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Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 8.29.07
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 20:14:53 -0400

RHIZOME DIGEST: August 29, 2007


1. andrew bucksbarg: SoundWalk2007
2. Drew Hemment: TENORI-ON Nights - worldwide launch
3. jonathon_keats AT World's First Porn Theater For House Plants Opens In California
4. info AT Visual_Active 2007, Arnhem NL (Stateoftheimage)
5. Southworth, Kate: video archive Disrupting Narratives
6. Marisa Olson: Rhizome Sousveillance Culture Panel
7. jillian mcdonald: art talks Sept 10 - Marina Zurkow + Joe McKay

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From: andrew bucksbarg <andrew AT>
Date: Aug 22, 2007
Subject: SoundWalk2007



On September 22, 2007, the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD, will present SoundWalk2007, featuring artists from the Southland and the international scene. This event operates under the concept of a one-night aural/visual experience as provided by a walking-tour of sound installations and soundmarks located in various indoor and outdoor spaces situated throughout the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach. The artworks will combine in multiple ways a wide range of visual, performative and audio components. There will be sculptures, environments, installations and performances.

About SoundWalk2007

SoundWalk is an annual art event produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD, as a variation of the "ArtWalk" events that take place every 2nd Saturday in the Arts District of Long Beach. Artists and viewers alike passionately embraced the inaugural event, SoundWalk 2004, with thirty artists participating and nearly a thousand visitors joining together for the evening walking-tour. Many visitors, who had no prior encounter with sound-art, were overwhelmingly enthusiastic in their responses.

Now in our fourth year, we continue to explore this unique environmental experience with new and returning artists participating in the transformation of our downtown Long Beach space. Outdoor soundmarks add a layer to and perform in concert with sounds of the city, thus intermingling with and altering the local soundscape. Unlikely combinations of the ordinary and the extraordinary enter into chance encounters with the attending public. Galleries and stores within the Arts District will accommodate a variety of indoor installations, creating uncommon intersections of art and commerce. This evening dedicated to sound is not only an exciting moment of transformed perception but a chance to rethink our sensory engagement with the spaces within which we function.

A number of works will be on display for an extended period throughout the month of September at various indoor locations. Once again, we wish to surprise, puzzle, enchant as well as engage those who intentionally and unintentionally participate in SoundWalk 2007.

This event is free to the public and is being sponsored in part by the Downtown Long Beach Business Associates (DLBA), The Arts Council for Long Beach, The East Village Association (EVA) and The City of Long Beach. More information about FLOOD and the artists is available upon request.


The artist group, FLOOD has been working on installation projects for the last four years. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres. Current members of FLOOD are Kamran Assadi, Shea M Gauer, Frauke von der Horst, Scott A Peterson, Shelley RuggThorp and Marco Schindelmann.

SoundWalk 2007 Participants:

Albert Ortega/ Arcanum/ Elonda Billera/ Bicycle Bell Ensemble/ Allie Bogle and Mike Chang/ Andrew Bucksbarg and Charlie Hoyt/ Madelyn Byrne, Ellen Weller and Randy Hoffman/ Miha Ciglar/Daniel Corral/ Christiaan Cruz/ Philip Curtis/ Frederik De Wilde/ Braden Diotte / Aaron Drake/ david drodge/ Charles Erwin/ ETEREUM/ FLOOD/ Flourescent Grey/ lindsay foster/ Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko/ Luis Garcia and Matt Bridges/ Josh Goldman/ GirlCharlie and Monica Ryan/ Kate and Lee Harding/ Doug Harvey/ Autumn Hays/ Kate Henningsen/ john kannenberg/ Lewis Keller/David Kendall/ Markle and Strauss/ midnight gardeners/Jim McAuley/ Thomas Anthony McDermott/ MLuM/ Yann Novak & Gretchen Bennett/ James N. Orsher/ Adam Overton/ Kevin Paul/ Doug Pearsall/ phog masheeen/ Sabine Pinkepank/ Gary Raymond/ redux/ RS-232/ Nicole C. Russell/ Erin Scott/ Surrealestate/ Tristan Shone/ Tom Skelly/ TOM SKY/ smgsap/ Phillip Stearns/ Robert Strong/ Super Minerals/ Hans Tammen/ Noah Thomas/ Nina Waisman/ S!
ander Roscoe Wolff/ Carrie Yury, Lindsay Ljungkull and Marya Alford

