The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 2.20.08
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 18:11:28 -0500

RHIZOME DIGEST: February 20, 2008


1. Rhizomer- Call For Proposals "Massive Change"- Australasia_2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network
2. Gianluca Mura- Call For Papers: CCCT08 Interactive Systems Design
3. Maria Roussou- Call For Artists & Scientists e-MobiLArt: European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists
4. Galen Joseph-Hunter- Call For Contributions: free103point9 Transmission Art Archive
5. Tim Lambert- Call For Submissions of Audio Art Works: SoundNetwork Open Call for Audio Art Work

6. Byeong Sam Jeon- Telematic Drum Circle
7. Fang-Yu Lin- Outside In: New Realms for Taiwan Art (2/19-3/12)

8. Vijay Pattisapu- YES & NO // 7 Replies
9. Underground // 4 Replies

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FROM: Rhizomer
DATE: February 18, 2008
SUBJECT: Call For Proposals: "Massive Change"- Australasia_2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network

Call for proposals are as follows:

Australasia_2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network ; is a curated new media web site in the context of global change. Proposal Australasia_2008 is ‘glocal’ responses to events that are happening around the world. From a ‘local’ viewpoint to a ‘global’ distribution feed.

Current issues around forms of change that are effecting the planet: carbon counting, climate change, social networking, weather and ‘live’ data aesthetics…
The arena of "Massive Change"- since environmental tipping points are interconnected with other spheres that may have ramifications beyond the environment, into social and political systems- we open up that dialogue with you to interpret and make a proposal.

The intent is to seek permission to upload to C-M.TV for broadcasting around the world. We either link back to your web sites where work is already uploaded or have you upload to our server. The artists have total IP/ownership over their own work on C-M.TV. We act as a curated site, as another venue for the access, as a networking membrane and a collective with a similar context.

Go to: to the play archive of previously launched cities: New York, Paris, London

Specs: 5mb -320 x 240 Quicktime; ‘live’ data or generative content (self contained root folders); Flash; any other media that is sustainable on play.

We review your proposals online or via DVD format.
Send us links to review proposals via email: [url]info AT[/url]

Or Send DVD’s to:
Marcia Lyons: Producer: C-M.TV
Programme Director; Digital Media Design; School of Design; Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand
t. 64 4 463 6278

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FROM: Gianluca Mura
DATE: February 19, 2008
SUBJECT: Call For Papers: CCCT08 Interactive Systems Design

29th - 2nd July,2008 - Orlando,Florida,USA


Authors are invited to submit us their paper on interactive media/artworks to the Session "INTERACTIVE DESIGN SYSTEMS" of the CCCT08 International Conference on Computing,Communications and Control Technologies.

- All the accepted papers will be published into the Conference Proceedings

- The selection of the best papers will take part of a special issue of the JSCI Scientific journal (Journal of Systemics,Cybernetics and Informatics).

- You could also be included in our starting Social Network Group to Media Art&Design Technologies to share experiences and partecipate to new international events (more to come...).

Submission Deadline: 31th March,2008

DOWNLOAD your author guide (PDF) at:

Send your project/research paper to:gianluca.mura AT
(CCCT08 Session Chair)

The Author(s) of the accepted paper will be contacted by email.

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Theatre/Video: Assistant Professor (tenure track to begin August 2008). MFA required, Ph.D. or equivalent professional and academic experience considered. Teaching responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, courses in: acting; voice/diction; on-camera performance; directing; script analysis and script writing; digital video production and editing. Other duties may include directing Theatre/Video productions; collaborating with colleagues on other productions and activities, mentoring students with their creative processes; departmental and institutional support. Qualified applicants must submit letter of interest (include email address if applicable), vita, unofficial transcripts, evidence of teaching effectiveness, recent examples of personal work and at least three letters of reference (to be sent directly by references or confidential placement file) to: Dr. Marilyn D. Hunt, Chair, Department of Communication Studies & Theatre, Missouri Western State University, 4525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, Missouri 64507. Deadline: December 1, 2007 or until filled. Review of applications will begin immediately.
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FROM: Maria Roussou
DATE: February 19, 2008
SUBJECT: Call For Artists & Scientists: e-MobiLArt: European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists

e-MobiLArt: European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists
Call for artists and scientists

European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists (e-MobiLArt) is a project tailored around the process of creating collaborative interactive installation artworks. Such interactive mediated environments may involve the use of multimodal interfaces, ubiquitous computing and mobile or locative media technologies.

