The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 10.20.06
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 11:18:00 -0700

RHIZOME DIGEST: October 20, 2006


1. Marisa Olson: Rhizome's annual Community Campaign has launched!

2. Jordan Crandall: Under Fire: invitation to participate
4. emily AT Call for Applications
5. atimko AT New Media Position SUNY Oswego
6. Drew Hemment: Lecturer posts

7. Anne-Marie: Riot Gear for Rollartista: Mobile Gaming Performance
8. Cathy Davidson: Laurie Anderson|Antonio Damasio Simulcast Oct 21,
9. mez breeze: Fwd: live chat with MEZ 10/17 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac
10. juha huuskonen: Pixelache 2007 events in Finland + France + Colombia:
Call for Projects / Participants!!

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Rhizome is now offering Organizational Subscriptions, group memberships
that can be purchased at the institutional level. These subscriptions
allow participants at institutions to access Rhizome's services without
having to purchase individual memberships. For a discounted rate, students
or faculty at universities or visitors to art centers can have access to
Rhizome?s archives of art and text as well as guides and educational tools
to make navigation of this content easy. Rhizome is also offering
subsidized Organizational Subscriptions to qualifying institutions in poor
or excluded communities. Please visit for
more information or contact Lauren Cornell at LaurenCornell AT

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From: Marisa Olson <marisa AT>
Date: Oct 19, 2006
Subject: Rhizome's annual Community Campaign has launched!

Dear Rhizomers,

On October 17th, Rhizome launched our annual Community Campaign. We are
trying to raise $25,000 by December 31st. This amount is absolutely
essential to our survival and growth this upcoming year. We are hoping to
reach ths goal through membership contributions and individual donations
of any size.

Last year, your contributions helped us invest significant organizational
time in making our system more open and inclusive. We did this by
enhancing our new membership policy, re-designing the site, launching a
blog, and adding much needed tools, like advanced search, that make
Rhizome content more accessible and indexical. We also went through a time
of real change, with the entire staff turning over and a rapid increase in
participation in our programs and traffic to our site. These signs of
positive growth have also brought additional administrative and technical
demands upon our already overextended staff.

This year, we are hoping to enrich our site in several ways, with an aim
to make it more collaborative and dynamic for users and easier to sustain
for staff. We are planning to do this by introducing back-end tools that
will make site management easier. We are also planning to develop
resources like the ArtBase and implement more areas for our community to
exchange ideas and projects online. One of Rhizome's key strengths,
historically, has been its role as a virtual meeting ground for people of
diverse backgrounds who are interested in the various intersections of
contemporary art and new technologies. In our anniversary year, we ask
that you support us as we work to make Rhizome even more of a resource to
the global new media art community.

Please consider renewing, joining for the first time, or making a donation
of any size. Donors at the $50 and higher levels will be thanked with
limited edition works generously donated by an exciting group of new media
artists, including Brody Condon, Kristin Lucas, Lovid, MTAA, RSG, Rick
Silva, and Lee Walton.

More information can be found here:

Thank you for your ongoing support.

All the best,
Marisa, Lauren, and Patrick

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From: Jordan Crandall <actor AT>
Date: Oct 20, 2006
Subject: Under Fire: invitation to participate

Under Fire is an ongoing art and research project for the analysis of war
and political violence. It explores the organization, representation, and
materialization of armed conflicts: their structural, symbolic, and
affective dimensions.

The next Under Fire will take place during the period 16 October - 10
December 2006, as a project for the International Biennial of Contemporary
Art of Seville.

At the core of this project is an online forum. We invite you to
subscribe to the forum and participate in the discussion. To subscribe,
send a blank email to: underfire-join AT

Further information:


OCT 16 - OCT 21

OCT 22 - OCT 28
Intervention: KELLER EASTERLING (on the global industry of subtraction);
RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE (on the act of 'turning a deaf ear')
Insertions: MANUEL DELANDA (on war ecologies); CHALMERS JOHNSON (on
military baseworlds)

OCT 29 - NOV 4
Intervention: TREVOR PAGLEN (on stealth installations)
Insertion: MAHMOOD MAMDANI (on the legacy of the Cold War and the roots of

NOV 5 - NOV 11
Intervention: CALEB WALDORF (on ecologies of suspicion)
Insertions: JEAN BAUDRILLARD (on the irreducible singularity); TERRY
EAGELTON (on terror as symbolic form); KLAUS THEWELEIT (on war as symbolic
system of desire)

