The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 01.16.04
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 23:15:06 -0500

RHIZOME DIGEST: January 16, 2004


1. Sue Regonini: Eduardo Kac at the University of South Florida
2. Eric: An Archaeology of Imaginary Media - De Balie, Amsterdam,
February 5 - 8, 2004
3. Mark Tribe: Billy Kluver Dies

4. Rachel Greene: Seeks Writers
5. Jo-Anne Green: Turbulence International Juried Net.Art Competition
6. Annick Bureaud: Space and the Arts Workshop Call for Papers

7. Marcos Weskamp, Justin Simoni, Nikola Pilipovic, t.whid, Rob Myers,
M. River, Joy Garnett: you are being mapped

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Date: 1.12.04
From: Sue Regonini (s.regonini AT
Subject: Eduardo Kac at the University of South Florida

- Subject: DNA Show - Call for Entries - Juried by Eduardo Kac - Cash

DNA: art & science - the double helix
The University of South Florida celebrates 50 years of Research
January 22nd - 6:00 - 9:00pm
USF Contemporary Art Museum

Eduardo Kac - Principal Juror - will speak on the subject of his most
Artist Talk & Awards - USF FAH 101
Thursday, January 22nd - 6:00pm

discovery of the century
What Francis Crick and James Watson, discovered in 1953 was the
structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. The discovery has stimulated
research in the biotechnology industry that has changed the way we live
our lives, from the food we eat to the medicines we use. The pair made
their discovery on February 28, 1953 at the Cavendish Laboratory of
Cambridge University in Great Britain. Their results were published in
Nature, April 1953.

digital projection display
January 22nd, 7:30 - 9:00pm, Contemporary Art Museum (CAM)
Projected images created by artists, scientists, architects and
designers from Florida and beyond will be feature throughout the CAM.

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Date: 1.13.04
From: Eric (epk AT
Subject: An Archaeology of Imaginary Media - De Balie, Amsterdam,
February 5 - 8, 2004


An Archaeology of Imaginary Media

Excavating mankind's dreams of the ultimate communication medium

February 5 - 8, 2004,
De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam

An Archaeology of Imaginary Media is a mini-festival in De Balie in
Amsterdam around the eternal return of mankind's desire for the ultimate
communications medium. Will technological progress finally resolve the
human communication problem? The mobile phone mania demonstrates a
compulsively attempt to arrive at an affirmative answer to this
question. Digging in the history of human communication and its media
provides ample grounds for serious doubts.

De Balie will bring together a distinguished selection of artists,
filmmakers, authors, theoreticians, and especially media archaeologists,
to undertake a thorough investigation of the utopian visions of the
ultimate communications medium. In a variegated and highly diversified
panorama, the visionary perspectives of technological dreamers
throughout the centuries will be excavated and held up to the audience.

Already for some years, cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling has been
collecting dead media. Media that have withered and are mostly forgotten
(much like Dutch tv comedians van Kooten & De Bie predicted the demise
of phillips' cd-i many years ago). Erkki Huhtamo has been digging up the
pre-history of interactivity from the caverns of forgetfulness. Edwin
Carels discovers in the pre-history of cinema the bizarre concept that
moving image and sound might be a medium to establish contact with
'those in the hereafter'. Siegfried Zielinksi also finds death in media
in the (delusional) conceptions of the media-engineers. Edison created a
machine to communicate with the "sprits", and Zoe Beloff made a film
about it. She will cast a light on the matter. And wasn't cyberspace the
ultimate means to abolish the borders of race and gender? Away with the
body!!! Who still beliefs that today? What is it that inspires men time
and again to believe in their own machines? Maybe literary scholar and
media-sociologist Klaus Theweleit can shed some light in the dark?

Peter Blegvad became famous as a musician because of his involvement
with cult-bands such as Faust, Slap Happy and Henry Cow in the early
seventies, after which he went through a remarkable solo career. As an
avant-gardist he appeared in New York in the environs of people like
John Zorn (Locus Solus). Simultaneously he established himself as an
extraordinary cartoonist with his series Leviathan, widely regarded as
an important innovation of the cartoon genre. Blegvad created a
theatrical performance "On Imaginary Media" specifically for this
program. A philosophical drama, a multi-layered collage of meditations
on the sublimity and tragedy of imaginary media, of the dream for the
ultimate communications medium. Musicians John Greaves and Chris Cutler,
with whom he has previously realised many avant-gardistic music
projects, and Dutch actor Kees Hulst accompany Blegvad during the

Richly illustrated lectures, films, discussion, a narrative space with
works by cartoonists and artists, the philosophical theatre of Blegvad
and an extensive film program, together paint the contours of an eternal
dream that manages to hold people time and again under its sway, from
Heinrich Suso's late-medieval Horologium Sapientae to the unfolding
debacle of 3G**.