WHAT: Long Beach’s fourth annual sound art event, "SoundWalk 2007", a one-night walking-tour of soundmarks and installations by over 50 local and international sound artists.
WHERE: Throughout the area encompassed by Broadway, Atlantic Avenue, Ocean Boulevard, and Elm Street in the East Village Arts District of Downtown Long Beach, in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.
WHEN: Saturday, September 22, 2007 from 5 - 10 pm
PARKING: Metered parking is available on the street. After 6pm, parking is free

Kamran Assadi (562) 858-9846
Frauke Von Der Horst (562) 437-1550
Shea M Gauer (562) 499-6736
Marco Schindelmann (562) 413-5868
Shelley RuggThorp (562) 235-1846

PUBLIC CONTACT: Marco Schindelmann at (562) 413-5868
Visit to learn more about SoundWalk2007
Email: info AT

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The UK Northern Way Virtual Gateway Commission

The Northern Way, working with Arts Council England to deliver the £10m 'Welcome to the North' public art programme, wishes to commission a truly innovative and or original virtual artwork ‘Gateway to the North’.

Tenders are invited from organisations seeking to work with a named artist(s), individual artists or collaborating artists for this major commission. The emphasis of this new commission will be on its virtual long-term presence, although it can also include physical manifestations that make a link between the real and virtual, and is open to a range of artforms and media including: sound, software art, blogging, performance and events, online worlds and mapping systems eg Second Life, GoogleEarth. The proposals will need to include a web-based accessible platform and applicants are also welcome to consider the use of a number of other distribution and presentation platforms such as podcasts and videocasts; CD and DVD; mobile phones and locative media.The commission will: make connections across the three Northern regions; reference and conceptualise the North through its geographical, social, cultural and economic landscapes;provide an opportunity for all users to engage with the commission; provide a platform which is accessible to local, regional, national and international audiences; represent or consider the North in all its diversity. The proposal will also need to include a detailed education programme, evaluation programme and PR/marketing. The commission must be completed no later than the end of March 2008. The commission is open to artists in the UK and beyond. Full details and specifications are available from: Kath Savage on 01924 486 212 or kath.savage AT The closing date for applications is 14 September 2007, 12 noon. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview to present their proposals. The Northern Way a unique collaboration of regions and cities from across the North of England, led by the three Northern Regional Development Agencies: Yorkshire Forward, Northwest Regional Development Agency and One NorthEast. This is a 20 year strategy to transform the economy of the North of England. Success will be determined by the bridging of a £30 billion output gap betwe!
en the N
rth and the average for England. More information about Arts Council England and the Northern Way can be found at and

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From: Drew Hemment <drew AT>
Date: Aug 24, 2007
Subject: TENORI-ON Nights - worldwide launch

view online:

Worldwide launch in London and Manchester
5th & 6th September 2007

The TENORI-ON by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha receives its worldwide launch on 5th & 6th September 2007. TENORI-ON is a unique AV instrument - a cross between intuitive performance instrument and art object - designed by media artist Toshio Iwai.

Futuresonic is excited to co-present the worldwide launch of the TENORI-ON. Toshio Iwai's TENORI-ON show at Futuresonic 2006 was an undisputed highlight of the festival, and the positive audience response in the UK led Yahama to stage the worldwide launch in London and Manchester.

The TENORI-ON has been showcased and refined at major music events and media art festivals; Art Futura (Spain), Futuresonic (UK), Ars Electronica (Austria), SIGGRAPH (USA) and Sonar (Spain), with the first fully realised live show produced by Futuresonic in Manchester as a part of Futuresonic 2006.

Toshio Iwai will be joined by Robert Lippok, Capracara and Secondo on 4th September at Phonica in London and by Robert Lippok, Secondo and Graham Massey on 5th September at Mint Lounge in Manchester.

Event info ..


