The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 03.31.06
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 12:32:06 -0800

RHIZOME DIGEST: March 31, 2006

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1. Marisa Olson: Net Art News now Rhizome News
2. Lauren Cornell: Rhizome Commissions program 06-07 deadline extended to
April 7th

3. Sherry Hocking: Summer Workshop at ETC - May 31 - June 11, 2006
4. Melanie Crean: Eyebeam seeks Studio Technical Director
5. Sachiko Hayashi: Call for Articles and Net Art

6. Lauren Cornell: In Conversation with artists in Media Miniature
7. // jonCates: New Media in Mexico City!
8. Leonardo/ISAST: Leonardo and SFAI co-sponsor Raqs Media
Collective/Steve Cisler Artists' Salon
9. ela.kagel AT Mobile Studios - a nomadic multimedia platform
hits the road
10. Cary Peppermint: Wild Info Action

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From: Marisa Olson <marisa AT>
Date: Mar 26, 2006
Subject: Net Art News now Rhizome News

Dear Rhizome Readers,

I'm writing with excitement to announce that we've just changed the name
of Net Art News to Rhizome News.

You may recall that I posed the question of a name change to you, last
Fall. We wanted to change it because the editorial focus of Net Art News
had expanded to cover a more diverse range of new media practices, both
online and offline, in order to offer a more accurate and supportive
reflection of the field.

Anyway, I'd like to thank those of you who made suggestions for the name
change. As I recall, the discussion was as entertaining and witty as it
was an interesting register of our community's shared vocabulary and

The name change, itself, took a bit longer than anticipated to roll into
effect because we wanted to get past the challenges of implementing an
ambitious redesign and training a new Director of Technology.

But in any case, we're Rhizome News now! Thanks, again, for your input and
ongoing support. While I've got your attention, let me point you to our
many feed & syndication options:

All the best,

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From: Lauren Cornell <laurencornell AT>
Date: Mar 27, 2006
Subject: Rhizome Commissions program 06-07 deadline extended to April 7th


Just a note that we've extended our deadline for proposals to April 7th!

If you have any questions about the submission process, feel free to write
me on or off list.

All best,

Executive Director

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From: Sherry Hocking <etc AT>
Date: Mar 25, 2006
Subject: Summer Workshop at ETC - May 31 - June 11, 2006

The Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop 2006
May 31 - June 11, 2006

The Experimental Television Center International Summer Workshop 2006 is a
collaborative video and sonic arts opportunity, sponsored by the Center
and the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) at Alfred University.
Academic credit is available through Alfred University. This 10 day
intensive practicum is held at the ETC studio.

The ISW website has all the information you need to
register, plus a look at past Workshops complete with video clips and
photos, as well as biographies of the instructors.

Since 1996, ETC and the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) have sponsored
the International Summer Workshop (ISW), a two-week collaborative video
and sonic arts opportunity. A primary goal of ETCISW is the exploration of
video as a contemporary electronic arts medium and the promotion of
collaborative art practice.

Activities are balanced between the making and study of the electronic
moving image. Lectures on technical aspects of equipment operation are
supplemented with lab times for independent and collaborative art-making.
The ETC studio is an immersive environment where artists interact with the
Center's hybrid toolset and collaboration is encouraged by the very nature
of the open architecture of the system.

The image processing system is a hybrid tool set which facilitates
interactive relationships between older historically important analog
instruments and new digital technologies including: custom built equipment
by David Jones, Dan Sandin, Nam June Paik, and others; new and vintage
analog audio and video processors and synthesizers; Max/MSP and Jitter;
multiple computers; keyers, switchers, colorizers, and other hardware;
numerous studio cameras; and dozens of other tools; all of which are
connected through a sophisticated patch bay. This rich electronic
environment encourages artists to explore boundaries and intersections
within narrative, documentary and social issue traditions as well as more
experimental forms.

Study resources include a custom-designed manual for each participant,
which includes both technical and arts-related texts. The Center's unique
collection of video and new media works dating from the early 1970s to the
present is available as well.