(**3G: third generation mobile phones)



Zoe Beloff is a film maker and media artist, originally from Edinburgh,
she lives and works in New York.

Peter Blegvad is cartoonist, musician, writer, and the creator of the
cartoon series Leviathan. He also produces radio plays for BBC radio,
and lives in London.

Edwin Carels is a freelance curator and writer, who is especially
interested in the relationship between visual arts and film, video, and
photography. He writes a.o. for "Andere Sinema".

Timothy Druckrey is a curator, writer, and editor concerned with issues
of media history, representation, and technology. He lives in New York.

Erkki Huhtamo is a Finnish Media Researcher, Curator, Writer and
Professor at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Bruce Sterling is a writer, mostly renown for his cyberpunk fiction
oeuvre. His publications include Schismatrix, The Hacker Crackdown en
The Difference Engine (met William Gibson).

Klaus Theweleit is a writer, literary scholar, and cultural theorist. He
is the author of a.o. the monumental series "Buch der Könige" (Book of
Kings) and "Der Pochahontas Complex".

Siegfried Zielinski is a media researcher, the founding and former
principal of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He teaches and
researches on the history, theory, and praxis of audiovision; his
special field of interest is media archaeology, and he has published
numerous books and articles on the topic.


Narrative Space

The idea for a narrative space was developed together with Peter
Blegvad: A visual space where the visions and conceptions of imaginary
communication machines are presented. A number of cartoonists and
artists have been invited to contribute their visual imaginations about
imaginary media in the form of drawings or short cartoons. During the
entire weekend these visions can be viewed continuously in a
simultaneous three-channel projection in the public vide in De Balie.

Participating artists:
- Thomas Zummer
- Jonathan Rosen
- Peggy Yungue
- Sasa, aka Aleksandar Zograf
- Gary Panter
- Dick Tuinder
- Neal Fox
- Les Coleman
- Ben Katchor
- François Ducat
- Peter Blegvad


Further background information, essays, information about the presenters
and web links can be found in the dossier "Media Archaeology" on the
website of De Balie:


Film Program An Archaeology of Imaginary Media:

- Main program 22:00 Thursday, February 5:

My Browser
A web browser imagined as a person's alter ego

Modern translation of the Greek myth about Orpheus and his wandering in
the underworld, where a radio becomes an indispensable device to
communicate with the after-world.

- Main program 22:00 Friday, February 6:

Shadow land or light from the other side Stereoscopic film about the
connection between technology and imagination, presenting a mental
projector to communicate with the dead.

In Absentia
Many visual illusions in a hybrid animation film in which the thoughts
of a woman writing a letter are visualised. Soundtrack by Karl Heinz

Out of the ether
Handmade 16mm film, composed on an optical printer, tells about dark
techno forces that attempt not only to invade or bodies, but also our

Gothic Aztecs
A demonic reliquary of Medusa-Quetzalcoatl gives godly and demonic
visions to a young woman. Gothic Aztects is a film in which the viewer
is projected into the brain of the female priest, and in doing so
experience her artificial mediatized delirium.

- Late program 23:30 Friday, February 6:

Anatomy of time
The waving to the camera of filmmaker and time-traveller Arthur Dauphin,
obscure contemporary of the Lumière brothers, who already knew a century
ago that behind the seemingly lifeless machine of the camera a new
secret future world was hidden.

Out of the present
Russian cosmonauts leave the Soviet Union for space station Mir.
Meanwhile the Soviet empire collapses, leaving the cosmonauts in limbo.
Out of the present contains the first breathtaking 35mm footage ever
made of planet Earth. Due to technical problems the majority of that
footage and a 35mm camera were set overboard before the last crew
returned to earth, leaving the pictures of the earth encircling it

- Main program 22:00 Saturday, February 7:

Conceiving Ada
Programmer Emma wants to get contact with the long since passed away Ada
Byron King, pioneer on artificial intelligence and daughter of the poet
Lord Byron. Emma manages to establish contact by emerging her body into
an experimental DNA memory-coding device. The narrative of the film is
structured along the spiral of the double helix of DNA.