Robert Lippok (Domino/To Rococo Rot)
Toshio Iwai
Secondo (Dreck Records)
Capracara (Soul Jazz)

Phonica Records / Vinyl Factory, London
Admission Free - Please arrive early to avoid disappointment!


Robert Lippok (Domino/To Rococo Rot)
Toshio Iwai
Secondo (Dreck Records)
Graham Massey (808 State/Toolshed)

Mint Lounge, Oldham Street, Manchester
Admission Free - Please arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Presented as a part of the Carbon series of events by Futuresonic and Sequence

More info ..

The TENORI-ON is a unique 16 x 16 LED button matrix performance controller with a stunning visual display. For musicians, visual artists & DJs it is a unique performance tool that enables them to create spectacular live & DJ audio-visual performances.

The worldwide exclusive events will feature TENORI-ON performances from some of the finest talents in electronic music plus an introduction and discussion with the TENORI-ON’s inventor, Toshio Iwai.

Toshio Iwai's TENORI-ON show at Futuresonic 2006 also featuring Electroplankton and SoundLens was a stand-out live event of the festival. What they said about TENORI-ON at Futuresonic 2006: "My friend and myself walked out of that performance at Manchester Academy physically stunned."

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From: jonathon_keats AT <jonathon_keats AT>
Date: Aug 24, 2007
Subject: World's First Porn Theater For House Plants Opens In California

Chico Gallery Hosts Revolution in Film for Non-Humans Beginning September 10th

August 24, 2007 - In a bid to increase movie audiences exponentially, and to dominate the motion picture industry, conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has announced plans to produce film and video for other species -- from rose bushes to almond trees -- using specialized new techniques. "Humans have more entertainment than they can endure," explains Mr. Keats. "Yet organisms with populations far greater than ours are routinely ignored by MGM and Disney."

Mr. Keats came to appreciate the potential impact of arts and entertainment on non-human audiences while choreographing ballet for honeybees at Chico State University last year. "Dance comes naturally to bees," he says, "less naturally to trees. But all plants can perform photosynthesis. They're sensitive to the play of light. As an entertainment form, cinema was practically made for them."

By projecting specially-prepared video directly onto foliage, Mr. Keats found an effective way to share films with bushes and brambles, even entire forests and jungles. Yet he chose to open the first movie theater for the botanical kingdom at 1078 Gallery, an alternative arts space in Chico, California. "Chico has the advantage of being an agricultural town," he explains. "In a place like this, my venture is likely to be appreciated."

Still an essential question remained: What genres of film would appeal to flora? "This wasn't the sort of situation where I could learn the audience's mindset," admits Mr. Keats. "The only thing that would be a sure hit, I figured, was sex." Accordingly, the artist dutifully filmed plants getting pollinated, editing his uncensored footage into a gritty black-and-white porn video.

"I think it must be very titillating, if pollination is your thing," says 1078 exhibition committee member J. Pouwels. Mr. Keats, who's already looking into further venues for plant porn, believes that the theater might even be intriguing to people. "Watching movies in a cineplex is partly about absorbing the experience of others in the audience. On the big screen, our point of view is enlarged. I see no reason why shared experiences with other species can't further expand our perspective."

A Cinema Botanica trailer can be viewed at
* * *
Jonathon Keats is a conceptual artist, fabulist, and critic. Recently he exhibited extraterrestrial abstract artwork at the Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley. He has also attempted to genetically engineer God in a petri dish, in collaboration with scientists at the University of California, and petitioned Berkeley to pass a fundamental law of logic -- A=A -- a work commissioned by the city's annual Arts Festival. He has been awarded Yaddo and MacDowell fellowships, and his projects have been documented by KQED-TV and the BBC World Service, as well as periodicals ranging from The San Francisco Chronicle to New Scientist. He is represented by Modernism Gallery in San Francisco. For more information, please contact Mr. Keats at jonathon_keats AT, or see

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Organizational memberships with Rhizome

Sign your library, university or organization up for a Rhizome organizational membership! Give your community access to the largest online archives of digital art and new media art-related writing, the opportunity to organize member-curated exhibitions, participate in critical discussion, community boards, and learn about residency, educational and professional possibilities. Rhizome also offers subsidized memberships for qualifying institutions with limited access to the Internet. Please visit for more information or contact sales AT

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From: info AT <info AT>
Date: Aug 26, 2007
Subject: Visual_Active 2007, Arnhem NL (Stateoftheimage)

Press release

Live cinema event "Visual_Active" at State of the Image festival
Arnhem - On September the 7th, the Live cinema event Visual_Active, is taking place at the interactive media festival State of the Image. This event is organised by Dutch media-artist Olga Mink (VIDEOLOGY.NOW!)

