The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 1.03.07
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 13:44:52 -0800

RHIZOME DIGEST: January 03, 2007


1. Lauren Cornell: Rhizome reached our 2006 Campaign goal!

2. Joel Slayton: CADRE MFA Accepting Applications
3. mateja.juric AT Call for applications: Festival Break 2.4
4. Will Pappenheimer: Digital Art Weeks call

5. Ryan Griffis: live chat with Brett Stalbaum + Dr. Kathryn Yusoff: Jan 03, 2007 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion)
7. Marisa Olson: Networked Nature at Foxy Production

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From: Lauren Cornell <laurencornell AT>
Date: Jan 3, 2007
Subject: Rhizome reached our 2006 Campaign goal!


Thanks to hundreds of individuals who made contributions, Rhizome reached our Campaign goal of $25,000 by midnight December 31st. On behalf of everyone on staff here, I'd like to thank all those who supported Rhizome! This amount will go into strengthening our current programs and resources, and allow us to imagine new initiatives that will continue to serve our community and promote contemporary art that uses new technologies.

Happy New Year!


Executive Director

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From: Joel Slayton <joel AT>
Date: Dec 21, 2006
Subject: CADRE MFA Accepting Applications

CADRE Laboratory for New Media
MFA Digital Media Art Program at San Jose State University

The CADRE Laboratory is now accepting applications for MFA Digital Media Art through February 5th, 2007.

The CADRE Laboratory for New Media is an interdisciplinary academic and research program dedicated to the experimental use of information technology and art. Established in 1984 CADRE is a renown center for creativity, research and practice involving digital media. The MFA program in Digital Media Art focuses on the experimental application of new media and information technologies, and is informed by historical, cultural, and theoretical study. Desired focus areas include but are not limited to: imaging, mobility, gaming, mapping, social networks, net art and information visualization. The CADRE Laboratory is located in the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, the oldest public institution of higher education in California. The city of San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley and reflects the entrepreneurial culture and diversity of the region.

The MFA is a 2-3 year program of study including seminars, art history, studio courses and independent study. Student progress is monitored through a series of open faculty reviews and exhibition of works. A final exhibition in the University Art Gallery is required. Students are encouraged to take courses outside of the School of Art and Design as may be appropriate to their development. CADRE is the publisher of SWITCH <> an on-line journal examining critical and theoretical discourses involving new media. SWITCH provides opportunity for students to publish scholarly texts, develop curatorial projects and to present their art works to an international audience.

CADRE offers a variety programming involving exhibitions, symposia and a visiting artists in residency which compliment the MFA program. CADRE was host to the ISEA2006 Symposium held in August 2006 and is a visionary partner in the ZeroOne San Jose biennale festival.<> SWITCH, the on-line electronic journal of the CADRE Institute, dedicated to Digital Media Art discourse, provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to engage in a significant publishing endeavor. SWITCH has served as a platform for graduate students to emerge as writers, editors, curators, and theorists.

For more information:

Debra Wigas, MFA Graduate Admissions School of Art and Design:
dwigis AT


The complete application procedure can be found online at: http://

Deadline for Applications is February 15, 2007.

Questions about the application procedure:

Debra Wigas, MFA Graduate Admissions School of Art and Design
dwigis AT

Questions about Program information:

Joel Slayton, Director, CADRE Laboratory for New Media
joel AT

Additional Faculty:
Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
Steve Durie
Dore Bowen
Shannon Wright


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From: mateja.juric AT <mateja.juric AT>
Date: Dec 22, 2006
Subject: Call for applications: Festival Break 2.4

The purpose of the multimedia festival Break is to explore new artistic expressions and contemporary topics and to emphasize emerging poetics whose artistic discourse has not yet been deep-rooted within firmly established standards, criteria and cultural values.

The ninth edition of the festival, Break 2.4, will take place in Ljubljana from the 5th to the 18th of November 2007.

We are currently seeking art projects, from established, mid-career, and emerging artists, that address the theme selected for the festival: Potemkin village.