The e-MobiLArt project aims to provide selected participants with an ideal context, that will allow them to travel, collaborate and exhibit their work. During this project, artists and scientists who are active in creating interactive media art or pursuing innovative interdisciplinary research will have the opportunity to:
- create interactive installation artworks
- collaborate with other artists and scientists from different countries
- get technical support and tuition from experts on using innovative technologies for
creating interactive art
- meet, discuss and collaborate with curators and museum organizers
- exhibit their work in at least two different European countries
- document their work in a special issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac and the
exhibition catalogue
- participate in an international network of artists, researchers, academics and theorists

Eligibility / requirements:

Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to apply to e-MobiLArt: interactive installation artists, video artists, visual artists, net artists, as well as musicians, choreographers, performance artists and others who wish to experiment with the use of the interactive technologies.

Individuals with a scientific background and the willingness to experiment in a collaborative artistic project, as described above, are also eligible.

Selected participants will attend three (3) workshops. During (and in between) the workshops, participants will work in groups in order to develop their projects by:
- Following an open process of artistic creation and experimentation
- Getting support on technical and theoretical issues
- Complementing each other's skills within a interdisciplinary collaborative creative process by
- Enhancing their technical skills through hands-on creative activity
- Creating artworks that will reflect the process of intercultural dialogue
- Participating in an on-line network of communication

Dates of the workshops: (precise dates will be announced till the end of February)
- 1st Workshop: Athens June 2008
- 2nd Workshop: Rovaniemi August 2008
- 3rd Workshops: Vienna February 2009


After the workshops, the resulting interactive installation artworks will be exhibited in at least two museum / gallery spaces: the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece (possibly during the 2009 Biennale) and the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. These exhibitions will take place in autumn 2009.

Deadline for applications: Sunday, March 16th, 2008.

Project partners and sponsors:

The e-MobiLArt Project is under the support of the CULTURE 2007 Programme of the European Union.
It is co-coordinated by the University of Athens (Greece).
Co-organising partners are: the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria) and the University of Lapland (Finland).
Associate partners are: Leonardo/OLATS (France), Group Haute Ecole ICHEC Saint Louis (Belgium), State Museum of Contemporary Art – Thessaloniki (Greece), The Academy of Fine Arts - Katowice (Poland) and Cycling74 (U.S.A.).

More information and the full application form for participation can be found at:

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Film/Video/Theatre: Assistant Professor, (tenure-track position to begin August 2008) – dynamic individual to teach courses in progressive integrated video/film and theatre department with emerging interdisciplinary graduate program in applied media arts. Department requires innovative professional to oversee the technical production of video, film, and live production and assist in curricular development of graduate classes. Required: M.F.A. in film, video, multi-media, theatre or closely related field. Must demonstrate evidence of quality teaching/advising and commitment to undergraduate and graduate education. Applicant must have expertise with cinematography, lighting, sound and live theatrical production. Applicant must also have a working knowledge in the Macintosh environment, including the major non-linear applications utilized in post-production. Applicant will teach courses as needed but must be able to teach film, video and live technical production. Qualified applicants must submit a letter of interest including e-mail address; vita; recent examples of personal work; and at least three letters of reference (to be sent directly by references or confidential placement file) to: Dr. M. D. Hunt, Chair, Department of Communication Studies & Theatre, Missouri Western State University, 4525 Downs Drive, Murphy Hall 207, St. Joseph, Missouri 64507. Deadline: December 1, 2007 or until filled. Review of applications will begin immediately. AA/EOE.
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FROM: Galen Joseph-Hunter
DATE: February 19, 2008
SUBJECT: Call For Contributions: free103point9 Transmission Art Archive

((((( free103point9 Transmission Art Archive )))))

A participatory online initiative toward defining the genre.

The winter months are a time for self-reflection: it is sometimes useful to pause and ask, "what does it all mean, anyway? Who am I, what is it that I am doing, and, for that matter, what motivates my activities," so that you might then face the spring with renewed purpose and vigor (at least until the e-mail piles up).

Well, here at free103point9, we're also taking a self-reflexive moment to consider such questions; only, 'we' are, for the most part, 'you,' and we need your help. As a reminder, free103point9 is a non-profit arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating the genre Transmission Arts. free103point9 activities support and promote artists exploring transmission mediums for creative expression. free103point9 defines "Transmission Arts" as a conceptual umbrella that unites a community of artists and audiences interested in transmission ideas and tools. This genre encompasses a diversity of practices and media working with the idea of transmission or the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum. Transmission art is generally a participatory live-art or time-based art, and often manifests as radio art, video art, light sculpture, installation, and performance.

New technologies constantly emerge as mediums for artistic practice and thus, bring forth a reconsideration of terms and redrawing of territories. RFID, WiFi, WiMAX, networked objects, reactive spaces, distributed actions, and psycho-geographic interventions are amongst a few contemporary artistic strategies and technologies that touch the borders of what once encompassed free103point9's scope for "Transmission Arts." Furthermore, there is always room for stretching non-technological conceptual definitions of "Transmission Arts."