The current audio and visual media-arts are rapidly developing. As a consequence a new movement called ‘Live Cinema’ has started to evolve. The main starting point of this new art form is the combination of live images and sound. The boundaries between music and visuals have become increasingly blurred, and created a new synergy between both disciplines.

During Visual_Active media-artists from the Netherlands and abroad will demonstrate their live performance in the field of music and sound. An important theme during this evening is experimentation trough old and new media by means of digital techniques.

Telcosystems will give an audiovisual performance. This art-group from Rotterdam started Telcosystems in 2001 to discover new aspects of audiovisual media. Characteristic of Telcosystem’s work is the clear and restrained aestheticism which is closely related to the computer technology they use as their tool. Rechenzentrum from Berlin is constantly in search of new developments in the music and video scene. They describe their project as a “band” in which audio and music are equally important. Ilan Katin will perform his realtime made drawings as a live video performance, and provide a lecture about his favorite tool; the Modul8 vj-software.
Visualnaut(Paul Mumford) from London will show his outstanding creations in his audiovisual project called "Autometa". His nonlinear storylines are characteristic for contemporary media-art today. His lecture on the Narrative Lab will take place on thursday, and focus on these non lineair storylines in 'live cinema performance'.
Throughout the evening PINIPINI and Ckoe will play records and draw live animations under the name ‘Stripjocken’.

In addition to these performances Solu will make an appearance as well. Mia Makela (Solu) is a Finnish media artist living in Barcelona.
Besides her live cinema performance, Solu will give a workshop on Isadora, a live interaction peroformance software created by Mark Coniglio. This workshop will be concluded with a short presentation and a lecture on ‘live cinema’ on Thursday.

Please send an email to info AT stateoftheimagecom for more information on the costs and conditions for the workshop. (be very quick, places are running out!)

State of the Image will take place from 3- until the 8th September in the area around Roermondsplein in Arnhem.
See for more information
on the programme of State of the Image 2007.

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From: Southworth, Kate <Kate.Southworth AT>
Date: Aug 28, 2007
Subject: video archive Disrupting Narratives

For those of you who couldn't make it across to Tate Modern in London for the Disrupting Narratives symposium on July 13th, the video archive is now live and can be accessed (with flash 8 or higher) at:

best wishes

Kate Southworth
Research Cluster Leader, iRes (Research in Interactive Art & Design)
University College Falmouth

t. 44 (0)1326 370733
e.kate.southworth AT

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Rhizome Commissions Program

Rhizome 2008 Commissions Announced!
This year, eleven emerging artists/ collectives were awarded commissions in support of new works of Internet-based art. The projects include distributed sound experiments, visually compelling interactive images that blend the sublime and the ridiculous, and pioneering applications that encourage the flowering of creativity across commercial areas of the web. Follow the link below for descriptions of and links to the eleven winning proposals, which also includes our first-ever Community Award, a project designed to enhance participation and communication on Rhizome.

The Rhizome Commissions Program is made possible by support from the Jerome Foundation in celebration of the Jerome Hill Centennial, the Greenwall Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support has been provided by members of the Rhizome community.

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From: Marisa Olson <marisa AT>
Date: Aug 29, 2007
Subject: Sousveillance Culture Panel

Sousveillance Culture panel at Conflux 2007 (NY), with Amy Alexander, Jill Magid and Hasan Elahi, moderated by Marisa Olson

Saturday, September 15, 2007
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Luna Lounge
61 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Rhizome presents this panel, in conjunction with Conflux, New York's annual festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological, and social practice. The panel centers on "sousveillance," the practice of watching from below (sous-) rather than above (sur-). A diverse group of artists whose work engages surveillance will explore the cultural and political implications of sousveillance, which tends to be discussed as empowering when manifest as a "taking-back" of cameras or the rising-up of "little brother," but which also unfolds in an era of increased self-surveillance, encouraged by both the government and the culture of participatory and 'transparent' media. Panelists include artists Amy Alexander, Jill. Magid and Hasan Elahi, and moderator Marisa Olson, Editor and Curator, Rhizome.