Definitions of the Potemkin village
-Pretentiously showy or imposing façade intended to mask or divert attention from an embarrassing or shabby fact or condition
-Something that appears impressive but is ineffective and insubstantial
-Any hollow or false construction, physical or figurative, meant to hide an undesirable or potentially damaging situation
-Politically generated appearance that covers a less impressive underside

The application must include the completed application form, supporting material, and a project presentation (visual and/or text) on A4 sheet.
Deadline: February 1, 2007 (postmark)

For more information, please check:
or contact: info AT

For the selection of projects to be realized and presented during the festival Break 2.4, decisions will be made on March 1, 2007. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

>From 1997 to 2000, the festival was produced by the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana and had the primary function of presenting young emerging artists. Since 2001, the festival has been the project of Zavod K6/4, a non-profit institution operating in the area of contemporary art and culture.

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From: Will Pappenheimer <wpappenheimer AT>
Date: Jan 2, 2007
Subject: Digital Art Weeks call

Digital Art Weeks Festival 2007 (DAW07)
July 9 - July 14, 2007
ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
daw-info AT

The Digital Art Weeks is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. It consists of a symposium, workshops, and performances. The program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology. Artists and researchers will examine the use of electronic media in articulating the performer's presence through the possibilities of the multi-sensuality of electronic media. The possibility of blurring the divide between public and performer to bond them through the powers of dissemination and inclusion inherent within the technology used will also be considered. The organizers of the Digital Art Weeks at ETH Zurich seek papers, posters, and performances on themes specific to performance using electronic media. We seek proposals that explore a concept of the Performative Surround in terms of how computer-mediated communication and dialog takes place between performers and viewers and how it tends to aid in dissolving the divide between perf!
ormer and viewer.

PERFORMANCES topics include:

* Media Enhanced Artwork in the areas of Performance, Dance and Sound-Art
* Mobile Art & Music that explore Performer Networking and Audience Participation
* Digital Puppetry including Enhanced, Waldo, Motion Capture, and Machinima
* Laptop Music including Live-Coding, Live-Cinema & Live-Re-Scoring
* Installations involving Net-poetry computer mediated communication


* Current Research and Innovations in Media Enhanced Artwork and Technology
* Issues Concerning the Live-Electronic Re-Embodiment of the Performance Artist
* Approaches to Performer Networking and Audience Participation using Technology
* Technology and Aesthetics of Digital Puppetry
* Approaches to Live-Coding, Live-Cinema & Live-Re-Scoring
* Novel Software Paradigms for Mixed-Media Processing and Authoring

PANEL topics include:

* Software Innovations in Mediated Communication and the Arts
* Live Cinema, Expanded Video, and Film Rescoring
* Immersive Audio and Video Space
* The Dissolve of the Performer-Audience Divide
* Networking the Private Space-Pubic Space Divide
* Digital Puppetry from Enhanced to Machinima

Submission guidelines are available at:

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From: Ryan Griffis <ryan.griffis AT>
Date: Dec 30, 2006
Subject: live chat with Brett Stalbaum + Dr. Kathryn Yusoff: Jan 03, 2007 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion)

<apologies for cross-posting / please pass on>

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 8_
Wild Nature and the Digital Life Special Issue, guest edited by Dene Grigar and Sue Thomas
:: Live chat with Open University research fellow Dr. Kathryn Yusoff and San Diego-based artist Brett Stalbaum, discussing their
respective works on visualizations of the earth, landscape and environments.

:: Chat date: Wednesday, January 3.
:: 2 pm West Coast US / 5 pm East Coast USA / 10pm UK
:: LEAD is an open forum around the Wild Nature and the Digital Life special issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac journal/Vol_14/lea_v14_n07-08/intro.asp

Chat instructions are below. The LEA website includes instructions and a complete list of upcoming chats:

Author Biographies

Dr. Kathryn Yusoff is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Open University. Her research interests center on re-thinking visual culture in relation to extreme environments and technologies of vision (particularly in Antarctica, Iceland and other cold regions). She has recently completed her Ph.D, Arresting Visions: A Geographical Theory of Antarctic Light at Royal Holloway, University of London (2004). Currently, she is curating the Interdependence Day project, a research and communications project mapping the ethical terrain of globalization and environmental change.

Brett Stalbaum is an artist specializing in information theory, database, and software development. A serial collaborator, he was a co-founder of the Electronic Disturbance Theater in 1998, for which he co-developed software called FloodNet, which has been used on behalf of the Zapatista movement against the websites of the Presidents of Mexico and the United States, as well as the Pentagon. Recent work includes Painters Flat, projects with the painter Paula Poole in the Great Basin, and ongoing projects with C5 Corporation, of which he is a founding member. Stalbaum holds a Masters of Fine Arts (computers in fine art) from the CADRE digital media laboratory at San Jose State University, and a B.A. in Film Studies from San Francisco State University. He is a lecturer and the coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM) at the University of California, San Diego.