In light of such ongoing developments, free103point9 recognizes the need to engage a practice of inquiry that reaches beyond it's own organizational limits of understanding. We are inviting practitioners and supporters involved with transmission ideas and activities to expand or challenge our articulation of Transmission Arts. Please help us expand our practices and galvanize our community by taking a few minutes to share your experience with us. The project is outlined below.

Thank you for your time and your contributions to this exciting project!!
the free103point9 staff:
Galen Joseph-Hunter, Tianna Kennedy, Tom Roe, Lee Azzarello, and Sarah Halpern. Also Alice Planas, our wonderful volunteer whose efforts helped jumpstart this initiative.

P.S. A quick reminder that free103point9 is currently accepting applications for the AIRtime Residencies (deadline April 1, 2008) at WaveFarm.
To apply

Project Description: free103point9 Transmission Art Archive

free103point9 is in the process of building an archive identifying contemporary works within the genre of Transmission Arts.

This archive will serve as a resource for practicing artists to identify their works within the context of an emerging community of Transmission Art. Additionally this archive can aid the work of curators and scholars researching emerging practices in Media Art and Experimental Sound with respects to the topic of transmission. The Archive Project will be structured in two tiers:

1. The first tier will be a collection of primary source material contributed by and consisting of works from contemporary practicing artists, self-identified as working with topics related to transmission. We are inviting contemporary artists whose practice addresses transmission in form, content, or strategy to contribute examples of their work to this archive. Rather than wait for the definitions to be coined by theorists and historians, we ask that practicing artists self-identify with or challenge our existing notion of transmission with your work. Tell us about your work, how it relates to Transmission Arts, and how you respond to this term.

To submit your work for inclusion in free103point9's archive of Transmission Arts (contemporary artist and works), please submit the following text to archive AT with a subject header (Transmission Works) by the deadline March 15, 2008:
• Artist statement and links/documentation to specific works with titles and description of works. (500 word max)
• A response to, or definition of, the term "Transmission Arts." (500 word max) Historical works and artist cited as influences. (500 word max)

2. The second tier of this archive will seek contributions from artist, curators, writers, and researchers to reflect, critique, consider, and respond to specific issues and topics related to transmission. We are inviting artists, scholars or curators working with New Media, Sound, Performance, Inter-media, Conceptual Art, Video, Installation, Social Activism, or Collective Strategies to identify artists (historical or contemporary) relevant to a discussion of Transmission Arts and to interject and engage in a larger discussion on Transmission Arts as a genre.

To learn more about this conversation, please submit a short bio (300 word max) with a general inquiry to archive AT subject heading (Transmission Arts Discussion) by March 15, 2008.

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FROM: Tim Lambert
DATE: February 20, 2008
SUBJECT: Call For Submissions of Audio Art Works: SoundNetwork Open Call for Audio Art Work


'The Comfort of Strangers'
at SoundNetwork's Autonomous Village, Futuresonic 2008, Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK
1-4 May 2008


Open call for submissions of audio art works: closing date - 28th March


At Futuresonic 2008 in Manchester, 1-4 May, SoundNetwork will be creating a brand new kind of social space close to the centre of the festival where artists and visitors alike can meet, relax and experience sonic art. Our cafe will be an exhibition and an exhibit. Where ever you sit to drink your coffee, eat your cake, and talk there will be access to audio work (by means of headphone outlets inserted into the furniture) or a local network that allows you to experience and interact with sonic art work on your own laptop. In addition there will be live performances at our Binary Jam event showcasing some of the best emerging talent in live sound art and experimental music.

SoundNetwork are inviting submissions of stereo (and mono) audio work to be shown as part of The Comfort of Strangers headphone exhibition.

With respect to the theme of the festival, The Social, we are seeking only work created by collectives, groups, ensembles or any other kinds of collaborations from anywhere around the world. We especially welcome submissions from registered members of the network and would encourage you to register with us on our website. Work made by individuals will not be accepted for this exhibition.

You can download an application form at: and find out more about how to send us your work.

The closing date for this call is 28th March 2008.

Futuresonic is an international festival of Art, Music and Ideas now in its 12th year. Taking place over 5 days and nights, it occupies the orbits of both digital culture and music, and features an international line-up of art and music events, exhibitions and live performances across the city.

