sound through field recordings. Recent solo exhibitions include Museum 52 (London,) The Project NY and Galerie Almine Rech (Paris.) Group exhibitions include the 2002 Whitney Biennial, Ce qui arrive at the Cartier Foundation (Paris) and Greater New York at PS1. In 1999, Vitiello’s LMCC-sponsored WorldViews residency on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center resulted in a site-specific sound installation, which has been broadcast and exhibited internationally. New media productions include work for the Internet, Sound Archive 7.01-7.31.01 for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Tetrasomia, for the Dia Center for the Arts. Past performances venues include The Tate Modern, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, T!
he Kitchen, the Whitney and participation in per/Son, Cologne. As a Media Curator, he curated the Sound Art component to the Whitney's exhibition The American Century: Art and Culture 1950-2000, Young and Restless a video program for the MOMA and New York, New Sounds, New Spaces at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon.

Kaffe Matthews is a London-based sound artist who is acknowledged as a leading figure and pioneer in the field of electronic improvisation and live composition. Currently she is directing the collaborative research project, Music for Bodies (, for which she received the 2005 NESTA Dreamtime Fellowship. Kaffe is known for making site-specific works using self-designed software matrices and feedback within the space, the site then becoming her instrument. She has released six solo CDs ( Her Sonic Bed_London, part of the Worldwide Bed Project, received an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica this year. She also has been making a growing body of composed works through collaborations with a variety of people, including community members from the site of her work and a wide range of interdisciplinary professionals. She has worked with NASA astronauts to make her BAFTA-awarded work, Weightless Animals, using kites and the weather!
. Her ongoing innovative community-based project, Radio Cycle, uses radios and bicycles in public spaces.

Jessica Feldman is an intermedia artist with a background in sound, sculpture and installation. She creates work that asks its audience to engage in dynamic relationships with their physical surroundings, with each other, with larger communities and with political questions. Recent pieces tend toward interactivity and often occur in extremely public or extremely private spaces. She makes use of sculptural materials, video and choreographic practices in addition to sound. Works have been performed, installed and exhibited internationally at art galleries, concert halls, public parks, city streets, tiny closets and the internet. Recent and upcoming venues include The Kitchen, The Museum of Contextual Amputations (ongoing online project), The Stone, The Tank, Chelsea Waterside Park, Tenri Cultural Institute and various outdoor locations. Her work has received grants/awards from the LMCC, the Max Kade Foundation, Columbia University and the Experimental Television Center, among !

Kabir Carter's compositions, performances, and sound installations have been presented at Art Interactive, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Diapason, Dorsch Gallery, d.u.m.b.o. arts center, Jersey City Museum, PS122 Gallery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Socrates Sculpture Park, SoundWalk 2006, and in public presentations throughout New York City. Kabir has been artist-in-residence at LMCC/Workspace: 120 Broadway and has received awards from the American Music Center, Experimental Television Center, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Media Alliance, and Rhizome. He has been a member of live electronics ensemble Analogos since 2005.

Leslie Ross, bassoonist, improviser, composer, instrument-builder and cyclist, has been creating and performing since the mid-80s. Elements of automation, mobility and self-containment have often been manifest in past works such as with the Tentacled Bellows - a foot powered, portable, shelter-like, drone machine that combines the principles of an organ and bagpipe; the Strung Chair - a swing where body weight gives tension to strings suspended from a sound board; or the Quilled Piano - a large peddled music box with easily altered tune as hands are left free to play another instrument. She continues to play and deepen her explorations of multiphonics and other extended techniques of the bassoon. She continues to make bassoons in her workshop on the Lower East Side.

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From: Lee Wells <lee AT>
Date: Aug 10, 2007
Subject: [PAM] AT Chelsea Art Museum - Video Art in the Age of the Internet


[PAM] Perpetual Art Machine
Video Art in the Age of the Internet
August 11 September 7, 2007
Co-organized by Nina Colosi and the [PAM] Founding artists

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 11, 2-6 pm.
Chelsea Art Museum Summer Party: Thursday, August 23, 6-11 pm
[PAM] Video Roundtable: September 6, 5-7 pm

For more information goto:

[PAM] is proud to present our New York museum premiere at the Chelsea Art Museum.

Originally created in December 2005 as a collaboration and research project by the artists Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller, Raphaele Shirley and Lee Wells. [PAM] allows the artist and viewer to become a more active participant in the curatorial process and has grown into an important archive and presenter of 21st century video art. As the convergence of new media continues to expand the creative possibilities for the international video artist, [PAM] seeks to facilitate and promote the artists dedicated to the medium through its free community web portal, custom designed interactive installation and special curated programs.

