The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 3.28.07
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 15:49:02 -0700

RHIZOME DIGEST: March 28, 2007


1. Marisa Olson: Call: Rhizome's Summer of Books

2. Christina Ray: Conflux 2007 Call for Proposals
3. ana otero: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies.
4. Nisar Keshvani: Leonardo Electronic Almanac - CFP: Dispersive Anatomies Special
5. propaganda AT Pure Data Spring School 2007 - GOTO10 at CCA (Glasgow, UK)
6. mar how: xxxxx workshop_x_8_x Berlin

7. Evelin Stermitz: cyber fems real meetings: March 30 - March 31, 2007
8. Bewernitz Goldowski: Exhibition "Volume: Experiments in Sound+Video" 3rd Ward/Brooklyn, NYC
9. opensorcery AT Chispitas // Anne-Marie Schleiner and Luis Hernandez
10. Ricardo Miranda Zuniga: Franklin Furnace presents a retrospective

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From: Marisa Olson <marisa AT>
Date: Mar 27, 2007
Subject: Call: Rhizome's Summer of Books

*Please forward*

Beginning in May and extending through the summer, Rhizome will run a series of special features on new books, journal issues, and other writing projects related to new media.

We are currently compiling a list of texts to include and looking for writers who would like to review books, interview authors, contribute curated reading lists, or write thematic essays related to movements in new media, as traced in recent publications.

The resulting bibliography will grow online, over the summer, and will ideally provide a snapshot of contemporary scholarship in new media, while extending into coverage of broader contemporary art practices and issues related to digital culture at large.

These articles will run on our lists, in our Digest, and on our front-page reblog and will be archived in a special Summer of Books page on

Interested writers should email marisa(at)rhizome(dot)org with writing samples. Bibliographic suggestions are encouraged but not required. Authors and publishers should mail texts for potential review to the following address:

Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator
Rhizome at the New Museum
210 Eleventh Ave, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001

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Organizational memberships with Rhizome

Sign your library, university or organization up for a Rhizome organizational membership! Give your community access to the largest online archives of digital art and new media art-related writing, the opportunity to organize member-curated exhibitions, participate in critical discussion, community boards, and learn about residency, educational and professional possibilities. Rhizome also offers subsidized memberships for qualifying institutions with limited access to the Internet. Please visit for more information or contact Ceci Moss at ceci AT

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From: Christina Ray <ray AT>
Date: Mar 24, 2007
Subject: Conflux 2007 Call for Proposals

Conflux 2007 will take place in Brooklyn again this September and we want you in it! The call for proposals is at and has all the information you need on how to participate. The online submission form will be live next week and the deadline for proposals is April 17. It's a tight deadline, but the submission process is short & sweet and we look forward to receiving your proposals.

The Conflux festival has been described as "a network of maverick artists and unorthodox urban investigators…making fresh, if underground,contributions to pedestrian life in New York City, and upping the ante on today's fight for the soul of high-density metropolises." At Conflux visual and sound artists, writers, urban adventurers and the public gather for four days to explore the physical and psychological landscape of the city. For more information about Conflux, check out the Conflux 2006 site at:

Please help us get the word out about the call, and see you in September!

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From: ana otero <4anaotero AT>
Date: Mar 24, 2007
Subject: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies.

:: Call for Submissions
:: Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
:: Deadline: 30th May 2007

This is a general call for submissions to Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Convergence is published by Sage Publications, and is one of the longest-standing journals in new media studies.

Regular readers and subscribers will know that, apart from two annual special issues, Convergence publishes two numbers a year which are open to any submissions that fall within our remit. This is an open call for papers for Volume 14, number 2, which will appear in May 2008. For this issue, papers would need to be submitted by 30th May 2007.

Papers in areas including the following are welcome: Video games, Cable and telecomms, Mobile media / content, Internet studies, Digital / new media art, Digital photography, VR, Control and censorship of the media, Copyright / intellectual property, New media policy, New media industries / institutions, New media history, New media in cross-cultural/international contexts, new media products, Digital TV, DVD, Digital music – recording, production, distribution, file formats / file sharing, Cinema, and gender and technology.