NOV 12 - NOV 18
Insertion: TALAL ASAD (on the inseparability of modern politics and religion)

NOV 19 - NOV 25
Insertion: JACQUELINE ROSE (on Zionism); ARTHUR KROKER (on born again

NOV 24 - NOV 25

NOV 26 - DEC 2
Intervention: SLAVOJ ZIZEK (on traversing the fantasy)

DEC 3 - DEC 10
Interventions: ARIELLA AZOULAY (on the visual presence of death); RULA
HALAWANI (on sites of intimacy)
Insertions: BRIAN MASSUMI (on the politics of affect); FRIEDRICH KITTLER
(on love)

In structural terms, Under Fire is a programmatic zone that allows for
three different modes of engagement: discussion, enaction, and assembly.
Each of these modes involves varying degrees of materiality, incorporating
both online and onsite locations. A continuous flow of discussion runs
through the core of the project, yet this discursive material gets
assembled and enacted in varying forms and rhythms to meet very specific
conditions of reception -- whether in terms of geographical context, media
environment, or social setting. Each enaction and assembly provides a
vital platform, to help synthesize the material and bring it to a new
level of organization, as well as to catalyze new relationships between

What emerges is a communications ecology of actors, intensities, and
rhythms both synchronous and dissonant. It is a communications ecology
that connects people in very real historical circumstances, who
participate from different cultural locales and disciplinary perspectives,
ranging from the humanities to the social and political sciences to
journalism and activism. It allows for the manifestation of agencies,
identities, and drives and the development of interdisciplinary,
cross-cultural social networks, cultivating new forms of assembly.

This instantiation of Under Fire is a project for the International
Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville (
Additional support provided by Eyebeam, New York.


At the structural level, Under Fire foregrounds the structural conditions
of violence. It addresses issues of economic production, territory, and
operations of power. It looks to the history of the western
military-industrial complex and its expanding network of extraterritorial
enclaves and communications infrastructures. It looks at the rise of the
privatized military industry and the global commercialization of arms,
espionage, security, and military force. It looks at the production of
militancy and its construction of the enemy other. It understands acts of
violence as symptoms or effects of structural conditions, and situates
cycles of conflict within the workings of a global system. In this way it
probes the nature of power and its resistance. Yet, at the same time, it
also aims to understand the intersection of space, system, and power in
non-socioeconomic and semiotic terms. To this end, it draws from the
physical sciences, philosophy, and science studies to!
incorporate recent theories of emergent organization and the ontogenic,
nonlinear generation of behaviors and forms.

At the symbolic level, Under Fire looks at the representation of violence
and the role that images play as complex registers of symbolic meaning.
It aims to decode media using the tools of semiotic analysis, focusing on
the social and cultural construction of knowledge. In this way it
furthers development of a critical spectatorship. Yet at the same time,
it explores non-linguistic-based networks of interpretation. Here
representation is understood less in terms of a discrete visual artifact
and more in terms of a dynamic, processual assembly -- or what could be
called a media ecology. The image becomes a malleable, reproducible, and
re-frameable event, produced by a multiplicity of human and technological
applications. Such a media ecology involves not only perception but
sensation. It operates at the symbolic, imaginative, and affective
levels. It necessarily incorporates material, intensive realities that
resist symbolization, but which in every case play a powerfu!
l role in shaping consciousness and the belief systems that motivate action.

Following from this, at the affective level, Under Fire does not simply
focus on meaning but on the affective and motivational realms of human
experience. These include the embodied qualities, sensations, magnitudes,
and textures that form the substrata of communication, argument, and
judgment. In other words, on par with the content of a particular
message, equal attention is given to the quality of embodied resonance it
engenders. Under Fire explores the ways that affects are harnessed and
molded -- through drill, routine, and symbolic ritual -- in the training
technologies of war, marketing, and religion. It therefore explores the
role that affects play in the production of collective identifications,
aggressions, and "militarized subjectivities." As such, it explores the
politics of affect -- whether in terms of the politics of fear, desire, or
otherwise. It positions the affective realm as a biopolitical frontier.
It seeks to understand how power operates at the !
level of the affective, and, in turn, how the affective becomes political.