How to participate in the live chat?

Live chats will use Jabber (, an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. It is the most widely-used open source instant messaging and chat protocol. The LEA Digital Wild chatroom is on the public server under the name/address <leadigiwild AT > and the password "leoalmanac."
Follow three easy steps and you are ready to join the chat:

1) Download and install a Jabber client. A list of recommended Jabber clients is available at the following url: . For Windows users, we recommend the Exodus client. For Macintosh users, please use Psi (although iChat seems to work as well), as the other recommended clients do not consistently register on the Jabber server. For Linux, Psi is also available, but the other recommended clients should work as well.

2) Register as a user on the public server. When you first open your Jabber client you will see a start screen. If you do not see this screen, or if you are not starting the client for the first time, the screen is also available in a pull down menu as Account Details or Preferences (depending on your Jabber client). Enter a username, password, and server. Use any username and password you choose. Enter "" as the server. When you register, if your proposed username is taken, you need to choose another. Check the button for "new account" or to automatically register the account (depending on your client). Note: you may not be able to register if you are not using one of the recommended clients listed above. Hit OK or Login. Your Jabber client will then automatically register you and connect you to the server.

3) At this point, you are ready to chat, but there is one more step: you must join the chatroom. Select "Join a Chat Room" from your
client's pull down menu. Enter the name/address of the chat room: <leadigiwild AT >. Enter the password: leoalmanac. You can also specify a nickname or "handle" to use while in the chatroom. Hit "Finish" or "OK" to join the chat. The chat room window will open and you are ready to go! Note: the chat room may not be available outside of scheduled chat times.

Additional information is available at the Jabber userguide:

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From: info AT <info AT>
Date: Jan 2, 2007


Event: “Piemonte Share Festival 2007”
Festival of culture and arts linked to the new media and digital technologies
When: from Tuesday, 23rd January to Sunday, 28th January 2007
Where: Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti main premises
Via Accademia Albertina, 6 - Torino
website: e.mail info AT

Piemonte Share Festival is a five-day event dedicated to the relationship between the arts and digital innovation /new media.
The Festival runs parallel with the Universiade and is part of the programme connected to the sporting event.
Now in its 3rd year, the Festival will host an exhibition, conferences, meetings, round tables, workshops and live performances. The event will be the size of a soft-rave (a lite version of a rave) or collective party where the magic of the moment creates an atmosphere of festivity and fun, creative exchange and different types of involvement with the audience: artistic, recreational, dance, cultural and up-beat.
The arts and digital culture are expressions of a heritage of knowledge and creative languages that live through connections (network), international knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary contact, cross-media interaction, multimedia projects and computer collaboration. This new configuration means they vary from earlier creative expressions to the so-called Information Technology era.
All admission to the Festival is totally free and the conferences will be both in Italian and English.
The theme will be: Digital Affinity/Communities Now
Every year a transversal theme impacts the Festival contents, from conferences to performances, via a sampler of creative expressions applied to digital technologies (art, music, live performance, interactive installations, 3D animation, software art). The theme of the 3rd Festival is Digital Affinity/Communities Now that will be presented through taking a look at processes that regulate Communities within creative and innovative processes via meetings and round tables.

Communities today are one of the paradigms that drive transformation by collectively moving into the era of knowledge and information. Communities are multipliers of intelligence, because they give value to individual skills and become engines of growth for society.
Communities then are not just new forms of aggregation, but a way of being and living, a collective and humanitarian project, a culture that links one billion and 80 million people today. The bonds between these people are not just geographical or family based, but inspired by cultural, ideological and political affinity.

Accademia Albertina Tuesday 23rd January 2007 from 6 to 10 pm
With aperitif and live performances

>From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January 2007
Various locations
In order to know how to read everything strategically, new points of view and new maps are needed.
The program for the “DIGITAL AFFINITY” conferences will be useful to better understand the dynamics within the communities on the following themes: creativity and innovation, art and culture, music and live performance, information and journalism social networking, on line games, architecture and design, openness and digital divides, governance of the Internet and democracy.