Submission details: Electronic submissions are preferred via email (Macintosh Word98 compatible) These should be sent to the editors with the following information attached separately: name, institution and address for correspondence, telephone, fax and email address. Papers should be typed on one side of the sheet with endnotes in accordance with Sage referencing style (see our website at Refereed articles should be between 5000-8000 words, ‘Debates ‘ pieces should be between 1000-3000 words and Feature Reports should be approximately 4000 words, Authors should also enclose a 50 word biography and an abstract.

Proposals for articles or completed papers should be sent to: convergence[at]

Please note NEW author-date style for Convergence

Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
Editors: Julia Knight and Alexis Weedon
Editorial assistant: Jason Wilson
Associate editors: Jeanette Steemers (Europe), Rebecca Coyle (Western Pacific), Amy Bruckman and Jane Singer (North America)
Published quarterley. ISSN 1354-8564
Copyright of Convergence articles rests with the publisher
Editorial e-mail: Convergence AT
Editorial website:

Jason Wilson, Reviews Editor - Convergence

Research Institute for Media, Art and Design
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square
United Kingdom

T +44 (0)1582 489144
F +44 (0)1582 489212
M 07828482604

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From: Nisar Keshvani <nisarh AT>
Date: Mar 25, 2007
Subject: Leonardo Electronic Almanac - CFP: Dispersive Anatomies Special

Dispersive Anatomies

Guest Editors: Sandy Baldwin, Alan Sondheim and Mez Breeze
leadispersive AT

Editorial Guidelines:
Discussion Group: leadispersive-subscribe AT
Deadline: 31 May 2007

Call for papers - LEA Dispersive Anatomies

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is inviting papers and artworks that address dispersion - dispersion of bodies, objects, landscapes, networks, virtual and real worlds.
A fundamental shift in the way we view the world is underway: the abandonment of discrete objects, and objecthood itself. The world is now plural, and the distinction between real and virtual is becoming increasingly blurred, with troubling consequences within the geopolitical register. This shift is related to a cultural change that emphasizes digital deconstruction over analog construction: a photograph for example can be accessed and transformed, pixel by pixel, cities can be taken apart by gerrymandering or eminent domain, and our social networks are replete with names and images that problematize friendship, sexuality, and culture itself. One issue that emerges here: Are we networking or are we networked? Are we networks ourselves?

LEA is interested in texts and works that deal with this fundamental shift in new and illuminating ways. Specifically, anything from essays through multimedia through networks themselves may be considered. We're particularly interested in submissions that deal with the incoherency of the world, and how to address it.

Key topics of interest

Topics of interest might include (but are not limited to):
- Networked warfare in real and virtual worlds.
- The wounded/altered body in real and virtual worlds.
- Transgressive sexualities across borders, sexualities among body-parts, dismemberments and groups, both real and virtual.

- Critical texts on the transformation of classical narrative - from its emphasis on an omniscient narrator and coherent plots/characters, to literatures of incoherency, dispersed narrations, and the jump-cut exigencies of everyday life.

- Deleuze/Guattari, TAZ, and other phenomena at the border of networking.
- Internet visions and their abandonment or fulfillment.
- The haunting of the world by ghosts, virtual beings, dreams and nightmares that never resolve.

- The geopolitical collapse of geopolitics.
- Military empires as scattershot entrepreneurial corporations.
Dispersion has two vectors: the breakup or breakdown of coherent objects; and the subsequent attempt to corral, curtail, or recuperate from this breakdown. How do we deal with networks that are constantly coalescing and disappearing? Where are we in the midst of this? In an era of pre-emptive culture, is guerilla warfare to be accompanied by guerilla culture as the order of the day?

Want to be kept informed?
For the latest news, updates and discussions, join the LEA Dispersive Anatomies Mailing List. Email: leadispersive-subscribe AT

Publishing Opportunities

As part of this special, LEA is looking to publish:
- Critical Essays
- Artist Statement/works in the LEA Gallery
- Bibliographies (a peer reviewed bibliography with key texts/references in Dispersive Anatomies)
- Academic Curriculum (LEA encourages academics conducting course programmes in this area to contact us)

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers / students / practitioners / theorists to submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly encourage authors outside North America and Europe to submit essays / artists statements.

