The Rhizome Digest merged into the Rhizome News in November 2008. These pages serve as an archive for 6-years worth of discussions and happenings from when the Digest was simply a plain-text, weekly email.

Subject: RHIZOME DIGEST: 8.27.04
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:30:40 -0700

RHIZOME DIGEST: August 27, 2004


1. Brooke Singer: Spectropolis: Mobile Media, art and the City
2. POSTMASTERS/Magda Sawon: RNC NODE at Postmasters Gallery August
29-September 2
3. Mark Tribe: ACM Multimedia Interactive Art Program Exhibition
4. Mo Port: launches for RNC

5. Kevin McGarry: FW: (crumb) london job
6. Stephen Pope: Job annc: CREATE Research Director
7. Julian Bleecker: CFP - WiFiArtCache Wireless Experiements in Location and

8. Brett Stalbaum: Remote Location 1:100,000

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Date: 8.23.04
From: Brooke Singer <brooke AT>
Subject: Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City

Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City is a three-day event (OCT 1-3,
2004) in Lower Manhattan that highlights the diverse ways artists, technical
innovators and activists are using communication technologies to generate
urban experiences and public voice. The increasing presence of mobile
communication technologies is transforming the ways we live, construct and
move through our built environment. The participants of Spectropolis make
obvious or play with this shift, creating new urban perceptions and social
interactions with cell phones, laptops, wireless internet, PDAs and radio.

In addition to twelve projects presented in City Hall Park, there will be
several hands-on workshops and two panels free to the public.

Spectropolis is curated by Wayne Ashley, LMCC's curator of new media and
public programs, and artists Yury Gitman and Brooke Singer.

Spectropolis is produced by Dana Spiegel, Director of NYCwireless, Jordan
Silbert, and Jordan Schuster; and co-sponsored by the Downtown Alliance,
NYCwireless, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

The Brooklyn Museum, Pace University and the New School University are
generously hosting Spectropolis events.

For more information, please visit

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Date: 8.25.04
From: POSTMASTERS/Magda Sawon <magda AT>
Subject: RNC NODE at Postmasters Gallery August 29-Sept 2

RNC NODE at postmasters

postmasters gallery will serve as a physical node of an ad-hoc public
broadcasting system of online, real time protest performances, alternative
news actions, a transatlantic, multimedia protest jam during the Republican
National Convention, from August 29 to September 2

the gallery will coordinate and disseminate a program of online events for
re-presenting in public spaces
BE A PART OF THE NETWORK! go to >>>>>>
>>>> for instructions.(site will be active August 26)

the gallery will be open to the public, visitors will see the many channels
and can interact with various groups and initiate their own channels
PARTICIPATE! bring your laptop, phone, camera phone, camera, be part of the

the gallery will host performances,screenings, presentation
SHOW UP! August 29 - September 2 4-11pm
some of the programs: (look for updates on the site)

"DC 9/11 - The Evil Doers' Remix" by MTAA - video re-mix with DJ
Duration: 1 hour Medium: digital video (screened with live audio
Re-mixed by: MTAA, bodyatomic, tinydiva
Audio by: tinydiva (Margaret Jameson)
Description: Fight propaganda with propaganda.
August 30 8pm

Post-performance Talk, Anne-Marie Schleiner with Collaborators
The Upgrade hosted by Eyebeam,
Postmasters Gallery
Sept 2, 2004, 7:30

one of the programs for broadcasting:
us- uk dialog every day 4pm-11pm

DissensionConvention- Programme
Sunday 29th August

4-7pm NY (9-12pm BST) Maya Kalogera & Marc Garrett
7-10pm NY (12-3am BST) Moport & Glowlab

Monday 30th August

4-7pm NY (9-12pm BST) Chris Webb & Sim (
7-10pm NY (12-3am BST) Patrick Lichty (tbc) & Lewis Lacook

Tuesday 31st August
4-7pm NY (9-12pm BST) Helen Varley & other Avatar Body Colliders
7-10pm NY (12-3am BST) Joseph and Donna McElroy

Wednesday 1st September

4-7pm NY (9-12pm BST) Neil Jenkins & Roger Mills
7-10pm NY (12-3am BST) Digitofagia vs. Autolabs

Thursday 2nd September

4-7pm NY (9-12pm BST) Michael Szpakowski & Ruth Catlow
7-10pm NY (12-3am BST) Ryan Griffis & Mark Cooley