- Late program 23:30 Saturday, February 7:

Clay-animation in which a lonely engineer invents an apparatus that
makes live in the industrial age bearable again: 'Happy product', though
without happy ending thanks to the management of the world.

Quatermass and the pit
London subway construction is immediately halted when bones and sculls
are found. The well-known professor Quatermass discovers that the bones
and sculls are enclosed within the rotten structure of an ancient

- Main program 20:00 Sunday, February 8:

Esoteric illusions of the Quay brothers within an 'illustrated' reading
about physical and mental perception.

Eye like a strange balloon
A drawing of the French Symbolist painter Odile Redon is taken as the
surreal inspiration for a story about the triangle relationship between
a father, his son and an orphan girl during a strange train travel.

Like Plateau's disk, the 'retrospectroscope' can be seen as a procession
of flickering phantasies and fragmented lyricism; its existence today
lies hidden within the processes from which it has created itself.

Contemplation about the apparent void of time and space as communication
vehicles for thought and matter.

- Continuous screening of documentaries,
6, 7, 8 February 14:00 - 20:00 hrs, among others:

The man who wanted to classify the world
Documentary about Belgian visionary Paul Otlet, who, long before Ted
Nelson claimed and invented the term hypertext, imagined the so called
'Mundaneum' as a kind of proto Internet, aimed at a worldwide
information system to support and establish world peace, but obstructed
by WWII.

"Alle kennis van de wereld, het papieren internet"
See description of 'the man who wanted to classify the world'.

Archaeology of the moving Image
Three issues of a Finnish documentary series about the archaeology of
the moving image.
(English subtitles)


Tickets and reservations

Ticket prices:
Lectures and film screenings: â?¬E 8,-
With reduction: E 7,-

Opening hours ticket office:
During working days from 13:00 till 18:00 hrs. or till the start of the
program. During the weekend from 1,5 hour before start of the program.
Reserving by phone: +31.20 5535100, during opening hours, till 45
minutes before the program starts.

De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam
Tel +31(0)20 5535151
Fax +31(0)20 5535155

Reserve: +31(0)20 5535100
Balie AT

- Tram 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, en 10
- De Balie is accessible for wheelchair users, and is equipped with
audio systems for hearing impaired visitors.



Eric Kluitenberg, concept and final editing
Lucas Evers, coordination production, editing, film program

T(C), H&M, Felix Janssens.

Book & DVD:
Alongside the program a book and DVD will be published by Uitgeverij De
Balie, including contributions by all presenters in this program. During
the weekend of 5 - 8 February it will be possible to pre-order this

Special thanks:
Edwin Carels, Carel Alphenaar, Elly Ludenhof, Peter van Hoof, Peter Sep

Supported by:
VSB Fonds, the Mondriaan Foundation, and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

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Date: 1.14.04
From: Mark Tribe (mt2187 AT
Subject: Billy Kluver Dies

>From The New York Times:

Billy Kluver, 76, an Engineer Who Collaborated With Artists, Dies

January 13, 2004

Billy Kluver, a scientist and engineer whose collaborations with artists
helped give birth to the multimedia art forms of the 1960's, died on
Sunday at his home in Berkeley Heights, N.J. He was 76. these and other
collaborations gave public shape to what had been a private movement, a
merging of art and technology that has not yet exhausted itself.

Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company

Full text at:

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Date: 1.12.04
From: Rachel Greene (rachel AT
Subject: Seeks Writers is looking to expand its stable of core writers. We're
seeking writers to review books and art works, to cover events and
contribute to Rhizome email lists such as Net Art News and Rhizome

Writers must be familiar with the themes and history of contemporary
art, especially new media art. They must be able to communicate and
describe as well as analyze and critique. Attention to detail and
grammatical competence are essential. Net savvy is important too.

Please send an email to rachel AT if you're interested, briefly
introducing yourself and your interests. You *must* submit writing
samples. Please put WRITING in the subject line of these

Thanks, Rachel

Rachel Greene
Executive Director,
New Museum of Contemporary Art
583 Broadway, NYC, NY 10012

tel. 212.219.1288 X 208
fax. 212.431.5328
ema. rachel AT

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Date: 1.12.04
From: Jo-Anne Green (jo AT
Subject: Turbulence International Juried Net.Art Competition

Turbulence International Juried Net.Art Competition
Deadline for Submissions: March 31, 2004

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. is pleased to announce that with the
support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, 5
projects will be commissioned for the Turbulence web site in an
international juried competition.