Proposals should include:

- A brief description of proposed text (200-300 words)
- A brief author biography
- Any related URLs
- Contact details

In the subject heading of the email message, please use *Name of Artist/Project Title: LEA Dispersive Anatomies Special - Date Submitted.* Please cut and paste all text into body of email (without attachments).

Editorial Guidelines:
Deadline for proposals: May 31, 2007
Please send proposals or queries to:
Sandy Baldwin, Alan Sondheim, Mez Breeze
leadispersive AT

Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief
lea AT

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From: propaganda AT <propaganda AT>
Date: Mar 26, 2007
Subject: Pure Data Spring School 2007 - GOTO10 at CCA (Glasgow, UK)

Pure Data Spring School 2007
With Frank Barknecht and Chun Lee
MAY 14th-25th 2007 - BOOK NOW!


A two weeks boot camp dedicated to free software tools for audio-visual
art and performance.


Pure Data is a free and open source real-time graphical programming
environment used by artists to create a range of visual arts, theatre,
dance, audio, installation, performance and media art works.

Pure Data is ideal for those looking to integrate technology into their
work for the first time, or advanced media artists looking to explore
new tools and new ways to combine them in a unified environment. It is
easy to use Pure Data to create interactive environments, link
animations and sound, control hardware and electronics, stream audio,
generate real time visuals and develop interfaces for other programs.

In this intensive two week course, participants will learn Pure Data
from scratch and explore in detail some of its most exciting extensions.
Participants will discover real time sound design, audiovisual
techniques, physical modelling and pure:dyne, a specialised version of
Linux operating system for live audio-visual work. All software used is
available for free, if you bring your own computer you can have copies
installed on it. A number of pre-installed computers will also be
available for use in the workshop.

The software is available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows operating
systems. Support on installing and using the software for Linux and OSX
users will be available, but please note we cannot provide support for
Windows users in this workshop.


The Pure Data Spring School 2007 is brought to you by GOTO10, CCA and
OpenLab Glasgow. The tutors are Frank Barknecht, and Chun Lee, two
experienced artists who work closely with Pure Data in live performance
projects and who have also contributed to the development of the
software itself.

The project is supported by Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, the
Goethe Institute, Glasgow School of Art, and the Electron Club.

more info:


DATE: MAY 14th-25th 2007, Monday - Friday, 10:30am - 4:30pm



FEE: standard rate is £100 for 10 days workshop, institutional and
business rate is £150 for 10 days workshop

VENUE: The Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow G2 3JD. The CCA is wheelchair accessible. If you have specific
access requirements, please contact us in advance, +44 (0) 141 352 4900.

FOOD&DRINKS: Free tea + coffee, bring a lunch.

HARDWARE: A limited number of computers will be available, if you
can bring your own laptop or computer we can install the software on it.
Please let us know if you will be bringing your own computer or require
one from us.

BOOKING: Please email pdschool AT with a single
paragraph expression of interest that includes your artistic background
and interest in the course. Questions by telephone can be directed to
+44 (0) 141 352 4900.

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From: mar how <m AT>
Date: Mar 21, 2007
Subject: xxxxx workshop_x_8_x Berlin

A (more-or-less) weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising
making and connection within the field of the existent.

24th March. Break for LAC [Linux Audio Conference].

31st March. 2.PM. Noise_produce_3: I_am_a_neuron (part 2). with Martin Howse

7th April. Break for makeart, Poitiers.

April projected: GNU Emacs, television transmission, the C programming
language, spectral RF reception and white noise...

RSVP m AT with interest as places are limited.

.. or contact if you're interested in leading a related workshop.