Other activities include screenings and critiques of participants' works,
collaborative art practices, and visiting artists' lecturers. Past
visiting artists include Kristin Lucas, David Jones, Sara Hornbacher, Peer
Bode, Andrew Deutsch, and Torsten Burns. Collaborative cooking is a part
of the workshop experience.

Undergraduate and graduate credit is available through the School of Art
and Design at Alfred University. You don't need to be an enrolled student
to participate.

Please visit for fee and registration information. Please
note that there is a deadline for registration.

Faculty: Pamela Hawkins and Hank Rudolph. Instructors: Aaron Miller, Matt
Underwood, Annie Langan, Monica Duncan.

Please pass this along to interested students.

Contact: Pamela Hawkins at hawkinsp AT

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From: Melanie Crean <melanie AT>
Date: Mar 27, 2006
Subject: Eyebeam seeks Studio Technical Director

Eyebeam seeks a full time Production Studio Technical Director to work on
artists' projects at its Chelsea, Manhattan studio. 2 years commercial CG
TD experience with rigging, particles and MEL scripting in Maya, as well
as programming knowledge in Java or C required. Video editing and advanced
compositing knowledge a plus. Projects include computer graphic fine art,
public art, data visualization, game art and new forms of media work that
are exhibited internationally. Eyebeam works with range of artists,
designs its own in house projects, and authors open source software for
artists' tools. The organization encourages artists to apply and for
employees to pursue their own creative projects. For more information
about the position, please see or about the Production
Studio's programs, please see International
applicants welcome. Applicants should email cover letters and resumes to
Melanie Crean at melanie at eyebeam dot org by 4.17.06.

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Rhizome ArtBase Exhibitions

Visit "Net Art's Cyborg[feminist]s, Punks, and Manifestos", an exhibition
on the politics of internet appearances, guest-curated by Marina Grzinic
from the Rhizome ArtBase.

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From: sachiko hayashi <look AT>
Date: Mar 30, 2006
Subject: Call for Articles and Net Art

Call for Articles and Net Art

On-line journal Hz ( is looking for articles on
New Media, Net Art, Sound Art and Electro-Acoustic Music. We accept
earlier published and unpublished articles in English. Please send your
submissions to hz-journal AT

Hz is also looking for Net Art works to be included in its virtual gallery
( Please send your URLs to hz-journal AT

Dead-line: 10 May

Hz is published by the non-profit organization Fylkingen in Stockholm.
Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been known for introducing
yet-to-be-established art forms throughout its history. Nam June Paik,
Stockhausen, Cage, etc. have all been introduced to the Swedish audience
through Fylkingen. Its members consist of leading composers, musicians,
dancers, performance artists and video artists in Sweden.

For more information on Fylkingen, please visit or

Sachiko Hayashi/Hz

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 2005-2006 Net Art Commissions

The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to
artists for the creation of innovative new media art work via
panel-awarded commissions.

For the 2005-2006 Rhizome Commissions, eleven artists/groups were selected
to create original works of net art.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the
Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the
Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and
the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has
been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

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From: Lauren Cornell <laurencornell AT>
Date: Mar 31, 2006
Subject: In Conversation with artists in Media Miniature


To those in the NYC area: please join me and artists in the Media
Miniature exhibition this Saturday April 1 at 2pm in the Pratt gallery
(144 West 14th Street). We'll be discussing their works, the exhibition
and any other relevant topics that come to mind.

The release for the exhibition follows and can also be found here:


'Media Miniature'
March 17-April 20, 2006

Pratt Manhattan Gallery
144 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
Gallery hours: Tuesday Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday, noon to
5 p.m.

NEW YORK, N.Y., March 2, 2006 Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present an
exhibition titled ³Media Miniature,² on view from March 17 through April
20, that tests the conceptual frame of narrative, film, text, and visual
art with the work of seven artists who create intentionally miniature work
with monumental implications. The exhibition and opening reception are
free and open to the public.