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Date: 8.26.04
From: Mark Tribe <mark.tribe AT>
Subject: ACM Multimedia Interactive Art Program Exhibition

ACM Multimedia 2004

October 10-16, New York, NY USA

DIGITAL BOUNDARIES: Multiculturalism, Identity, and Awareness

ACM Multimedia, the premier multimedia conference, in conjunction with Macy
Gallery of the Art and Art Education Program at Teachers College, Columbia
University is pleased to announce "Digital Boundaries: Multiculturalism,
Identity, and Awareness," a group exhibition of interactive multimedia art
featuring the work of 16 international artists and their collaborators. The
exhibition opens on Wednesday, September 29 and closes on Friday, October 15
with a reception for the artists on Tuesday, October 12 from 8:00 p.m. to
10:00 p.m. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00

At no time in history has technology had the prospect of making a stronger
cross-border impact on culture. Technology can be used to create or
reinforce boundaries (being fingerprinted and photographed at an airport-a
multimedia experience), as well as to dissolve them (we are bombarded by
images and sounds from all over the world). Many of us are being empowered
with the ability to easily create digital content, document and share our
own experiences and those of others, challenging the roles of art (passive
vs. interactive) and revolutionizing the way we see and hear the world. At
the same time, only a small percentage of people have access to technology
(boundaries of the haves and the have-nots).

Multimedia content and technology are of special consideration because they
appeal directly to our senses, elevating the age-old dilemma of the
distinction between reality and representations of reality. Does this new
proliferation and imbalance of multimedia technology help reinforce
boundaries and cultural differences? Does it contribute to define cultural
identity in a new age in which everyone talks about multiculturalism? Does
it raise cultural awareness or simply numb our senses making us take deep
cultural differences for granted because what we "see" or "hear" is
commonplace in this "new" multicultural world? Does it create new boundaries
in art or help unify multiple art forms? How can art, in its many roles,
make use of the same technology that raises these issues to address them?

The following artists are featured in the exhibition: Carroll Parrott Blue,
Marc Böhlen, Sheldon Brown, Bob Gluck, Michael Hohl, Brian Ireson, Cynthia
Lawson Jaramillo, Shawn Lawson, J.T. Rinker, Cynthia Rubin, Andrew Senior,
Patrick Tarrant, Roxanne Wolanczyk, Stephen Wilson, Winston Yang, and
Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga.

The works selected span a wide range of artistic practices, techniques, and
methods to address different issues related to the exhibition theme. Blue
intermixes traditional print and electronic interactive multimedia in an
autobiographical reflection of racism's impact on one African American
mother and daughter's relationship and invites the viewer to co-create its
narrative and dialogue about its issues. Böhlen and Rinker use the whistle
as a form of trans-cultural communication. Brown seeks a digital
representation of urbanization in an area in which two cultures are in
constant flux. Hohl detects participants' presence on a world map and plays
radio stations from different parts of the world. Ireson uses motion sensors
to augment the volume of competing videos, exploring the apparent notion of
the inherent conflict between Christian West and the Muslim East. C. Lawson
Jaramillo uses the web to present participants with a "mixed reality" and
explore issues deeply rooted in contemporary Colombian identity. S. Lawson's
computer vision interface questions our conceptions about interactive art:
the participant's non-motion shows the video details of a traditional
Japanese scroll painting. Rubin and Gluck's work is based on a Medieval
Hebrew biblical manuscript that reflects on the convergence of cultures in
Islamic Spain. Senior's work explores the cultural barriers enforced by
pronunciation differences of culturally charged words. Tarrant uses a
personal multimedia collection to explore issues of memory and narrative.
Wolanczyk's work questions vertical cultural barriers as represented by an
imaginary character that makes a living creating junk mail. Wilson's work
investigates the image search process and keywords associated with images in
relation to culture. Yang finds a spatial digital representation for images
that is based on research into architectural grids and culture. Zuñiga
places multimedia content in a physical space (a video game in a food vendor
cart) to raise questions about culture as!
on by immigrants to the U.S.

Works in the exhibition underwent a rigorous selection process by an
international technical committee and by the curatorial committee: Mark
Tribe (Columbia University, USA), Christina Yang (The Kitchen, USA), Pamela
Jennings (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) and Alejandro Jaimes (FXPal, Fuji
Xerox, Japan).