31st March 2.PM. Noise_produce_3: I_am_a_neuron (part 2). with Martin Howse

The third partition of the noise_produce workshop elaborates on
earlier noise/electronic/Schmitt trigger sessions (previous attendance
not necessary) to consider expansion and connection under a noise
modulated neural model. The neuron as base (map) system is concerned
with impulse, threshold, weights, triggering and memory, terms which
can be applied to the realm of analogue electronics and synthesis -
ill-considered noise makes an attempt on the model, diverted from
sense and attention. Schmitt triggers, capacitors (storage), resistors
(the weightings) and diodes (direction of energy release) will be
employed to form networks between and within participant's noise
circuits; a jelly brain.

Please bring a soldering iron and any spare/salvaged electronic parts
of interest. All other materials, including copper boards and jelly,
will be supplied.

Course fee (inc. materials 15 Euros)

Please RSVP m AT to reserve places as these are limited.



A weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising making and
connection within the field of the existent.

Workshops led by field-expert practitioners extend over realms of code
and embedded code, environmental code, noise, transmission and
reception, and electromysticism. Workshops solely utilise free
software and GNU toolbase.Practitioners include Julian Oliver (, Derek
Holzer (, Jeff Mann (,
Martin Howse (, Fredrik Olofsson
(, superfactory (

Further planned workshops will cover Pd connectivity and hardware, the
Arduino platform, ATmega8 microcontrollers, UNIX process, free
software documentation, VLF reception, radio antenna design, analogue
TV transmission, FPGA design... full details tbc.

Please RSVP m AT to reserve any places or register
interest. Please forward.

xxxxx, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119

U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl.
U8, Rosenthaler Pl.

Telephone: 3050187482.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 2005-2006 Net Art Commissions

The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to artists for the creation of innovative new media art work via panel-awarded commissions.

For the 2005-2006 Rhizome Commissions, eleven artists/groups were selected to create original works of net art.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

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From: Evelin Stermitz <es AT>
Date: Mar 24, 2007
Subject: cyber fems real meetings: March 30 - March 31, 2007

cyber feminism past forward
cyber fems virtual real
cyber fems real meetings

cyber fems real meetings: March 30 - March 31, 2007
Duration of the exhibition: March 9 until March 31, 2007
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-7 pm

Austrian Association of Women Artists
Maysedergasse 2
1010 Vienna/Austria
Tel: + 43-1-513 64 73/Fax -- 9
vbkoe AT

Kloe Bratz (TC), ][mez][ breeze (AUS), Carla Cruz (PT), Cym (AUT/NL),
Aileen Derieg (AUT), Valie Djordjevic (G), Nina Höchtl (AUT), Deb King
(USA), lady tigers night club LTNC (AUT), lizvlx (CH/A), Jess Loseby
(Various) et al, Diana McCarthy (USA/G), Nancy Paterson (CAN), Regina
Célia Pinto (BRA), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL), sisterO (AUS), Nina
Sobell (USA), Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO), Eva Ursprung (AUT), Francesco
Ventrella (I), Faith Wilding (USA), Nanette Wylde (USA), Jody Zellen (USA)

"cyber feminism past forward" consists of a "cyber fems virtual real"
exhibition with feminist net art, websites, posters, screenings and
"cyber fems real meetings" with presentations, panels and performances.
The exhibition focuses on current works of international media artists,
the history of women's movements and it celebrates the pioneers of

cyber fems real meetings

Friday March 30 2007

7 pm Name the depoliticalization of cyber feminisms!
Carla Cruz (PT), Aileen Derieg (AUT), Valie Djordjevic (G), Nina Höchtl
(AUT), Rudolfine Lackner (AUT), lady tigers night club LTNC (AUT),
lizvlx (AUT/CH), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL), Diana McCarthy (USA/G),
Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO)
In the panel "Name the depoliticalization of cyber feminisms!" we will
concentrate on the question - how are aspects of the depoliticalization
of feminisms emerging in light of today's global politics.