'Media Miniature' charts a specific line through the last ten years of art
and technology experiments during which an extraordinary group of artists
working in digital moving image and sound, some for portable devices, have
a accomplished an astonishing range of new work, according to Christina
Yang, guest curator for the exhibition. The artists whose work will be
represented in the exhibition are Marc Lafia, Lev Manovich, Jane
Philbrick, Charlene Rule, Dave Simonds, Grahame Weinbren, and
the-phone-book Limited.

'This exhibition aligns itself with a discourse on older forms of literary
invention such as the printing press. What was once a mass social
experience, whether in cathedrals or theaters, became possible to carry in
a pocket,' says Yang. 'Equally, laptops, cell phones, and iPods have
become the matrix of expanded social networks nevertheless human in scale
and contact,' she adds.

Visitors to the exhibition will interact with the installations to see and
hear pioneering Internet mini-movies from the 1990s, films and ring tones
on cell phones, a voice recording reconstructed using speech synthesis
techniques, and an artist¹s Internet diary, among other works. A
'Philmphest' of cell phone films made by Pratt students in a workshop with
the-phone-book Limited will be shown during the opening reception.

A talk by artist Lev Manovich will be held in conjunction with the
exhibition at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 7 in Room 213, adjacent to the
gallery. It is free and open to the public.

Lauren Cornell
Executive Director,
New Museum of Contemporary Art
210 Eleventh Ave, NYC, NY 10001

tel. 212.219.1222 X 208
fax. 212.431.5328
ema. laurencornell AT

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From: // jonCates <joncates AT>
Date: Mar 30, 2006
Subject: New Media in Mexico City!

New Media in Mexico City!
a panel discussion with: Eusebio Bañuelos, Arcángel Constantini and Mario
de Vega
on Wednesday 2006.04.05 4:30 PM
[FRAY] - Film, Video and New Media Department
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603

New Media in Mexico City, a panel discussion with Mexico City based
curators and organizers Eusebio Bañuelos (Video artist and Moving Image
curator at The CENTRO MULTIMEDIA), Arcángel Constantini (Net Art, Web Art
and New Media curator, organizer and artist) and Mario de Vega (New Media,
Sound artist and musician). Join us to hear from and engage in
conversation with hese accomplished and active young curators and learn
about the dynamic and very different ways in which New Media manifests in
Mexico City!

* Eusebio Bañuelos is the Moving Image and Video curator at The CENTRO
MULTIMEDIA (the Multimedia Center) in Mexico City. The CENTRO MULTIMEDIA
is a major hub of New Media arts in Mexico City if not the premier venue
and institution for New Media art.

* Arcángel Constantini curates Net Art, Web Art and New Media projects and
is the director of the encuentros efimeros (ephemeral encounter) project.
Constantini also curates the inmerso cyberlounge museo tamayo (cyberlounge
museum tamayo) space for New Media, Net Art and Sound projects. As an
artist, Constantini is a part of the internally recognized New Media
collectives and collaboratives, and

* Mario de Vega is a New Media and Sound artist working collaboratively in
the f4rm project. Mario de Vega is based in Mexico City and has
participated widely in international digital arts events such as the OPEN

* (A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest brings these artists, organizers and
curators and 6 of their peers from Mexico City to Chicago to organize,
participate and perform these decentralized events. This r4WB1t5
macro.Fest runs for 4 days from THURSDAY 2006.04.06 until SUNDAY
2006.04.09 in 4 spaces. The CHI-TOWN ARENA (a Mexican wrestling venue in
Pilsen), EN3MY (Chicago's most recent art space dedicated to sound and art
in Wicker Park), BUSKER (audio/visual projects and new media programming
in East Village) and POLVO (Pilsen's alternative art space) will all host
individual micro.Fests on each day of the expanded macro.Fest. These free
and open events are organized and curated by Eusebio Bañuelos, Arcángel
Constantini, David Somellera, Rogelio Sosa and Mario de Vega from Mexico
City and facilitated in Chicago by Amanda Gutierrez, jon.satrom and

* [FRAY]
The New Media in Mexico City panel discussion is a part of the distributed
[FRAY] New Media series in the Film, Video and New Media Department at The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