Each commission will be $5,000 (US).

AVENUES OF INVESTIGATION: Projects that experiment with new forms of
interdisciplinary collaboration and creativity and engage the user as an
active participant. Collaborations may be between visual artists, sound
artists, programmers, scientists, and others. Proposed works may include
the use of wireless devices such as cell phones and palm pilots to
access and add to the experience of the work.

CRITERIA: (1) artistic merit of the proposed project; (2) originality;
(3) degree of programming skill and technological innovation; and (4)
extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity.

GUIDELINES: Proposals must be in the form of a web site that includes:

(a) Your name, email address, country, and web site URL (if you have
(b) A description of the projectâ??s core concept (500 words maximum).
(c) Details of how the project will be realized, including what
software/programming will be used. Specs for the Turbulence server are
available online at You may request
additional software but we cannot guarantee it.
(d) Names of collaborators, their areas of expertise, and their specific
roles in the project.
(e) A project budget, including other funding sources for this project.
(f) Your résumé/CV and one for each of your collaborators.
(g) Up to five examples of prior work accessible on the web.

PROCESS: Email your proposal to turbulence AT with the
following in the subject field: Comp_04 Proposal.

Deadline: March 31st, 2004.

Notification: Winners will be contacted after May 15, 2004. Each winner
will be asked to sign an agreement with Turbulence governing the terms
of the commission. Works must be completed within 9 months.

JURORS: Luci Eyers, Marc Garrett, Eduardo Navas, Norie Neumark, and
Helen Thorington.


Luci Eyers is an artist based in London, UK. She works mainly on
collaborative media arts projects and was one of the editors of
Everything Magazine. She initiated and is a member of low-fi art
collective, an online art/curatorial project focusing on net art. Her
latest work, â??Cyberskivingâ?° was recently commissioned by New Media
Scotland and exhibited at The Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre.

Marc Garrett is a net artist, writer, activist, curator, and musician.
He is also co-founder & co-director of Furtherfield.or. Furtherfield is
an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism and archiving
of adventurous digital/net art work for public viewing, experience and

Eduardo Navas is an artist and writer whose work has been featured in
several online exhibitions. He is founder, contributing editor, and
webmaster of Net Art Review and is currently a Cota Robles Graduate
Fellow in the Art History, Theory, and Criticism Ph.D. program at the
University of Califorina in San Diego.

Norie Neumark is a sound/new media artist who is also a professor of
Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney,
Australia. She makes radiophonic, and installation work, as well
as having made the internationally acclaimed and award winning CD-Rom,
â??Shock in the Earâ?° (1998). She works in collaboration with Maria Miranda
as â??out-of-sync.â?° Neumark was a juror for Thaw 2000, has given papers
and published articles on sound and new media, and is co-editor of â??At a
Distance: Precursors to Internet Art and Activismâ?° (forthcoming, MIT

Helen Thorington is a writer, sound composer, and media artist. Her
documentary, dramatic, and sound art compositions have been aired
nationally and internationally for the past twenty-two years. She has
created compositions for film and installation that premiered at the
Berlin Film Festival, the Whitney Biennial, and the Whitney Museumâ??s
annual Performance series. Thorington recently performed her own
compositions with the Bill. T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company at The
Kitchen, New York City. Her 9_11_Scapes won two international radio
awards in 2003. Thorington is both founder and executive director of New
Radio and Performing Arts, Inc (1981-present), New American Radio and

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Date: 1.13.04
From: Annick Bureaud (annickb AT
Subject: Space and the Arts Workshop Call for Papers


The "7th Workshop On Space And The Arts"

18-21 May 2004, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Full Documentation of the 7th Workshop on "Space: Science, Technology
and the Arts" at

All inquiries and abstracts should be sent at :
workshop2004 AT


Leonardo/Olats, The OURS Foundation, together with the European Space
Agency and the International Academy of Astronautics -Commission VI are
pleased to announce:


that is scheduled to be held at ESTEC - ESA's European Space Research &
Technology Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 18-21 May 2004.