Saturday March 31 2007

10--1 pm cyber feminism past forward workshop
Rudolfine Lackner (AUT) - in collaboration with the
In this workshop she will point out the different meanings of the term
"network" in the feminist art movement. Over the years: 1910, 1938, 1968
and 1997 many things happened under the name of feminism. But what does
the phrase "under the name of feminism" mean in that sense? To register
for this workshop please go to

3 pm Take Nothing for Granted
Aileen Derieg (AUT)
"For me, cyberfeminism means taking nothing for granted, rejecting
techno-determinism to take control of all the myriad possibilities for
questioning, experimenting, playing, reconfiguring reality ... I would
like to share some examples of cyberfeminism that inspire, delight,
amuse and challenge me."

4 pm World of Female Avatars
Evelin Stermitz (AUT/SLO)
She will present her net art project which is about the expanded
understanding of the relationship between women and their corporeality
in times of virtual reality, avatars and cyborgs.

4:30 pm No Men's Land
Cym (AUT/NL)
The media artist cym has been working with the internet since 1996.
Since 1998 she has been researching the relationship between virtual
reality and real life. In her lecture she will present some of her
projects and talk about her experiences in the virtual and the real
space. Afterwards she will introduce the project No Men's Land for which
she won the Marianne.von.Willemer.06 Women's-Netart-Award.

5 pm LTNC's magic garden - experimental Internet TV
lady tigers night club - LTNC (AUT)
They will talk about the project shown in the exhibition. It was
originally created for the festival City of Women in 2006 in Ljubljana / Slovenia and became internationally known as the festivals first feminist netproject.

6 pm on accountability, lecture performance
Carla Cruz (PT), Nina Höchtl (AUT), Suzanne van Rossenberg (NL),
Francesco Ventrella (I)
"If you consider cyberfeminist art activism, what does it say about its
visibility? Is institutionalizing oneself the only solution to get
oneself heard? I can't feel while institutionalizing myself."

7 pm Faces: 10 years (past and future)
Valie Djordjevic (G), Diana McCarthy (USA/G), Faces mailing list members
2007 is the ten year anniversary of the Faces mailing list. They would
like to mark the tenth year of their existence by looking back at their
beginnings and talk in informal interviews about what has changed in the
past ten years. They would like to invite old and new Faces members to
talk about their experiences of the last ten years and about their plans
for the next ten years. What do women want to achieve? What are the
strategies? Where can we find lines of collaboration?

10 pm Concert by Ursprung (AUT) and Cym (AUT/NL)

Curators: Rudolfine Lackner, Evelin Stermitz
Staff assistants: Katharina Hoffmann, Magdalena Ölzant

Free admission

Die Grünen Frauen Wien
Frauenfrühlingsuni FFU
The Women's Media Center NY

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From: Bewernitz Goldowski <bg AT>
Date: Mar 25, 2007
Subject: Exhibition "Volume: Experiments in Sound+Video" 3rd Ward/Brooklyn, NYC

Dear friends and colleagues,

you´re invited to check out our latest project
"UNVEILED PRESENCE (secret sounds 2)" at 3rd Ward/Brooklyn , New York

Volume: Experiments with Sound + Video
Curated by Mariko Tanaka

Exhibition: March 30th-April 19, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, March 30th, 2007, from 6-9 pm

Location: 3rd Ward is located at 195 Morgan Ave., at the corner of Stagg Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Featured Artists:
Natalie Bewernitz & Marek Goldowski, Ian Curry, Åsa Elzén & Markus Wetzel, Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty, Miwa Koizumi and Marco Scoffier, Todd Michael Makinen, Yuko Oda, Dan Perrone, Callie Roach, Carlos Roque, Josh Steinbaner, and Hong-Kai Wang

Volume covers a new media terrain of sound, 3-d animation and video by bringing it into the gallery space. As technologies for new media work have allowed for new levels of complexity to flourish, it gives rise to that complexity a need for a venue where it can be experienced. The concept of the exhibition is to use the gallery space and its entire audience as its participators and creators. It amplifies sound into a complex layered form of the show itself. In the activity around the show, parts will be orchestrated and controlled, but most will be left untended. It signals the form of content to be interactive installations, filtering and rippling out across an increasingly uncontrollable terrain. By infiltrating almost every level of the gallery space, Volume will have a thoroughly deep understanding of this combined new media with acoustic and amplified sound meant to be encountered. Volume explores the evolution of sound art with narrative structures and compositional methodologies for the creation of interactive sound installation, sound sculpture, and live performance projects.