* Upcoming [FRAY] screening at Conversations at the Edge:
Thursday 2006.05.04 AT 6:00 PM CALCULATIONS: Pioneers of Computer Animation

* Upcoming [FRAY] Conference in the Department of Film, Video and New Media:
Saturday, 2006.05.13 AT 2:00 - 6:00 PM Discussions with Annette Barbier
(UNREAL-ESTATES and Interactive Arts and Media Department Columbia
College), Ryan Griffis (The Temporary Travel Office, YOUgenics and The
School of Art & Design University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana), Mark
Hansen (Professor in English Language & Literature, Cinema & Media
Studies; University of Chicago), Lynn Marie Kirby (California College of
the Arts), PILOT TV, Rob Ray (DEADTECH and dorkbot Chicago), Lincoln
Schatz (OPEN-NODE and The Upgrade! Chicago) and Daniel Tucker (AREA

* Links:

Eusebio Bañuelos:
Arcángel Constantini:
inmerso cyberlounge museo tamayo: http:/ http:/ http:/
Mario de Vega:
(A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest:

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From: Leonardo/ISAST <isast AT>
Date: Mar 30, 2006
Subject: Leonardo and SFAI co-sponsor Raqs Media Collective/Steve Cisler
Artists' Salon

The Strange Destiny of Open Source in the Nation State
Artists' salon co-sponsored by Leonardo and the San Francisco Art
Institute Center for Media Culture featuring the Raqs Media Collective of
New Delhi, India and Steve Cisler of San Jose, CA, USA

Thursday, April 6, 2006, 7 P.M.
San Francisco Art Institute Café
800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Leonardo, The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology,
is pleased to co-sponsor with the San Francisco Art Institute Center for
Media Culture a lively evening salon with the Raqs Media Collective and
Steve Cisler. Drinks and supper will be served before the presentations,
and dessert will follow.

The Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi, Shuddhabrata
Sengupta) from Delhi, India, investigates the technological forms that
underwrite contemporary urban experiences and the social practices through
which the city is acted upon and imagined. The collective is the
co-initiator of Sarai: The New Media Initiative, a program of
interdisciplinary research and practice on media, city space and urban
culture. Currently acting as Spring 2006 Fellows for the SFAI Center for
Media Culture, the Raqs Media Collective will intersect with several of
SFAI's degree, community education and public programs. At the April 6
salon, Raqs will initiate a discussion on the topic of Â?The Strange
Destiny of Open Source in the Nation State.Â?

Steve Cisler is a librarian by training who began using computers when he
was middle-aged. Starting in 1985 Cisler ran a WELL forum on information
and libraries. In 1988 at Apple Computer library he started a grant
program called Apple Library of Tomorrow, through which he made dozens of
grants to U.S. and Canadian museums and libraries. Cisler worked on the
de-regulation of the radio frequencies and standards that became known as
802.11 or Wi-Fi. Over the past 7 years Cisler has consulted in Latin
America, Thailand, Jordan and Uganda on short-term projects involving
telecenters, school computer labs and indigenous groups. Cisler is Chair
of the Â?Piracy and the Pacific Working GroupÂ? at the upcoming Pacific Rim
New Media Summit, a pre-symposium to ISEA2006. Cisler will give a
presentation at the April 6 salon on intellectual property issues.

San Francisco Art Institute's Center for Media Culture links artistic
practice and the study of culture. Students explore the ways in which
different media, including film, video, photography, sound and technology,
shapeÂ?and are shaped byÂ?concepts of identity and community. The Center
offers students opportunities to foster agility in their artistic practice
through the study of the cultural and aesthetic shifts that characterize
diverse societies. The results are technically informed media
practitioners and comprehensive critical thinkers prepared for a broad
variety of career and artistic opportunities.