Along side of the [PAM] installation the exhibition will be featuring single and multi-channel video projects from 42 of the most innovative artists in the [PAM] community including:

3 Channel Synchronized Program
Janet Biggs (US), Peer Bode (US), Chris Borkowski (US), Andrew Deutsch (US), Cliff Evans (US), Kelly Jacobson (US), Evelin Stermitz (AU), Christina McPhee (US), Nuno Moreira (PT), John O¹Donnell (US), Steven Pedersen (US), Raphaele Shirley (US/FR), Nina Teglio (IT), Myriam Thyes (DE), Lee Wells (US), Amelia Winger-Bearskin (US), [dNASAb] (US)

Single Channel Program
Beatriz Albuquerque (PT), Hackworth Ashley (US) Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco (ES), Neil Bryant (UK), Si Jae Byun (KR), Francis Coy (GT), Marcia Grostein (BR), Ane Lan (NO), Patrick Lichty (US), Adriane Little (US), Wai Kit Lam (CN), Lev Manovich (RU), Relja Penezic (CU), Alexander Renya (US), Geoffrey Alan Rhodes (US), Etta Safve (NO), Molly Schwartz (US), Sophie Sindahl-Invernesse and Michael Lisnet (US), Marty St. James (UK), Alette Simmons-Jimenez (US), Xu Tan (CN), Mark Tribe (US)

[PAM] will be hosting a roundtable discussion on September 6th to discuss the current state and future of the medium of video art as it pertains to archiving, producing and collecting video art in the 21st century.

For more information on the Perpetual Art Machine project please see the [PAM] website at:

Special thanks to: Peer Bode, Janet Biggs, Alexis Hubshman, Till Fellrath, G.H. Hovagimyan, Prescott Mckee, Maria Joao Salema, Robert Adonto, Rody Douzoglou, Sadie Weis, Helen Brown, Claire Oliver Gallery, Andrea Pollan, Sara Tecchia Gallery, Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Miroslaw Rogala, IEA, Alfred University, S. R. Guggenheim Foundation, Videotage HK, Location 1, Bbone9, American Library Association, Tekserve, The Rose Group, House of Campari, CTL Electronics, Cycling 74, Scope Art Fairs, Rhizome, M21, IFAC-arts and all of the great artists that make [PAM] what it is.


Perpetual Art Machine
A living archive, research project and community of 21st century international video art, featuring over 1300 videos from more than 800 artists from over 70 countries culminating in immersive interactive video experiences. Created in December 2005 as a means to democratize the curatorial process by inviting both the artist and the viewer/user to participate through live interactive installations and online through [PAM]¹s free community video portal. Exhibitions include the 2nd Moscow Biennale, National Museum-Warsaw, Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Split Film Festival, Le Name Media Festival, and 6 consecutive Scope Art Fairs in New York, Miami, London and East Hampton.

The Institute for Electronic Arts
Founded in 1997 within Alfred University, the Institute is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support a dialogue between the arts and sciences leading to the creation of new works and ideas. The IEA hosts an Artist In Residence program, offering artists, scientists and scholars opportunities to experiment with emerging technologies in the creation of new art forms and processes of production. The IEA actively supports the expanding community of contemporary artists who use electronic and digital strategies as an integral part of their (often cross-disciplinary) art practice through workshops, diverse publication opportunities, and national and international conferences, performances and exhibitions. The IEA is generously supported by NYSCA.

The Chelsea Art Museum
Home of the Miotte Foundation, is committed to an exploration of ³art within a context.² This approach favors a program of exhibitions, which reflect contemporary human experience across a broad spectrum of cultural, social, environmental and geographical contexts. CAM¹s exhibitions, each supported by a rich series of related cultural events and educational programs, seek to support in both its artists and audiences a sense of creativity, community and cultural exchange. Co-founder and president, Dorothea Keeser, describes CAM¹s curatorial vision as, ³a commitment to art as a living entity which reacts and interacts with us and changes the way one continues to live one¹s daily life ².

For all press enquiries please contact: pam AT

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From: a.ravetz AT <a.ravetz AT>
Date: Aug 14, 2007
Subject: Connecting Art and Anthropology

‘What happens when artists and anthropologists are asked to do something together rather than talk from the safety of their own practice?’

The Connecting Art and Anthropology (CAA) workshop brought together 14 international artists and anthropologists to explore some possible answers to this question. Over three days in January 2007 participants used active forms of dialogue and response to uncover connections and overlaps between their socially responsive practices.

The CAA website documents and reflects on the workshop, presenting the original programme and brief for shared activity along with transcripts, images, questions and reports generated by the event alongside an essay and a specially commissioned sound notebook.


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