Natalie Bewernitz + Marek Goldowski

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Aurora Picture Show (Houston,TX) announces their fourth annual Media Archeology Festival: Below-Fi. Get ready for three mindbending days of audiovisual kinesis featuring hackers, benders, builders, and overall enthusiasts of the analogue aesthetic. These artists invent their own instruments of sound and light, and find new uses for technologies of the past to create future-forward entertainment. Curated by Nick Hallett, Aurora's Media Archeology: Below-Fi takes over Houston for three nights from April 19-21 at three unique venues. Performances include Bruce McClure and Ray Sweeten (Thursday, April 19 at Aurora Picture Show, 800 Aurora St.); Dynasty Handbag and Nautical Almanac (Friday, April 20, 8:30pm at Domy Bookstore, 1709 Westheimer); Tristan Perich and Quintron and Miss Pussycat (Saturday, April 21, 8:30pm at The Orange Show, 2402 Munger St.) Lighting designed by Mighty Robot.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


From: opensorcery AT <opensorcery AT>
Date: Mar 26, 2007
Subject: Chispitas // Anne-Marie Schleiner and Luis Hernandez

Chispitas // Anne-Marie Schleiner and Luis Hernandez
Opening: Thursday March 29, 2007, 8:30 p.m. Galeria Sector
Reforma, Guadelejara, Mexico

Chispitas is an exhibit of experimental game art pieces by Luis Hernandez and Anne-Marie Schleiner, and collaborators of theirs. Included is an arcade-like interactive sculpture

"Corridos" a car driving music game inspired by the Mexican/US Border. Also showing is "Oversaturation", an abstract game rooted in Mexico City's urban problematics, and "Heaven711" a hip hop poetry game in four languages. Chispas also shows a number of "Machinima" remixed game art videos, such as "Riot Gear for Rollartista", a series of short videos dealing with European police abuse of Islamic immigrants, shown on small screen PSP's. Some other pieces are OverMachinima and OUT, an urban intervention in America's Army. "Chispitas", a name suggested by guest curator Rene Hiyashi, is a variation of slang for Mexican game arcades, which are popular spaces of play and public social interaction in many parts of Mexico.

Guadalupe Victoria 398.
Entre Analco y Nicolas Bravo.
T/ 36 18 88 10

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


From: Ricardo Miranda Zuniga <miranda AT>
Date: Mar 27, 2007
Subject: Franklin Furnace presents a retrospective

Franklin Furnace presents a retrospective

The History of the Future: A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art

One Night Only - April 27th, 2007

Franklin Furnace, the internationally-acclaimed incubator of the
avant-garde, is proud to present a one-night only benefit event on Friday, April 27th at 8:00 PM: The History of the Future: A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art, to take place at the Harry de Jur Playhouse of Henry Street Settlement (located at 466 Grand Street, Manhattan). For this unique evening, Patron tickets are $500 and $100, and are available through Franklin Furnace, or call 718-398-7255. General Admission tickets are $20, and are available through, or call 212-352-3101

The benefit will be co-curated by C. Carr, critic and author of On Edge; RoseLee Goldberg, scholar and author of Live Art: 1909 to the Present; and Martha Wilson, Founding Director of Franklin Furnace, and will contain both video footage of historical performance works and live performances by some of the most influential artists of our time. This program will serve as an overview of performance art works which changed art discourse over three decades.

The History of the Future will include live performances by Karen Finley, Murray Hill, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Tom Murrin, Julie Atlas Muz, Reverend Billy, Alba Sanchez, Michael Smith and Martha Wilson.

Artists whose recorded work is represented in the event include Moe Angelos and Peggy Healy, Ron Athey, Blue Man Group, Eric Bogosian, Patty Chang, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, John Fleck, Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez- Peña, Grupo 609, Tehching Hsieh, Holly Hughes, John Jesurun, Joshua Kinberg and Yury Gitman, The Kipper Kids, Ana Mendieta, Tim Miller, Mouchette, William Pope.L, Martha Rosler, Sapphire, Stuart Sherman, Annie Sprinkle, Jack Waters, William Wegman and Man Ray, Wooloo Productions, Adrianne Wortzel, X-Cheerleaders and Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga.