Leonardo, The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology,
serves the international arts community by promoting and documenting work
at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology and by
stimulating collaboration between artists, scientists and technologists.
As Leonardo/ISAST nears its 40th anniversary, its programs and activities
have expanded to include print and online publications, an awards program,
involvement in workshops, conferences and symposia (including the Pacific
Rim New Media Summit, a pre-symposium to ISEA2006, August 2006, in San
Jose), and collaborative projects focused on twenty-first-century media
involving art, science and technology.

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From: ela.kagel AT <ela.kagel AT>
Date: Mar 30, 2006
Subject: Mobile Studios - a nomadic multimedia platform hits the road

Mobile Studios
a project by Public Art Lab Berlin
This nomadic multimedia platform travels from Belgrade over Bratislava,
Budapest to Sofia and functions as a temporary production laboratory for
young artists, cultural producers, performers and researchers.

Duration: April- May 2006, tour schedule see below
Free and open to the public
Press contact: Ela Kagel / Susa Pop / press AT
HOTLINE: +49-30-20896381 // +49-171-5348207 // +49-163-391 2291

*Mobile Studios - A nomadic multimedia platform hits the road*

>From April to May 2006 the Mobile Studios travel as a nomadic multimedia
platform from Belgrade to Bratislava, Budapest and Sofia, and will
temporarily possess the urban spaces in these cities. With today`s opening
in Belgrade, this production laboratory for young artists, performers and
cultural programmers starts its adventurous journey across Southeastern
Europe and the Balkans.

The three exhibition modules of the Mobile Studios are like a 'no man's
land', that settles into an urban context. It temporarily acts as a
neutral ground which offers the opportunity for collaborations with
artists, grass-roots groups and cultural institutions. The Mobile Studios
function as an experimental field in which structures that do not yet
exist can be tested and discussed with the public within a short period of

Mobile Studios: Editorial, Talk and Live Studio
This internationally networked pilot project is a mobile, autonomous
laboratory for artists and cultural producers. In a subsequent programme,
they will be invited to recreate the studios as directors. Mobile Studios
are consisting of three corresponding units: Editorial, Talk and Live

The installations and urban interventions that take place in the Live
Studio, as well as the conversations and discussions of the Talk Studios,
will be transformed and broadcast in the Editorial Studio in various
formats. The production and broadcast processes will be made visible at
the same time.

Art contents - instantly processed and highly visible
The Editorial Studio is the largest exhibition module: Here, daily reports
from the Talk and Live Studios will be editorially processed, archived and
published in various multimedia formats. Comprehensive content will be
transmitted to editors and media partners for further use in online
editorial, web, TV and radio, press, magazines, etc.

Mobile Studios talks & wireless conferences
Interviews and discussion rounds will take place in the Talk Studio with
the host city's cultural producers and audiences. All these talks will be
live streamed and will be available as a video download on our website.
Please see the tour schedule on for our wireless
conferences, where artists, cultural operators and scholars from Europe
and the United States will discuss with our partners of the different host

The Laznia Center of Contemporary Art in Gdansk provides a Mobile Webcast
Studio that will transmit to corresponding issues regularly.

Tour schedule:


Opening: April 11 / 6pm
Exhibition dates: April 11-April 18 2006
Location: Republic square Belgrade
Curatorial partner: Remont Gallery / Maja Ciric & Miroslav Karic


Opening: April 24 / 6pm
Exhibition dates: April 24-April 29 2006
Location: Place of the Rebels, Bratislava
Curatorial partner: 13kubikov -


Opening: May 7 / 4 pm
Exhibition dates: May 7-May 13 2006
Location: House of Future (Jovo haza)
Curatorial partner: A38 - / Edit Blaumann


Opening: May 21 / 12pm
Exhibition dates: May 21-May 28 2006
Location: "Alexander Battenberg Square"
Curatorial partner: & InterSpace - & Goethe Institut

Gdansk - Mobile Webcast Studio

Transmissions: each Friday in April / each Saturday in May
Curatorial partner: Laznia Center for Contemporary Art -

For the complete program and list of artists please check:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


From: Cary Peppermint <cp70 AT>
Date: Mar 30, 2006
Subject: Wild Info Action

Wild Info Action: A Digital Media, Database Performance
Saturday April 8th, 2006 - 8pm
Ottawa, Canada at ClubSAW
Featured as part of the Artengine Electronics Amnesty Fundraiser

<IMG src="";>

Wilderness Information Action or Wild-Info-Action is the first in a series
of live performances initiated by Cary Peppermint that experiment with the
creation of a 'performative poetics of the database.'