Presentations are being solicited from space scientists, engineers,
technologists, artists, writers, journalists, art critics, curators and
philosophers who have a developed interest in the aims and theme of the

The Workshop on "Space: Science, Technology and the Arts" aims to:
* provide a platform where new ideas and experiments relating to the
interaction of space science, technology and the arts can be exposed and
* provide an environment where people, especially artists and other
"culture professionals" together with space scientists, engineers can
exchange ideas and projects about space from the perspective of their
unique backgrounds, education and experiences
* provide a meeting place where new space art and technology projects
can emerge and new teams and partnerships can be built
* nurture a domain of space activities that is becoming more
recognized in both the space community and in the mainstream art world
* disseminate the ideas and projects by publicizing the results of the

About 30-40 participants will be selected on the basis of a submitted
abstract of a proposed presentation. Presentations can be about any
aspect or issue related to "Space: Science, Technology and the Arts".

Potential participants might like to consider submitting abstracts for
presentations addressing such topics as:
* the impact of space technologies on the arts and vice-a-versa
* the transfer of space technologies to art and design
* the role and involvement of space bodies in the arts
* designing art for the space environment - the requirements, the
* synergies between the arts and space communities
* the interaction between space, arts and the public
* space and the new media arts
* using the arts to explore space
* the arts in orbit - use of the ISS for artistic and cultural

Authors need not, of course, limit themselves to these topics.

The deadline for abstract submission is 29 February 2004.

There is no charge for participation in the workshop however each
participant will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation
expenses. A reasonably priced hotel with half-pension has been reserved
in the nearby town of Noordwijk and booking information will be sent to
all participants that are accepted.

This is an official European Space Agency sponsored conference and the
announcement will be listed on the ESA conference website at :

Details on the previous workshops can be found on the Leonardo/Olats web
site at

Hoping to see you there,

Programme Committee

David Raitt - ESA
Arthur Woods - OURS
Annick Bureaud - Leonardo / Olats
Roger Malina - IAA

Annick Bureaud (annick AT
tél/fax : 33/143 20 92 23
mobile : 33 (0)6 86 77 65 76
IDEA online/International Directory of Electronic Arts :
OLATS/Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences :

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Date: 1.06.04-1.12.04
From: Marcos Weskamp (bulkmail AT, Justin Simoni
(justin AT, Nikola Pilipovic (manik AT ptt.yu), t.whid
(twhid AT, Rob Myers (robmyers AT, M. River
(mriver102 AT, Joy Garnett (joyeria AT
Subject: you are being mapped

Marcos Weskamp (bulkmail AT posted:

Dear rhizomers,

notice: All email sent to this list is being confiscated and analized.

Which are the dynamics of mailing lists as social groups? How do they
organize themselves? Who are the main speakers and who the most socially
visual persons in those groups?

Ever wondered how the rhizome list would look like if you wanted to draw
a map of it?

All emails to the list are beeing plotted as they happen, which makes
these diagrams almost *live* snapshots of the current status of the
lists. Although on the works is a version which will let you see
straight into your inbox, in the time beeing if anyone has further ideas
on lists you'd like to see, please drop me a line.



+ + +

Justin Simoni (justin AT replied:

Well that's the coolest thing I've seen all day. And I'm in the center!
Ha! That's odd, because my "day job" is working on a mailing list

If there's anything you'd like to integrate in the application level of
my MLM, like some sort of interesting API, let me know :) It may make an
interesting side project, as I'm going to be beefing up the Discussion
list support of it in a few weeks time.

Justin Simoni | | 720 436 7701

- Starving artist by day,
- Poetic philosopher by night
- Computer programmer in the wee hours.

+ + +

Nikola Pilipovic (manik AT ptt.yu) replied:

Voluntarily participation in different kind of "social action"(answering
on every kind of question)suit nice to cyber space.Singularity is
replaced with general scanning,instead recognized personal image people
agree to be part of social DNK.Interesting! E.Canetti in "Masse und
Macht"pointed question as "sting",attack,ones and forever stick
in(singular)body. Masse und Macht,chapter"Question and answer"(page
241);In one Serbian story"Around noon young girl sleep in grass.Her
boyfriend was awake and think about how to get a rid of her.Than came
"Noon Woman"and start to ask him a question.He answered,but she had new
and new question.After one hour his hart was broken.She ask him until he
died."(origin:Wendishe Sagen,pub.Siebera,Jena 1925). This action(>
belong to corpus of unconceshnes investigation,and like the other of
same kind could be interesting for somebody(not just for Marcos).Typical
product of neoliberalism and globalism.After all we belong,we are
prisoner,of those ideological formation.All answer we give to anybody
are part of giant image,ultra mimesis of �©poque without individuality.
Of course,there's some ideas which pretend to do something
else-ALTERGLOBALISM.For beginning- George Monbio:The age of consent...
Anyway;how can I be sure for destination of all that material?I strongly
belief that it could bee opposite of neo-mimesis,necrophilia
exploitation of(generally)innocent "subject".