This leads to important questions. How, then, is politics is constituted
in this space between affect and discourse? In other words, how is
politics constituted between ineffable states of embodied expression on
the one hand, and larger rhetorical strategies on the other? Under Fire
follows this line of questioning. It asks: When is expression or action
rendered intelligible as a political force? When does expression cease to
simply turn around and around itself, and instead erupt into the arena of
the political? What are the operations of power that determine its
legitimacy? What is the role of the imaginary? What is the difference
between violence and politics; when does violence become political? How
are new political spaces opened or invented? And in turn, how is
subjectivity constituted therein -- in terms of self-affectivity or
discursive construction? In terms of the repetitive, embodied
internalization of expressive acts, or symbolic insertions into the pu!
blic arena?

Addressing these and other questions Under Fire inquires into the status
of political speech and moves toward what could be understood as a
performative politics -- a politics that can incorporate a multiplicity of
somatic and symbolic registers, filtered by cultural fictions,
imaginaries, intensities, and arts of the self. A performative politics
that has the potential of inventing a new form of public speech and

Under Fire brings together a diverse cross-section of artists, media
makers, educators, activists, political analysts, media researchers,
writers, performers, cultural theorists, social scientists, architects,
organizers, networkers, and other scholars and practitioners who are
interested in contemporary media culture, political violence, technology,
power, social movements, and global politics.

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From: CR+D <crd AT>
Date: Oct 16, 2006


Montreal, October 10, 2006 - The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art,
Science and Technology is extending its call for research proposals for
researcher in residence grants to November 15, 2006.

Through its Researcher in Residence Grant program, the Daniel Langlois
Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology supports projects that not
only draw on the documentation collection and archival fonds of the Centre
for Research and Documentation (CR+D), but that also explore new ways of
disseminating and interacting with documentary content. More specifically,
the program aims to promote research projects that take an innovative
approach to disseminating research results via data communications.

Recent revisions to this program have led to the introduction of two
research components that can be used as focal points for projects: CR+D
documentary collections and archival fonds and Information architecture
and online publishing.

Component 1 - CR+D documentary collections and archival fonds
The research project must make use of the CR+D's documentation collections
and archives. A profile of the Foundation's collections is available under
the "Fonds and Collections" heading in the "Centre for Research and
Documentation" section of the Foundation's Web site at:

Component 2 - Information architecture and electronic publishing project
Research projects accepted in this component must propose a highly
original concept for information architecture and/or electronic
publishing. The Foundation is interested in research into content
organization systems, navigation and user interface systems, semantics
research systems, and metadata development. It is also interested in
projects on data and system emulation or migration and research into
database access modes and interoperability.

For 2007, the Daniel Langlois Foundation is offering two research grants.
The proposals selected will allow researchers to work at the Foundation's
Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D), where they will have access
to computer and audiovisual equipment as well as to the Foundation's
database, its entire document collection, digital documents and a high
speed Internet connection (T1). The CR+D also offers reference and
research support services as well as technical resources in accordance
with the project in question.

For more information on this grant program and on how to submit a proposal
online, we invite you to consult the program guidelines under "Funding
Programs" / "Program for Researchers in Residence" on the Foundation's Web
site at:

You may also contact Catalina Briceno, program officer, at
prg_ind AT The deadline for applications is November
15, 2006.

SOURCE: Catalina Briceno, Program Officer
The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology
Tel.: (514) 987-7177, ext. 4214, Fax: (514) 987-7492
E-mail: prg_ind AT
Web site:

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From: emily AT <emily AT>
Date: Oct 17, 2006
Subject: Call for Applications

The Camargo Foundation
Call for Applications

The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France, is a residential center
for composers, writers and visual artists (painters, sculptors,
photographers, filmmakers, video artists, and new media artists) pursuing
creative projects as well as for scholars pursuing studies in the
humanities and social sciences related to French and francophone cultures.
Residencies ar one semester (either early-September to mid-December or
mid-January to the end of May) and are accompanied by a stipend of $3500.
The Foundation's campus includes thirteen furnished apartments, a
reference library, and three art/music studios.

Applicants from all countries are welcome to apply. The application
deadline is January 12 for either semester of the following academic year.

For more information and to apply, please consult our website at or write to apply AT

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From: atimko AT <atimko AT>
Date: Oct 17, 2006
Subject: New Media Position SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego's Communication Studies Department has a tenure track position
at the assistant professor rank in the area of New Media. The ideal
candidate would teach a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses,
which will not only develop both beginning and advanced practical skills,
but will also examine the theoretical dimensions of New Media. Committee
work and advisement is expected.