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Organizational memberships with Rhizome

Sign your library, university or organization up for a Rhizome organizational membership! Give your community access to the largest online archives of digital art and new media art-related writing, the opportunity to organize member-curated exhibitions, participate in critical discussion, community boards, and learn about residency, educational and professional possibilities. Rhizome also offers subsidized memberships for qualifying institutions with limited access to the Internet. Please visit for more information or contact sales AT

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FROM: Byeong Sam Jeon
DATE: February 19, 2008
SUBJECT: Telematic Drum Circle

Byeong Sam Jeon's Solo Exhibition

The Youtube video (4min) of 'Telematic Drum Circle':
Invitation Card Download:

Telematic Drum Circle is an interdisciplinary art project which combines Tele-Robotics, Computer Science, Pneumatics and Music. The project explores the rupture of deeper communication in the technology meditated world, and addresses the issue of global harmony by sharing participants’ rhythmical spirit produced through the telematic live drum ensemble. It consists of two main components: a set of sixteen robotic drums arranged in an installation space and an interactive website networked with these drums. Each drum is representative of a geo-cultural region. Regardless of age, sex, religion, race, and culture, we all have a universal rhythm which is a heart beat. The drum is an instrument of rhythm, and I believe it can stand in for a person’s heart. The heart to heart communication expressed on drums cuts through all the differences, and blurs the boundaries. By tapping the computer keyboard while at the website, participants around the world can remotely play the robotic instruments together, while watching a live streaming video of their ensemble broadcast through the website.

Exhibition Website:

Exhibition Period: February 22nd (Fri) - March 2nd (Sun), 2008
Opening Reception: February 22nd (Fri), 6:00 - 9:00 pm (PST)
Where: & EmptLab (Room# 2100) in Calit2
Directions to Calit2:

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FROM: Fang-Yu Lin
DATE: February 19, 2008
SUBJECT: Outside In: New Realms for Taiwan Art (2/19-3/12)

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University announces the opening of a contemporary art exhibit, Outside In: New Realms for Taiwan Art, featuring ten artists from Taiwan.

Outside In takes a broad look at what it means to be a Taiwan artist in the art world today. Often driven to urban centers of the United States in order to find recognition for their work, Taiwan artists express their contemporary interests and concerns in a variety of traditional and cutting-edge media. The artists chosen for this particular exhibit deal with a wide range of subject matter including ethnicity, gender, mass consumption, and the environment. Their work, simultaneously innovative and mindful of a collective past, will serve to initiate discussions on Taiwan art in an international setting

Presented in conjunction with the Columbia Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Columbia student groups: Asian Pacific Affairs Council, Greater China Initiative, Taiwan Focus, and the Weatherhead Undergraduate Council.

1 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017
(between 5th Avenue and Madison)
February 19–March 12, 2008
Monday–Friday, 9 am–7 pm;
Saturday, 9 am–11 am

Long Bin CHEN
Wei Jane CHIR
HUANG Shih Chieh
Su-Chen HUNG
Walis LABAI (Diing-wuu WU)
Marc LIN
LIN Shih Pao
Fang Yu LIN
Hung-Chih PENG
Chin Chih YANG

Luchia Meihua LEE

Exhibition Opening Reception
Date: February 21, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Taipei Cultural Center

Panel Discussion
Date: February 21, 2008
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Taipei Cultural Center
Moderated by: Robert E. Harrist, Professor of Chinese Art History, Columbia University
Please RSVP by Thursday February 14, 2008 to outsidein_weai AT with your contact information

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Rhizome Commissions Program

In 2009, Rhizome will award seven commissions with fees ranging from $3000-$5000. This year, Rhizome has expanded our scope, formerly focused strictly on Internet-based art to encompass the broad range of practices that fall under new media art. This includes projects that creatively engage new and networked technologies to works that reflect on the impact of these tools and media in a variety of forms. With this expanded format, commissioned works can take the final form of online works, performance, video, installation or sound art. Projects can be made for the context of the gallery, the public, the web or networked devices. This year, all applicants will be reviewed by a selected jury and several awards will be granted through Rhizome's membership in an open, community vote. Proposal submission takes place online. The deadline is midnight on Monday, March 31, 2008.

To Download the Call for Proposals and Submit a Proposal, visit:

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FROM: Vijay Pattisapu
DATE: February 1, 2008
SUBJECT: Underground

What does "underground" mean in the context of the net, if anything?

Does it mean isolated created activities in an oppressive, unaware, or philistine social context?

Is net art underground relative to museum-curated and other art scenes?

Is the Chinese blogosphere a sort of underground, given the incredible govt. restrictions on net use there? (aside: new report estimates that 1 in 4 Chinese net users are bloggers)

Does "underground" mean you don't have a MySpace page?

Is Rhizome underground?

Does this question matter? Maybe, when thinking about net art today relative to historical art periods that in some ways were parallel, e.g., underground avant-garde movements like Constructivism in Soviet Russia...?

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For the full discussion:

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DATE: February 15, 2008

Hey everybody,

MTAA made some web art and we're saying we made it in 2008.

You can see and hear it here:

Feedback appreciated, not certain the tech is up to par (might play back a tad glitchy).



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For the full discussion:

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