The History of the Future will honor Marina Abramovic, Simone Forti, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Yvonne Rainer and Carolee Schneemann for their pioneering performance work and Judson Memorial Church for its role as a cradle of experiment.

It has been 30 years since Franklin Furnace was founded to present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and advocate on behalf of avant-garde art, and 10 years since Franklin Furnace "went virtual," taking its website as its public face. Here's an historic outline of seminal FF events:

--February, 1981: Eric Bogosian's first performance in New York, "Men Inside," is presented by Franklin Furnace.

--February 1984: Franklin Furnace is reprimanded by the NEA and dropped by several corporate sources for presenting Carnival Knowledge, an exhibition and performance extravaganza that questioned if there can be such a thing as "feminist pornography." Annie Sprinkle makes her artist debut in "Deep Inside Porn Stars."

--May, 1985: Franklin Furnace creates its Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, which allows emerging artists to produce major work in New York. The panel selects three of the "NEA Four" artists before they were so identified (Karen Finley, Holly Hughes, John Fleck) along with many others who have gone on to change the world: Papo Colo, Kaylynn Two Trees Sullivan, William Pope.L, Jennifer Miller, Andrea Fraser, Peggy Pettitt, Kim Irwin, Keith Antar Mason, Murray Hill, Pamela Sneed, Tanya Barfield, Deborah Edmeades, Patty Chang, and Stanya Kahn, among others.

--February, 1988: Franklin Furnace and Thought Music produce Teenytown, a multimedia performance by Jessica Hagedorn, Laurie Carlos and Robbie McCauley with film by John Woo and choreography by Jawole Willa Jo Zolar, which examines how racism is embedded in popular culture and entertainment.

--May - August, 1990: Franklin Furnace's performance space is closed by the New York City Fire Department for being an "illegal social club," and the organization is demonized for presenting Karen Finley's installation, "A Woman's Life Isn't Worth Much." Inquiries and audits are conducted by the Internal Revenue Service, the New York State Comptroller and at the request of Senator Jesse Helms, the General Accounting Office. Cathy Simmons is the first artist in Franklin Furnace's performance program "in exile," at the Kitchen.

--January, 1992: Franklin Furnace's Visual Artists Organizations grant from the NEA is rescinded by the National Council because of the sexually explicit content of a 1991 performance by Scarlet O. The Peter Norton Family Foundation replaces this $25,000 grant.

--November, 1993: The Museum of Modern Art acquires Franklin Furnace's collection of artists' books published internationally after 1960, the largest in the United States, forming the Museum of Modern Art/Franklin Furnace/Artist Book Collection.

--February, 1997: Franklin Furnace launches its website,, as the Board determines that access to freedom of expression and a broader audience for emerging artists through new media will be a prime program focus.

--January, 1998: Franklin Furnace's first netcasting season of ten artists including Lenora Champagne, Alvin Eng, and Patricia Hoffbauer is mounted in collaboration with

--January - December, 2000: The Future of the Present 2000 is redesigned as a residency program in collaboration with Parsons School of Design in order to give artists access to the full range of digital tools, and to exploit the Internet as an art medium and venue.

--May, 2006: Franklin Furnace receives notification of $124,030 from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a two-year grant to digitize and publish on the Internet records of performances, installations, exhibits and other events produced by the organization during its first ten years. This project will create electronic access to what are now the only remaining artifacts of these singular works of social, political and cultural expression.

--June, 2006: ARTstor and Franklin Furnace announce a collaboration agreement, ARTstor's first with an "alternative space." Digital images are fast replacing slides and slide projectors in the teaching of art and art history. To respond to these changes, Franklin Furnace is working with ARTstor to digitize and distribute images and documentation of events presented and produced by Franklin Furnace, with the goal of embedding the value of ephemeral practice into art and cultural history.

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