+ + +

t.whid (twhid AT replied:

On Jan 6, 2004, at 11:18 PM, marcos weskamp wrote:

"Dear rhizomers,

notice: All email sent to this list is being confiscated and analized."

dude.. i didn't know one COULD analize someone online ;-)


This is a very interesting work. It actually prompted me to post to the
list which I've been neglecting to do the last few weeks. Having
something like this officially connected with email lists could be a
very helpful tool IMO.

I have one question, do you consider this to be art? software? software
art? net art? Not that it matters much, it's an interesting piece of
socio-cultural software IMO, but I was curious as to how you approached
it or contextualized it for yourself.

Are you mapping other lists? which ones? can others use the tool to map

take care,

+ + +

Rob Myers (robmyers AT replied:

Dear rhizomers,

notice: All email sent to this list is being confiscated and analized."

'dude.. i didn't know one COULD analize someone online ;-)'

Clearly you've never been to a MUCK... :-)

- Rob.

+ + +

Nikola Pilipovic replied:

What is MUCK?Can I fed poor hunger artist with that?

+ + +

M. River (mriver102 AT replied:

Yup, good work. Like the play back mode. I also like the wording of your
post...kinda RSG/CIAish.

t.whid wrote:
"Are you mapping other lists? which ones?"

It has a drop down with other lists on the top left.

+ + +

Joy Garnett (joyeria AT replied:

never MUCKed around much myself, but here:

Nexus: Your Guide to the World of MUCKS

+ + +

Nikola Pilipovic replied:

MUCK is definitely something very healthy for eat!Thank you.

+ + +

Marcos Weskamp replied:

Hi there, sorry for the gap between mails.

Justin said:
"Well that's the coolest thing I've seen all day."
well, thanks a lot. Still trying to forget the cool factor out of it, I
hope it helps in coming up with mental images of this spaces, normally
completely hidden to the eye. That was the main idea that moved me into
this project.

"And I'm in the center! Ha!"
and now you guys pushed me to the center of the stage!
:totally blushed, upraises his shoulders and looks down to the floor

"That's odd, because my "day job" is working on a mailing list manager:
If there's anything you'd like to integrate in the application level of my
MLM, like some sort of interesting API, let me know :) It may make an
interesting side project, as I'm going to be beefing up the Discussion list
support of it in a few weeks time."
good one!. Well I'm not sure how we could work on that, I've been kinda
bussy latelly and I can't really commit myself into other projects right
now. I could give you an API for that and give you the source for the
project. Problem is it works mainly on CFMX+mySQL, and your stuff seems
to be pretty different. Well, maybe we could somehow figure it out,
email me offlist [mail at] if you are still

t.whind said:
"I have one question, do you consider this to be art? software? software
art? net art? Not that it matters much, it's an interesting piece of
socio-cultural software IMO, but I was curious as to how you approached
it or contextualized it for yourself."
I definitivelly consider this driven by non-academic research
based on academic research by a postmodern non academic self addressed
artist. still, my main interest was not really creating pretty flying
circles, but a visually interesting installment driven by live data
produced by real people;)
well, I guess... I wasn't really sure about what this all was untill I
saw it working myself:)

"Are you mapping other lists? which ones? can others use the tool to map
yups, you can select other lists from the dropdown on the top left of
the screen.
I'm still asking people around to send me suggestions on other lists
they'd like to see, so If you have any potentially interesting one,
please let me know!

nikola said:
"Voluntarily participation in different kind of "social
action"(answering on every kind of question)suit nice to cyber
space.Singularity is replaced with general scanning,instead recognized
personal image people agree to be part of social DNK.Interesting!"
those are really wise words nikola. I'm not really sure If I understand
it thouroughly, though, but I guess you should say thanks.
:grabs a handfull of MUCK and puts it into his mouth.



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