The successful candidate's degrees might be in any number of fields, but
at least one degree should reflect a solid grounding in communication
theory. A terminal degree is required. Successful candidates must be
committed to teaching diverse students in a multicultural environment.
The ideal candidate would have several years of teaching experience and a
record of successful grant administration are desirable.

For complete information about this position and application procedures,
please go to: SUNY Oswego is an affirmative
action, equal opportunity employer.

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From: Drew Hemment <drew AT>
Date: Oct 17, 2006
Subject: Lecturer posts

I have been asked to forward details of 2 x Lecturer posts at Lancaster
University, closing date 27 October.

Imagination AT Lancaster, a new Design and Innovation Futures Laboratory
within Lancaster University's Institute of Contemporary Arts, have
advertised some new posts. The aim is to build an entire team of research
active individuals.

With the 2 x Lecturer posts they are looking broadly at the boundaries of
design and innovation, which could include social technologies / media art
/ locative media.


Organisation: Imagination AT Lancaster, LANCASTER UNIVERSITY
Location: Lancashire
Closing date: 27 Oct 2006

Lecturer (x2)
£28,010 - £38,772 p.a.

Design and Innovation Futures Laboratory

Lancaster University is investing significantly in a new centre,
Imagination AT Lancaster: a research laboratory using design and innovation
to stimulate and enable interdisciplinary research into products, places
and systems for the future. We are building an entire team of research
active individuals to work with us in order to drive this initiative.

We aim to recruit a dynamic design team who can use design and innovation
to link across discipline boundaries and undertake research into products,
places and systems for the future. We are looking for academics working in
a design and innovation field including but not restricted to:
architecture, built environment, smart materials and fashion, product
design and development, digital design and visualisation and ICT from a
design/arts perspective.

Aiming for Greater Diversity

The Bowland Charitable Trust has generously donated £5million to Lancaster
University. This major gift is being used to develop activities in design
and innovation, health, medicine and education. The University is now
recruiting key post in these areas.

Lancaster University is a dynamic institution committed to building on the
reputation it has developed during its first forty years for pioneering
innovation and excellence in teaching and research.

Salary will depend on qualifications and experience.

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From: Anne-Marie <opensorcery AT>
Date: Oct 14, 2006
Subject: Riot Gear for Rollartista: Mobile Gaming Performance

Riot Gear for Rollartista *Version en español abajo*
A blog and mobile gaming performance project by Anne-Marie
Schleineropensorcery AT and Talice Lee talice AT

This blog is for posting information about a performance action we are
doing in Castellon, Spain on Saturday October 21, 2006 as part of an
exhibition at EACC Espai d?Art Contemporani de Castelló from
October-January 2007. It will involve three short Machinima (stories told
with video game footage) videos that will be beamed from an ultra-light
projector stapped to one of our head helmets. (The videos are now linked
from the blog to YouTube.) We sampled the two Playstation games Narc and
MechWarrior. It sort of evolved into a violent (break) dance musical and
each video is dedicated to an African or Muslim immigrant who was
seriously abused by police in Spain or France. We, two American women in
padded anime/riot gear/something else inspired moda, will be holding
Playstation controllers and rollerskating at the same time, (and sometimes
dancing), while we coast around projecting onto surfaces of the city.

After the performance/action we will also post documentation videos and
photos on the blog at:

Riot Gear for Rollartista
Un blog y un projecto de video juegos mobiles por Anne-Marie
Schleineropensorcery AT y Talice Lee talice AT

Este blog es para subir informacíon acerca de una accíon performativa que
haremos en Castellon, España el 21 de octubre, 2006 y es parte de una expo
en el EACC Espai d?Art Contemporani de Castelló desde octubre hasta enero
2007. Tres breves videos de Machinima (historias contadas con video
juegos), van a ser transmitidos desde un proyector ultra-ligero agarado a
uno de nuestros cascos para la cabeza. (Los videos se encuentran en el
blog linkeado a YouTube.) Los dos juegos de Playstation que hemos
sampleado son Narc y Mechwarrior. Se ha medio evolucíonado a una violenta
"break dance musical" y cada video es dedicado a un inmigrante africano o
islamico quien era seriamente maltrado por policia en España o en Francia.
Nosotras, dos mujeres Americanas, vestidas en ropa acolchonada para
motines inspirada en el anime y otras cosas que inspiraron nuestra moda,
vamos a estar manejando controladores de Playstation y estar patinando, (y
a veces bialando), mientres flotamos por la ciudad y projectamos en sus

Despues de la performance accion vamos a subir videos y fotos de
documentaccíon al blog en:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 2005-2006 Net Art Commissions

The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to
artists for the creation of innovative new media art work via
panel-awarded commissions.