For further information please contact Hugo Ortega (ugo_a_o AT Tel.
+1 917-861-8525), exhibition coordinator and Macy Gallery Director, Teachers
College, or Mark Tribe (mark.tribe AT Tel. +1 212-854-8882),
member of the curatorial committee.

Macy Gallery - Teachers College, Columbia University Art and Art Education
444 Macy Building - 525 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027
Phone: +1 212-678-3296

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Date: 8.27.04
From: Mo Port <info AT>
Subject: Launches for RNC is a free service for generating and sharing mobile phone
reports. This site allows people to collectively report about important
events in real-time using mobile phones (or digital cameras and computers).

The first Moport officially launches Sunday, August 29th to document all the
action and antics in NYC during the Repubican National Convention. If you
will be in NYC for the RNC, please consider joining the first ever Moport
(a.k.a. MObile phone rePORT). 15,000 media representatives will be in
attendance, but we don't think they can necessarily handle the
job--especially with 250,000 protesters, 10,000 cops and 5,000 delegates
expected. To join the RNC MOPORT, email us (rnc AT

If you are unable to participate, stay tuned and watch the RNC Moport unfold
online starting August 29th. (We are already getting spectacular
submissions... see

What does a Moport look like:
What the hell is this:
More about the RNC_Moport:

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Date: 8.25.04
From: Kevin McGarry <Kevin AT>
Subject: FW: (crumb) london job

From: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham AT SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 10:52:00 +0100
Subject: Job Opportunity, London

Forwarded from Nikki Gomez:

³inspiring communities through creative practice²

Watermans is a multi-purpose arts venue located in West London. We have
an imaginative and diverse programme of New Media arts, Asian arts,
Theatre, Cinema and Participative arts. We are currently looking for a
dynamic highly motivated individual to join our creative team.

Head of New Media Arts Development - £24,771 (pro rata) 20hrs per week

You will be responsible for developing an artistic programme that
maximises the potential for digital arts practice and lens based media.
The New Media Arts strategy is an integral part of Watermans¹ artistic

Closing date for completed application forms Monday 13 September 2004.

Interview date TBC.


To receive a job description and an application form, please

Email: info AT, Tel. 020 8232 1020 or

Send an A4 sae (88p) in to:

??????????? Recruitment

??????????? Watermans

??????????? 40 High Street

??????????? Brentford



Please note we cannot accept CV¹s.

Watermans strives to be an equal opportunities employer.

Registered Charity No. 267426

Watermans funders are Hounslow Council, Arts Council England &
Association of London Government

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Date: 8.27.04
From: Stephen Pope <stp AT>
Subject: ob Annc: CREATE Research Director


Job Announcement: Research Director
Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology
University of California, Santa Barbara


The UCSB Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE, is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the
creation of electronic and electroacoustic music and multimedia works using
computers, recording studios, digital signal processing equipment and
specialized hardware and software. CREATE serves as a productive environment
available to students, researchers, and media artists for the realization of
music and multimedia works. Courses are offered at the undergraduate and
graduate levels in collaboration with several departments. The Center also
serves as a laboratory for research and development of a new generation of
software and hardware tools to aid in media-based composition and

About the Position

The Research Director is the individual responsible to the facility's
faculty director for the planning, organizing, supervising and/or performing
the work of configuration, design, construction, operation and expansion of
CREATE's, (Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology), facilities.
The Research Director will represent the Center at meetings and conferences
involving campus, University, and extramural agencies in matters relating to
the engineering design considerations and financial requirements necessary
for building, developing and expanding the facility, and will be responsible
for accomplishing writing, and submission of extramural grant applications
for the purpose of acquiring outside funding for the Center.

The Research Director is responsible for research and instructional projects
both alone and in collaboration with associated faculty investigators,
manufacturers, contractors and University staff. Must be able to serve in a
supervisory position over consultants, University staff, and graduate
students, and will also function as a Senior Development Engineer in an
assignment by being a specialist with expert knowledge in more than one
engineering specialty related to CREATE's activities. The Research Director
may also choose to teach graduate courses and seminars in the Department of
Music or the Graduate Program in Media Arts and Technology (MAT), organize
and participate in topical workshops and symposia, and collaborate in the
production of several concerts per year of electroacoustic music.


Required: Bachelor's degree in EE, CS, or Music or equivalent combination of
education & experience. Relevant technical and organization experience.
Desirable: MS/PhD in CS and MA in Music. Experience with grant-writing,
project management, etc.