The lecturers are: Geert Lovink, Bruce Sterling, Alessandro Ludovico, Antonio Caronia, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Alberto Abruzzese, Sergio Messina, Bruno Ruffilli, Matteo Pasquinelli, Paolo Atzori AND MORE....

Note: Symposium “Internet Governance Forum after Atene: the bill of rights for the Web”, curated by Fiorello Cortiana and Anna Masera with Stefano Rodotà, Franco Carlini, Angelo Raffaele Meo, Juan Carlos De Martin, Vittorio Bertola, Arturo Di Corinto, Laura Sartori, Filippo Penati, Andrea Bairati.

Go to for the detailed conference programme.

Share Award 2007
>From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th January 2007
Accademia Albertina
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from: 10 am – 8 pm /Saturday, Sunday from: 2–8 pm

The works of the six Share Prize 2007 finalists will be exhibited in the Accademia Albertina exhibition rooms. The works that have been selected for the final phase are:

Sensity - The Emergent City - Steven Tanza (U.K.) Mikro Orchestra Project (Poland) UBERMORGEN.COM - Paolo Cirio - Alessandro Ludovico (AT,USA,IT)
The Analog Color Field Computer Gregory Shakar (USA)
Shockbot Corejulio 5VOLTCORE (Austria)


Wednesday 24th January 2007

Round table at 5.30 pm “The imaginary moulded by social network ” with Regine Debatty and Simon Goldin (The Port – Second Life).
Spazio Espositivo “Azimut”, Piazza Palazzo di Città 8, Torino Project

At 7 pm inauguration of the Spazio Espositivo “Azimut” , Piazza Palazzo di Città 8, Torino
Round table at 8 pm “The map is (not) the territory ”
On show every day from 12 am to 7 pm. is a no-profit community project. The aim is to connect the virtual and physical worlds by linking a dedicated physical area with information available on Wikipedia.

Thursday 25th January 2007

Mikro Orchestra Project (Poland) AKA Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, is an artistic collective founded in 2001 by the context of WRO Media Art Centre based in Poland. The project tackles the theme of adapting a popular technology - the Gameboy Console - to creative trials.
>From 11 pm
AB+, on the corners of via Egidi and via della Basilica, Torino

Friday 26th January 2007

Aperitif and meeting dedicated to video game multi-players to play over a LAN (Local Area Network) where players can share the passion of the multiplayer “challenge” and put his/her own skills to the test. But LAN_PARTY is not just this: first and foremost it’s a party, with everything that it involves: dance and fun. It’s a chance to support initiatives and promote ideas, where the meeting of sport and e-sport begins.
Organised by clan-hostin MxB, a community of players from Turin.
>From 11 pm
The Beach°, Murazzi del Po - Torino

Saturday 27th January 2007

This is music between reality and science fiction, for creativity that knows no limit. This is the journey-concert that Japanese artist Suguru Goto presents. In fact, the concert is a journey to the edge of sound, where music takes life from the “Virtual Musical Instrument”; these are virtual tools in the shape of interfaces that manage the relationship between human gestures and the computer, producing and then turning sounds and images into real time. Body-suite for musician-dancers, robot violins and devices that are ready to capture any type of signal and translate it into sonorous, musical and visual action. Suguru Goto’s music starts here, from this magic and technological universe.
>From 8 pm
Casa UNIVERSIADI, Piazzale Aldo Moro,Torino

This music event is central to many musical scenes that represent excellence in contemporary IDM despite frequenting underground circuits.
With digital technologies all artists can easily and globally find and increase their own public. The artists presented here share backgrounds of creative trials and running their own shows. Each of them collaborates on or has founded their own netlabel in order to distribute their own music in complete and creative freedom.
Alongside three international artists, LACKLUSTER, AZ-ROTATOR, and the underground-star CYLOB there will also be two labels from Turin, Illogik Records and Tonimusic.