For the 2005-2006 Rhizome Commissions, eleven artists/groups were selected
to create original works of net art.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the
Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the
Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and
the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has
been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

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From: Cathy Davidson <cathy.davidson AT>
Date: Oct 14, 2006
Subject: Laurie Anderson|Antonio Damasio Simulcast Oct 21,

Artist Laurie Anderson|Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio
Simulcast Live at
Sat Oct 21
11 pm-Midnight EDT (8 pm PDT)

In Southern California: This simulcast conversation follows a multimedia
lecture by Anderson at USC's Norris Theater at 7 p.m. (PDT). The lecture
is free and open to the public.


Laurie Anderson will present an audio-visual lecture exploring the
intersections of art, science and creativity. One of the permier
performance artists in the world, Ms. Anderson has consistently intrigued,
entertained and challenged audiences with her multimedia persentations.
Following her presentation, Ms. Anderson will be joined in conversation by
neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, director of the USC Brain and Creativity
Institute and a leading researcher of cognition, emotions, and neural

This special presentation is part of the HASTAC In|Formation Year, devoted
to twelve months of public programming from universities across the
country meant to promote the human and humane dimensions of technology and
to encourage conversation and exchange between humanists, artists,
technologists, and scientists (

This event is made possible by the USC School of Cinema-Television, the
Institute for Multimedia Literacy, the USC Arts and Humanities
Initiative,MOCA, and the Annenberg Center for Communication, among others.
For more information, see

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From: mez breeze <netwurker AT>
Date: Oct 17, 2006
Subject: Fwd: live chat with MEZ 10/17 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac

>>going live in about 40mins<<

live chat with MEZ 10/17 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion)

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

:: Live chat with MEZ about creating the co[de][i]n.Text and other
:: Chat date: Tuesday, October 17.
:: 12 midnight West Coast US / 3 am East Coast USA / 9 am Paris FR / 5
pm Melbourne AU
:: LEAD is an open forum around the New Media Poetics special issue of
Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Chat instructions are here:
PLEASE NOTE: The instructions are intended to apply to all jabber chat
clients, but there may be some variation for individual clients. For
example, some clients may require the chat room server
"" and others clients only "" Also,
please refer to the link for a complete schedule of upcoming chats and
for instructions on joining chats.

About MEZ: a partial bibliograph can be accessed - with varying degrees
of chronology + linearity - from the following. Warning: search.behavior
may be required/n.couraged.

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From: juha huuskonen <juhuu AT>
Date: Oct 20, 2006
Subject: Pixelache 2007 events in Finland + France + Colombia: Call for
Projects / Participants!!

Please join the
in Finland, France and Colombia

* Pikseliähky *
Electronic art and subcultures festival
26 March-1 April, Helsinki

* Mal au Pixel *
Festival International des Cultures Electroniques
16-21 April, Paris

* Pixelazo & Selvatorium *
13-20 June
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
21-30 June
Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia

: - -


We are currently looking for both finalized projects as well as
concepts/prototypes to be presented in Pixelache events during 2007.
We encourage people from all disciplines to participate! Artists /
academics / architects / designers / hackers / activists / engineers /
VJs / etc, you are all welcome.

The special program sections for Pixelache events in 2007 are:
* Nordic VJ Meeting (Pikseliähky / Helsinki)
* Architecture for Participation Seminar (Pikseliähky / Helsinki)
* Democracy: Do It Yourself (Mal au Pixel / Paris)
* Pixelazo + Selvatorium (Medellin & Leticia, Colombia)

We are also looking for projects related to following themes:
* VJ culture and audiovisual performances
* Experimental sound, interaction and electronics
* Grassroot networks and politics of media / technology

The deadline for proposals for the Nordic VJ meeting
is 15th of November 2006!

The deadline for all other events is 30th of November 2006!

More information about the program themes and application process:
>> (in English)
>> (in French)

: - -


In 2007, Pixelache Helsinki is also collaborating with the digital media
culture competition Prix Möbius Nordica. More information about the
new Prix Möbius Nordica Experimental (focusing this year on VJ
practises) at and

: - -

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