For primary consideration apply by 9/24/04; thereafter open until filled.

For Details and a complete job description

Go to, then click on "search postings" and search for
the keyword "CREATE"

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Date: 8.27.04
From: Julian Bleecker <julian AT>
Subject: CFP - WiFi.ArtCache Wireless Experiments in Location and Proximity

WiFi.ArtCache is a platform for experimenting with location and proximity
based digital art media. Using Macromedia Flash, Art-Technologists are able
develop digital art that respond to a variety of physical and social
This is a call for contributions for art-technologists interested in
contributing to the WiFi.ArtCache during its exhibition at Spectropolis
October 1-4, 2004. Deadline for submissions is September 26th.

Please send submissions, questions and inquiries to wifiartcache at
techkwondo dot com.

By simply coding to a provided ActionScript 2.0 API, Flash artists are able
to create an interactive experience that changes based on how many people
have downloaded their art object, how many people are currently interacting
with their art object, or whether their art object is currently in range of
the WiFi.ArtCache.

The WiFi.ArtCache is a physical object â?? a server containing a standard
WiFi 802.11 access point. When exhibited at the Spectropolis event at New
Yorkâ??s City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan, the WiFi.ArtCache will contain a
storehouse of art objects. Visitors to the event can download these art
objects onto their 802.11 equipped laptops and experience the artistsâ??
interpretation of location and proximity effects.

Developer documentation and downloads can be found at:

General information about the WiFi.ArtCache concept can be found at:

Additionally, the WiFi.ArtCache will contain a generic storehouse of digital
ephemera that visitors can upload and download to the server. Scratchy
audio, yellowed digital documents, discolored image files and spoiled emails
can all be found and dropped off at the WiFi.ArtCache.

WiFi.ArtCache was developed by Julian Bleecker with support from Eyebeam
Atelier. This exhibition is sponsored by the Downtown Alliance, NYCWireless,
the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Spectropolis.

Spectropolis is curated by Wayne Ashley, Yury Gitman and Brooke Singer

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Date: 8.27.04
From: Brett Stalbaum <stalbaum AT>
Subject: Remote Location 1:100,000

Remote Location 1:100,000
Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum
July 30th - August 4th, 2K4 (Box Elder County, Utah, USA.)
For the Center for Land Use Interpretation Wendover residency program,
July 29th - August 15th, Wendover, Tooele County, UT.

A map consisting of 36 geo-referenced tiles showing the terrain
surrounding the CLUI Remote Location were encased in acrylic resin. The
one centimeter square map image on each tile represents a one kilometer
area, creating a 1:100,000 scale between map and terrain. The tiles were
then cracked out of the resin, cutting the map into 36 separate tiles.
Living on site for most of 5 days, Brett collected data in the field
while Paula remained at the SW corner base camp to process the data into

The daily process was as follows. Utilizing GPS, Brett hiked to each of
the 36 points in a 6 kilometer grid surrounding the CLUI Remote
Location, hiking approximately 70 Kilometers in the process. Upon
arrival at each site, the geo-referenced tile was left in the center of
the one kilometer square it represents, and the tile was photographed to
record the local land surface. A soil sample was also taken at each site
and the UTM coordinates were recorded on the sample. The samples were
returned to the campsite every day for Paula to process into a 6x6 array
of paintings to be displayed in the CLUI Wendover Exhibit Hall #1. Also
on display are the photos of the tiles showing their situation against
the local soil in which they were placed, and a corresponding digital
map of the terrain produced with C5 software, showing at a larger scale
the same map images as on the tiles, corresponding to the soil
paintings. The exhibit invites visual comparison of the three
representations of the landscape, revealing connections between the data
about the landscape and the landscape as data, and synthesizing these
into an informational configuration bound in a very precise way to the
original landscape.

For more information, please see:

For directions to the exhibit hall:

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Date: 8.27.04
From: abe linkoln <abe AT>



copybook opalescent gateway glendale. seater identical deify
cottony.somnolent stall blustery gnu.bulge electrode hyman awesome gwen
verse.occidental shrub anthony cepheus buyer kerr humboldt prescott labial
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desegregate bosom abovementioned latex bizet cogitate streetcar bishopric
closet confidential upgrade chronic cometary external ferreira citywide
approximate chiropractor concurred antisemitic yokel curtsey acropolis
daytona spittle acronym

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