Participant Bios:

Amy Alexander is a software and performance artist and VJ. Her work has been presented on the Internet, in clubs and on the street as well as in festivals and museums. She is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. She is also a co-founder and moderator of the software art repository, and is active in software art curation. Amy's latest software project, SVEN: Surveillance Video Entertaiment Network, with Wojciech Kosma and Vincent Rabaud, is a real-time computer vision and video system that detects likely rock stars in public places, an installation version of which was on view at the Whitney Museum during Summer 2007.

Hasan Elahi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work examines issues of surveillance, simulated time, transport systems, borders and frontiers. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions at venues such as the Venice Biennale; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Kulturbahnhof, Kassel, Germany; The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia; and The Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in New York. Elahi recently was invited to speak about his work at the Tate Modern in London, Pop!Tech, and at at the American Association of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. His work has been supported with significant grants and numerous sponsorships from the Creative Capital Foundation, Ford Foundation/Philip Morris, and the Asociación Artetik Berrikuntzara in Donostia-San Sebastián in the Basque Country/Spain among others.

Jill Magid is a visual artist working in a variety of media including literature, video, sculpture, and performance. Magid received an MS in Visual Studies from MIT in 2000, was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam 2002, and currently lives and works in both Amsterdam and Brooklyn. Solo exhibitions in include With Full Consent at Gagosian Gallery (NYC), Sparwasser HQ (Berlin), Centre d'Art Santa Monica (Barcelona), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Recent performances in New York at The Bowery Poetry Club, Eyebeam, The Poetry Project , Orchard. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Storefront for Art and Architecture (NYC), De Appel (Amsterdam), Balance and Power (Rose Art Museum), Naked Life at MOCA Taipei (Taiwan), Positioning statement | Image Cairo 3 (Cairo), Egypt, DMZ 2005_Korea, and at the Liverpool Biennial International '04. She has written two novellas: Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy (2007), and OneCycle of Memory in the city of L (2004).

Moderator Marisa Olson is Rhizome's Editor & Curator and a practicing artist. She has organized exhibitions and programs at the Guggenheim, SFMOMA, the Getty, White Columns, Artists Space, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and elsewhere, including SF Camerawork, where she was previously Associate Director. She's written for Wired, Mute, Afterimage, Flash Art, ArtReview, and others. Her own work has recently been presented by the Whitney Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Pacific Film Archive, and the New York Underground Film Festival. Marisa is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the ITP graduate program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric/ Film Studies at UC Berkeley.

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From: jillian mcdonald <jmcdonald AT>
Date: Aug 29, 2007
Subject: art talks Sept 10 - Marina Zurkow + Joe McKay

Pace Digital Gallery is pleased to host an evening with 2 new media artists - Marina Zurow and Joe McKay.

Monday Sept 10, 6:30pm. Room 313, 163 William Street (between Beekman and Ann Streets), New York, NY, 10038.
This event is free and open to the public, please join us!
inquiries: jmcdonald2 at
more info, map, directions:

::Marina Zurkow creates animated, psychologically infused narratives, which push cartoons beyond the classic perpendicular screen into physical environments. These have at times been interactive, embedded in objects, embodied as mascots; exhibited on multi-screens, DVD, mobile devices, and as immersive installations. Her investigations into character, nonlinear fictions, site, and audience all use pop languages as a conduit to deeper social engagement. Zurkow is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and currently teaches at NYU.

:: Joe McKay is an artist who makes work with and about digital culture. McKay will discuss his recent works, "Cell Phone Sculptures" and "Sunset Solitaire", on the occasion of "Loss of Signal", a solo show at VertexList Gallery, opening on September 7th. Joe is currently resident at the Headlands Center For the Arts in San Francisco.

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