Magazzino di Giancarlo - Murazzi del Po - Torino
>From 11 pm
After-hour, Doctor Sax - Murazzi del Po - Torino
>From 5:00 am (after-hour)

General information:

The Festival runs from
23rd to 28th January 2007

Locations for the Festival:

Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, via Accademia Albertina 6, Torino
Laboratorio Multimediale Guido Quazza - Facoltà di Scienze della Comunicazione, Università di Torino Palazzo Nuovo, Torino
Casa UNIVERSIADI, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Torino
Camera di Commercio di Torino, via Carlo Alberto 16, Torino
Spazio Espositivo AZIMUT, Piazza Palazzo di Città 8, Torino
AB+, Via Egidi angolo via della Basilica, Torino
The Beach°, Murazzi del Po, Torino
Magazzino di Giancarlo - Murazzi del Po, Torino
Dottor Sax – Murazzi del Po, Torino

The Crew
Simona Lodi, artistic director: simona.lodi AT
Chiara Garibaldi, director general: chiara.garibaldi AT
Manuela De Caro, general coordinator: manuela.decaro AT
Luca Barbeni, curator: luca.barbeni AT

The Sharing, via Rossini 3 –10124 –Turin
Tel., 011.5883693

Per images of the event: info AT
For the Festival logo: info AT
Go to for the complete programme

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The Rhizome Commissioning Program makes financial support available to artists for the creation of innovative new media art work via panel-awarded commissions.

For the 2005-2006 Rhizome Commissions, eleven artists/groups were selected to create original works of net art.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

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From: Marisa Olson <marisa AT>
Date: Jan 3, 2007
Subject: Networked Nature at Foxy Production

Greetings and Happy New Year! If you're planning to be in New York in January-February, please visit the following exhibition, which Rhizome has organized at Foxy Production. The show opens January 11th and it would be great to see you there!

+ + +

Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art

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+ + + + + + + + +

Organized by RHIZOME, an affiliate of the New Museum of Contemporary Art

January 11 - February 18, 2007
Opening reception: January 11, 6-8 PM

Foxy Production presents Networked Nature, a group exhibition that inventively explores the representation of 'nature' through the perspective of networked culture. The exhibition includes works by C5, Futurefarmers, Shih-Chieh Huang, Philip Ross, Stephen Vitiello, and Gail Wight, who provocatively combine art and politics with innovative technology, such as global positioning systems (GPS), robotics, and hydroponic environments.

In their work Perfect View, San Jose-based collective C5 reached out to the subculture of recreational GPS users, or geo-cachers, asking them for their recommendations of 'sublime locales.' The submitted latitudes and longitudes provided the guide points for a thirty-three state, thirteen-thousand mile motorcycle expedition by collective member Jack Toolin, who photographed the terrain at the given coordinates. The results, presented in triptychs, smartly subvert traditional representations of landscape and notions of the sublime.

San Francisco-based collective Futurefarmers' Photosynthesis Robot is a three-dimensional model of a possible perpetual motion machine driven by phototropism - the movement of plants towards the direction of the sun. Their proposal that a group plants will very slowly propel a four wheel vehicle is a witty take on the pressing search for new forms of energy.

New York artist Shih-Chieh Huang's inflatable installation, Din-Don I, is inspired by everyday household electronic devices and his studies of physical computing and robotics. In this ingenious exploration of organic systems, he creates a dynamic circulation of electricity and air: a living micro-environment.

San Francisco-based Philip Ross' Juniors are self-contained survival capsules for living plants. Blown glass enclosures provide a controlled hydroponic environment, where plants' roots are submerged in nutrient-infused water, while LED lights supply the necessary illumination. The artist has drawn on two culturally divergent traditions - Chinese scholars' objects and Victorian glass conservatories – that share the belief that nature is best understood when seen through the lens of human artifice.

Virginia-based artist Stephen Vitiello's Hedera (BBB) unsettles our assumptions of what an appropriate soundtrack might be. The artist has constructed a sprawling vine installation with speakers hidden between the branches that quietly broadcast percussive sounds woven from the speeches and private conversations of George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Creep, by Oakland-based Gail Wight, is an hypnotic three screen time-lapse video of the growth of dyed slime mold. Separately edited sequences play alongside each other, cycling through a sequence of fluorescent color shifts. In her aestheticizing of the normally repellent, Wight creates an ode to the beauty of natural growth patterns.

Networked Nature is organized by Marisa Olson, Editor and Curator at Rhizome. The exhibition will tour to the Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse, New York. Networked Nature is supported in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The College Arts Association, The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and The New York State Council on the Arts. A full-color catalogue will be published by Rhizome and available at the gallery.

Rhizome is a leading new media organization affiliated with the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Its programs support the creation,
presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways. This exhibition is the
final event in Rhizome's Tenth Anniversary Festival of Art & Technology.

For further information or high res images contact Chelsea Goodchild:


t: 212 239 2758
f: 212 239 2759

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