'[I]f the world appears to us as an endless and unstructured collection of
images, texts, and other data records, it is only appropriate that we will
be moved to model it as a database. But it is also appropriate that we
would want to develop a poetics, aesthetics, and ethics of this database.'
-Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media

Martina Anderson a.k.a. DJ Sitegeist (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) and
Christine Nadir a.k.a. DJ WorldCat (Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University)
will each engage in research into the keywords of the performance:
'Wilderness,' 'Information,' and 'Action.' Projections will display the
DJs' online research as they browse, search, copy, cut, drag, burn, paste,
rename, assemble, and disseminate digital information through a multitude
of both public and password-protected internet databases, such as Google,
WorldCat, Project Muse, JSTOR, Art Index, EconLit, Lexis Nexis, and
Science Direct.

Cary Peppermint a.k.a. MintSevenZero will provide a digital audio score
that seeks neither to complement nor detract from the live research but
instead aims simply to be user-accessible and to share the same
performance space, existing as another modular, digital media object.
Peppermint's audio will be mixed live from laptops, PDAs, and automatic
drip coffee-makers and will include samples from birds, dogs, coyotes,
six-lane highways, Middle Eastern percussion, and assorted
software-simulated analogue synthesizers and drums.

"Which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by
a music school?" - John Cage

Artengine Press Release
On April 8th 2006 Artengine will be hosting a Fundraising event at ClubSAW
to raise money for the Artengine's future projects. In the weeks leading
up to the event our doors are open to collect any unwanted electrical
goods. These items will then be available to the general public via
silent auction at the event. We encourage everyone to take advantage of
this unique spring cleaning opportunity and a chance to find some new
electrical treasures. For each item donated you will receive one
'Artengine buck', redeemable at the event. We will ensure that any unsold
items that we cannot put to good use in the Artengine lab will be properly
recycled. We will be accepting items at the event as well.

We also welcome your collections of used batteries at the lab and at the
event. We will be making a trip to a recycling depot after the event so
you can safely dispose of your old batteries and save on gas too.

We are now accepting items every Tuesday from 9 to 4. We are located at
233 Argyle between Bank and O'Connor. (No old computer monitors pretty
please) Please contact Christie Watson at Artengine to arrange for an
alternated drop off time if need be. Our number is 230-5490.

The party will feature over a dozen local and international artists

Wild Info Action, a new digital media, database performance by New York's
Cary Peppermint,

>From Montreal comes a musical blend of turntableism and homespun
electronics by Blake Hargreaves.

Local electronic music label SULPONT will be on hand with merchandise and
we will hear from Olivier Fairfield and Paris Hilton.

Video artist Ryan Stec will team up with photographer Aaron Mckenzie
Frazer to bring you live video mixing.

Fresh new media work by up and comers Ross Birdwise, Darsha Hewitt, Andrew
O'Malley, Jason Derouin and Stephanie Brodeur to see and take part in.

Underscoring the whole evening with his "off the grid" sound system will
be Ottawa's own DJ Michael Caffrey.

To top off the evening there will be a cash bar and we will be serving hot
pancakes fresh from the pan to take care of those midnight munchies.

So come along, bid on some electronics, bring something electrical to
donate, drop off your used batteries for proper recycling, have a pancake,
have a party and help out Artengine.

Artengine is an artist-run internet site and laboratory for visual and
media artists. Federally incorporated and not-for-profit, Artengine is
devoted to the propagation of art on the internet and the artistic
exploration of new technologies.

Tickets are $10 and are available online at
The Artengine Electronics Amnesty
and Cyber Pancake Flip-out Fundraiser
Saturday April 8th ClubSAW 8pm till late.

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